8 Day Open Heart Meditation & Yoga Retreat, Greece

  • Organizer: Atma Meditation Journeys
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 12-September-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Chania, Greece
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Pescetarian,Ayurvedic,Include Meat
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Welcome to one amazing sultry and sensual Mediterranean beach holiday in Gerani, Crete! With days full of soaking up in the sweet sun, enjoying in the laze and love in a buzzing old harbor town, frolic on the beaches and some great yoga on the sides scheduled on this Mediterranean retreat program, is about bringing out the healthiest best in you.

Introducing ‘open heart meditation’-- a way to reconnect with one’s feelings deep down to heal from within, days spent on the retreat allows you to slowly let go of mind-body toxicity and refill with pure, untainted inner joyfulness which is your natural state! Open Heart Meditation underlines how love and compassion are not excesses but necessities to live out your life humanely. Daily struggles for survival may wear us out without love and compassion, and these are the elements this particular meditation method means to rekindle in our hearts.

Participants are encouraged to just “feel”, becoming more sentient, and become fuller of love and kindness. Instead of asking you to detach and discipline, this meditation will make you aware of the spirit lying beyond each layer of sensations. Just lie there, feel your heart beating and nurture the loving self which is truly you!

Besides untethering your heart in meditation, you will be spoilt for things to do in Crete’s Gerani. There is going to be plenty fun-filled surf lessons, walking tours inside the annals of the old harbor town, culture watch, exploring histories around the venetian influenced locales of Chania, tasting dollops of authentic greek food on the narrow streets, and shopping for quaint memorabilia’s at the souk.


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    Dimitris Xenakis

    Core Subject: Meditation, Self Realisation Techniques

    Dimitris has always been in search of contentment. At a young age, he became aware that happiness can be only found with real-life experiences. His actual journey started when he began to feel his own body, heart, and listen to inner-self. Becoming a crucial part of his life, the experiences let him connect with inner-self bringing harmony to self. Since then there is no stopping for him. During the last ten years, he has been teaching meditation and self-realization in a non-structured and non-dogmatic way. This practice helps others, and lets him remain connected with self and life.

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    Kamala Mirella

    Core Subject: Yoga, Kirtan

    A dedicated yogi and a certified yoga teacher with Italian roots, Kamala is connected to a Yogic lineage making yoga an essential part of her life.For the past five years, Kamala is living and teaching back and forth in India and Europe with the intention of bridging a link between the two cultures with the medium of a holistic system. But since 2017, she became a part of Atma team as a yoga instructor in Crete, Greece, teaching residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Her practice and teaching is a blend of both physical aspects of Yoga and its spiritual treasures, particularly devotional singing (Kirtan). Also includes the teachings based on ancient Vedic Philosophy for cultivating awareness and self-knowledge.


Located in the seaside quietude of Crete’s Gerani village, this luxurious retreat home is everything you could have wanted in your once in a lifetime, quintessential Mediterranean holiday in Greece. Only a 15 km drive away from the historically evocative Chania - the home to the antiquated Venetian harbor of Greece, the locational coordinates of the retreat center places you close enough to a slew of significant local attractions of Crete.

On your day out to Chania, have a gala checking out maritime museums, the Venizelos Graves on a hill above the town, the summertime cultural feasts held around town, and swim and surf in the sea at Apostoli Beach. Visit the souk and bazaars just to revel in the authentic flavors of Greece, and enjoy the slowly descending evenings sitting out at lovely waterfront cafes at Chania.

Besides adventuring around town, you get to spend many leisurely hours amidst the vibrant flowers and orange orchards at this peaceful establishment in the vicinity of the sea. A spellbinding view of the White Mountains inked across the sky adds a touch of tranquil to the scene, as does Gerani’s long and quiet white sandy beaches.

Yogis love to take a rejuvenating walk along the sea at first light and perform a very soulful ‘surya namaskara’ yogic ritual, which means-- salutations to the sun. You would be amazed to see little burrows in the sand here-- the habitats that of the vulnerable caretta-caretta turtles where they lay their eggs. Post-retreat, don’t just leave Gerai yet, but make plans with your yogi friends of visiting the Samaria Gorge by trek or spend a night partying out in the club district of Platanias.

The exquisite location allows all this revelry and more!

An 8 days, 7 nights in-depth program, this yoga-meditation journey is designed upon Open Heart Meditation and an integrated asana learning experience. The teachers offer on-site appropriation of the meditation goals and focuses according to a group’s requirements. Be it stress-reduction, healing, or relief from mind-body fatigue and depression that you may be suffering from, open heart guided meditation will fill up your heart with restored faith and dancing good energies. Wake up feeling bright, full of love, whole and happy!

Mindful Walks:

Formally begin your practice of mindful walking on the 7 days of this retreat. Before spreading out the mat for your daily yoga, it helps to take a brief stride in a quiet space to untangle your mind from preoccupations and set a purpose or intent to your ensuing practice. Thus become more aware and intentful.

Chakra Activation:

According to yogic spirituality there are seven circuits of concentrated energies in your body which govern and balances our psychological qualities. The forth primary chakra-- the Anahata, is known as the ‘heart chakra’, responsible for creating a bridge between the lower and upper chakras. It is known to connect the physical with the spiritual and when the energy in this circuit is blocked, one may feel abysmally negative or fraught with pain. Though guided chakra meditation, it is made possible to unblock the heart chakra and reconnect with your lost emotional vitality.

Yogic Cleansing:

Engage in the 6-fold yogic cleansing technique with Neti or clearing of the nasal cavity,  Dhauti or digestive tract purgation, Nauli or abdominal purificatory massage, Kapalbhati or the breath oriented cleanse of the oesophagus and lungs, Basti or detoxification of the colon, and Trataka or the purification of the eye.

Movement/ Dance Meditation:

The more you move with joy, the more you create and distribute joyful energy through your being. In dance meditation, participants are directed to focus on their rhythm, unhibit movements, and infuse their joy in every waltzing step taken.

Yoga Asana:

Initiate into the primary series of yogic asanas with Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Vinyas or ‘flow’ style yoga. Learn under masterful guidance, bring accuracy and poise in your postures, and receive effective hands-on assists.

A typical day at the site Schedule:

  • 8:00 Morning meditation
  • 8:30 Morning yoga
  • 9:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Meditation workshop
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Free time & upon request private sessions
  • 18:00 Sound healing or similar
  • 20:00 Dinner

A typical day trip Schedule:

  • 8:00 Morning meditation
  • 8:30 Morning yoga
  • 9:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Daily trip to the south coast, for mindful meditation in nature, swimming & lunch
  • 20:00 Dinner

Androulakis Apartments

Built on a well-kept family estate, the 12,000 meter square premise of this retreat home has a naturally mirthful ambience. Flowers bloom in myriad spring colors in the lively little garden patch. An orange grove filled with sweet smell of ripening tangerines welcomes weary hearts to rest in the shade. The gardens look over the White Mountains in a distance, also visible from the verandas and terraces of the house. For the lovers of the sea, you do not have to walk too far to reach the seas from this serene home in the Girani village.

Duplex accommodation comfortable for 2-4 people, along with air-conditioner and basic amenities are available here. Fully functioning kitchens provided with basic tableware and pots and pans, a refrigerator, sandwich grill, electric kettle etc will let you to make a cup of your favorite beverage whenever you want, or cook self-style dishes to entertain your friends. Private toilets and showers, tasteful furnishings, and verandas opening up to the view the swimming pool and orange orchards are among other facilities. Also enjoy the free Wi-Fi!


A peaceful retreat haven rimming with the spirit of earthy simplicity, Metacom presents picturesque homes on the south coast of Crete on a traditionally cultivated landscape in Anidri on the outskirts of Paleohra. The sea is close by and available for taking a walk at first light. The houses are natural stone walled, the architecture reflecting idyllic simplicity. Modern amenities like Wi-Fi and necessary fixtures make this home comfortable. With special attention to eco-awareness and conservation, this accommodation is installed with solar energy.

Yogis need to take extra care about what they consume to stay healthy. Fresh cooked food brimming with nature’s goodness and invigorating flavors are plated up in this retreat, 3 meals a day to nourish and heal you from within. A complete vegetarian diet made irresistible tasty with local spices and farm fresh green supplies is given to you to maintain doshic balance according to yoga-Ayurveda.

Special features on the meals are from the widely loved Greek cuisine-- classic dips like tzatziki made with yogurt, cucumber, and garlic with fresh squeeze of lemon, generous pouring of virgin olive oil and minced green lives in salads,  and the delicious locally spun fresh feta cheese.

It’s not exactly against the rules either for the yogis to have a treat of Greece’s famous meaty extravaganzas. From fresh fish and calamari from the Mediterranean and Aegean seas to gourmet baklavas, its part of the Greek food fare and you must have some post-retreat!

  • It’s the dream Greek holiday with yoga on the sides, perfect for rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirits. Breezy time on the beach, days full of laze and laughter with like-minded people in the midst of Mother Nature, yoga lessons from professional instructors with thorough guidance and care to individual needs, and dietary requirements catered to by expert chefs make this 7-8 days long period ideally restful for you.
  • The historically evocative and picture-postcard perfect scenic vistas of Crete that every travel bug has on their bucket list. Use this opportunity to go sailing in the Aegean Sea and learn to surf the gentle waves on the Mediterranean beaches. Make memories all by yourself chilling at the waterfront cafes along the lovely Chania town. Connect with passionate wanderlusting travelers just like yourself!
  • Heartful meditation for unblocking the heart chakra, releasing negativity and restoration of self-worth. Relieving issues associated with a blocked heart chakra like-- restlessness, difficulty in trusting others, irritability, and lack of empathy.
  • Chance to take part in mind uplifting yogic workshops to exchange ideas, take part in spirituality and holistic health related discourses, and interactive asana sessions.
  • Shared accommodation for 8 day, 7 nights in safe and comfortable living quarters.
  • All inclusive vegetarian meals, three a day along with hot beverages and coolants.
  • Daily guided meditation sessions and workshops.
  • Yoga asana sessions with expert assists and guidance.
  • Excursions twice a day covering local sightseeing and mindful nature walks.
  • Surf packages-- lessons and equipment.
  • Selected airport and bus station transfers.

ATMA Meditation Journeys


ATMA Meditation Journeys welcome yoga learners to Crete in Greece. Atma, meaning ‘soul’ describes the true essence or spirit. The center organizes spiritually invigorating trips in the nature and culture of Crete. The journeys are infused with lessons in yoga and guided meditation under the authentic tutelage of acclaimed teachers and instructors.

The organization at ATMA relies upon the naturally exuberant energies of Crete’s seaside to aid the meditation and discipline of the yogis. Besides the magnetic pull of Crete’s pristine sea shores, the hum and din of the old Mediterranean harbor towns, the great food, and company, ATMA retreats are one more reason to come to Crete in search of self-inquiry and peace.

  • A 30% deposit is required for the reservation.
  • It is fully refundable if the person cancels the booking up to thirty days before the date of arrival.
  • Remaining payment must be done upon arrival.