7 Day Rejuvenating Panchakarma Program, Kerala

  • Organizer: Ayur Wayanad
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 01-February-2021
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Wayanad, Kerala, India
  • Food: Vegetarian,Organic,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Mountain,Close To Nature


Environmental toxins, tensions of day to day life, and contaminated food harms our natural balance and affects the emotional, mental, and physical health by storing bad toxins inside the body. So the regular detox is necessary to revitalize and cleanse the body from inside and out. 

This Panchakarma program offered to you will clean the body by removing all the stored toxins. The retreat will make sure that you feel both energetic and healthy internally as well as externally. 

Along with treatments, there will also be delicious, healthy meals, clean and hygienic comfort, and a tranquil atmosphere that will eventually make you satisfied.


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    Dr. Shyba

    Core Subject: Kalari marma treatment

    Dr. Shyba is a profoundly experienced doctor, who has been operating with the treatments for many years now. She is a very helpful doctor who will solve all your issues by disappearing all your dilemmas away.


Undiscovered paradise, the refreshing wind that rushes through the green hillocks, home of divine Lords, and universal therapeutic shrubs carry the elements that stimulate the spirit of life and renew the feelings in the human body.

Settled at 3000 ft height on the Western Ghats, the region is endowed with the best climate for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation therapies. And not only you will strengthen your mind and body but you can have a delightful vacation at the very time. 

Your program will include Panchakarma treatment, which has five treatments in it that will clean the stored toxins from the body. According to Ayurveda, the imbalanced doshas create a certain amount of waste in your body, which is called Ama in Ayurveda. So, the treatment will help in creating balance in your body, which will eventually steer Ama out of your body through waste evacuation channels such as urinary tract, sweat glands, intestines, etc. 

The treatment is a fivefold therapy, which is highly personalized and depends on the individual body type. The main therapy, which is usually needed, is Purvakarma. 

The Purvakarma treatment is further divided into two parts that are Swedana and Snehana. Snehana treatment involves internal and external oleation, external oleation is massaging herbal oils on the body, and internal oleation is drinking of oil. Snehana will include an oil bath, which is thought to be more effective as you will definitely absorb some of the properties of oil through it. It will also include a steam bath, where the stored toxins will make their way out through sweating. 

The five phases of Panchakarma retreat: 

  • Purvakarma - Purification Therapy 
  • Vamana- Vomiting Therapy 
  • Virechana - Purgation Therapy
  • Anuvasana 
  • Nasya-Nasal delivery of Medicine 

The classic center offers you with six rooms that are named Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Ridhi, Sidhi, and Bodhi. All their rooms are large and with the connected washroom, fully facilitated.

The rooms are furnished with all the modern facilities, including Wi-Fi and running cold/hot water 24*7. It will offer you leisure and relaxation, along with its super-powerful medicinal therapies. 

The plant-based food will be given three times a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) prepared by the skillful chefs. The light breakfast offered to start your day, healthful lunch will be offered with salads and soups, and dinner to end your day feeling satisfied.

The cooks of the resort have all the experience related to the Ayurvedic recipes and using different varieties of herbs. The meals served to you will be prepared carefully, keeping in mind the medications.

This program will undoubtedly make you a habit of consuming healthy and sustaining a good lifestyle even after you leave.

This Panchakarma retreat is full of benefits, and this is what makes it unique and special. Its remedies will help in removing stored toxins from your body and will focus on improving your digestive system, lungs, bowels, blood circulation, and nervous system. It will also help in strengthening your joints and muscles.

Your sleep quality, appetite, concentration, memory, and sexuality will itself improve, and you will feel the changes happening in your body. No wonder why every single person after his or her treatment feels like they have a new body.

  • Welcome drinks at the time of arrival
  • Accommodation at comfortable rooms
  • All three meals included (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Unlimited supply of herbal water
  • Group yoga classes
  • Meditation sessions
  • Complimentary lecture on Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Complimentary village walk as to explore the city closely
  • Daily personal lifestyle & fitness evaluation 
  • All applicable taxes extra 

Ayur Wayanad


The center is placed at the supreme location, and that so in Kerala, where Ayurveda began around 5000 years back. It gives you the classic atmosphere filled with peacefulness and tranquility.

The center features elegantly decorated villas with neat and tidy rooms. The center offers enchanting landscapes that overlook magnificent lush mountains and the coffee farms.

  • If cancellation made 5 days before the arrival date, then 100% of the refund will be made. 
  • 80% refund will be made if you cancel before 3 days the arrival date. 
  • 60% refund will be made if you cancel 2 days before the arrival date. 
  • 50% refund will be made if you cancel 24 hours before the arrival date.