15 Day The Health Arc Treatment, Kerala

  • Organizer: AyurvedaGram
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 01-February-2021
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Area: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Forest,Close To Nature


Don't miss the opportunity to experience a full 15-day Panchakarma treatment to balance not only your mind but also your body and soul. The main aim of this treatment is to help individuals resolve your inner conflict and allow you to accomplish your potential to grow into an absolute human being.

Kerala’s yoga experts and Ayurvedic doctors offer a tailor-made detoxify experience, allowing you to avail benefit from the most profound level of cleansing. Learn and practice the various facets of yoga for balance, physical strength, and flexibility.


Everyone who is interested in developing a healthy lifestyle, learning about yourself and your body should experience this most wonderful place every year.

I will be back to see all the amazing staff who made Aryuvedagram such a special event in my life.

Thank you!

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Ayurvedagram delights one's senses from the beauty of the resort itself,which recalls the Garden of Eden to the kindness and caring nature of each of it's staff members there is no better place to heal and reconnect with one's divine purpose.

Namaste to all at Aurvedagram I hope to be back soon

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  • 082504teacher.jpg

    Dr. M. V. Sridhar

    Core Subject: Yoga Director

    Dr. M. V. Sridhar, who has dedicated his life to the practice of yoga.He has also been with Harvard University to research the effects of yoga on diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


The Ayurvedagram center is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. As you drive inside the heritage, you will enter an entirely new universe of ethnic grace. The wellness center is made keeping in mind the cultures and ethics of Kerala.

The tranquil seven acres of sprawling rich greenery with more than 200 hundred species that creates a serene delightful atmosphere. The illustrious setting of this land will make your experience authentic, which will eventually make your trip unforgettable.

The Panchakarma is an ancient Ayurvedic purification and detoxification treatment that involves five primary procedures. This treatment is specially designed to purify your whole body by reducing the stored toxins from the body. It also helps in weight loss basically, due to the exclusion of extra fat, which further results in glowing skin, dense hair, and a calmer mind. 

Panchakarma consists of five alternate cleansing therapies, and not all of them are practiced on an individual. But in actual the Panchakarma actually consists of three distinct stages that are The Poorkarma, The Pradhan Karma, and The Paschat Karma. 

The Poorvkarma treatment prepares the body for the cleansing therapies. It helps in removing all the toxins from the body through the primary channels of secretion and excretion to the alimentary canal so that they can be quickly removed and all this procedure is done through oral consumption of medicated ghee and also by using the massage methods using medicated oils. 

The next is Pradhan Karma, which is the main part of Panchakarma routine. It further includes five therapies which are Vasti or enema, Nasya, Virechana or purging, and Raktamokshana. These five therapies work on your entire body like the cleansing of the nose, throat, sinuses by providing the nasal drop with the specific dosages of Ayurvedic medicines, then detoxifying and cleansing your whole body, including the intestine. These therapies also help in balancing your body by using a specific Ayurvedic medicated drink that acts as a laxative, which further removes the stored toxins from your liver and gallbladder. Along with cleaning the entire body, it also purifies the blood by making use of leeches and vegetables called Alabu or Bottle ground by actual extraction of blood by using metal instruments. 

The last and foremost, the post-cleaning method is very important.  It is practiced when the cleansed body is gently brought back to regular, and then the last balancing of the doshas is performed. The dietary system is brought back to normal, the detoxified body is restored, and the person is finally all set to re-enter into ordinary life. And the Special Kerala Ayurveda massage methods are used to energize and rejuvenate the purified body. 

  • 6:00 AM - Wake Up
  • 6:15 - 6:45 AM - Morning Walk
  • 7:00 - 7:30 AM - Morning Cleansing Ritual
  • 7:30 - 8:15 AM - Yoga Practice 
  • 8:30 - 9:15 AM - Therapy I
  • 9:45 - 10:30 AM - Breakfast 
  • 12:15 - 1:00 PM - Yoga - Pranayama
  • 1:00 - 2:00 PM - Lunch 
  • 3:00 - 3:45 PM - Yoga - Meditation
  • 4:00 - 4:30 PM - Therapy II
  • 5:00 - 5:30 PM - Evening Walk 
  • 6:00 - 8:00 PM - Dinner 
  • 9:00 PM  - Bedtime 

The beautiful center has three types of accommodation, such as classic, heritage, and exclusive accommodation. The Eleven classic rooms are located in the 160 years old ancestral Kuroor Mana. Rooms here are comfortable with attached washroom and other essential facilities, such as cable TV, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

Then there are the 18th and 19th-century cottages that have a garden with an open sky bathroom with high walls. The cottages also have the attached washroom with all the necessary facilities.

The exclusive accommodation comprises of three suites and one antique experience that makes up the highest tier of comfort at Ayurvedagram.

The ambiance of the room recreates the Kerala theme, which will take you back to the old Kerala times. 

Throughout your stay, you will be presented with an entirely vegetarian meal. Ayurveda encourages the eating of Satvik food which is nutritious and light. The meal also includes six different types of colored vegetables as prescribed in Ayurveda.

At Ayurvedagram, you will be given with all the three meals in which breakfasts and lunches are heavier, and the dinner is lighter to keep you fit and energized the very next day.

Needless to say, all the food is low in spices, oil, and salt, which is specially cooked by professional chefs by keeping in mind all the basic details about Ayurveda.

Ayurvedagram provides you the fresh organic vegetables and fruits which are ingrown, and also the milk it fully pure because the center has its herd of cows. So, along with the practices, you will also enjoy cooking, serving, and eating.

The program offers a range of traditional Kerala therapies and herbal medicines to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

The therapies here are used to treat all sorts of diseases by using a different kind of oils, herbs, and some other ingredients.

The panchakarma treatment is a traditional Ayurvedic detoxification therapy which is designed to clear the entire body by excreting the stored toxins.

The specialty of this practice is that it will work on your inner health as well as your physical health. In short, this program has so many curative benefits.

Other than going through the therapies and treatments, there are also other extra activities such as indoor and outdoor games including occasional performances, special screenings of movies, etc. It offers a perfect place where your mind feels at ease, your body can relax, and your soul can roam free. 

  • Discussions on Ayurveda by the well-known Doctors
  • Yoga Philosophy by the Yoga Acharya
  • Cooking lessons for Ayurveda and Yogic diets
  • Tour to a pilgrimage temple nearby
  • Visit a nearby village / City Tour
  • History Tour
  • Movie Night
  • Free use of GYM
  • Increase your knowledge by making use of the Library.



The wellness center will take you 75 years back with its ethnic charm and traditional therapies. The center is built by keeping in mind all the traditional Kerala royalty and cultures.

The whole campus is established to provide you with the ethnic ambiance and healing experience to make the body feel energetic and refreshed. Every therapist and doctor at Ayurvedagram is well familiar with all the Ayurvedic and other specific therapies treatment.

The entire Ayurvedic Health Arc has more the 40 Kerala massage therapies, sessions of yoga, diet, pranayama, meditations, and last but not least the consultations to make all your doubts clear.

  • To make a booking, you need to deposit 50% of the amount in advance.
  • The cancellation before 21 days before the entry will end in a full refund only a nominal cost of Rs. 5000 as a booking process fee and the appropriate bank charges, if any. 
  • A postponement and cancellation between 15 and 21 days before the arrival will relinquish 50% of the credit paid. In this case, the outstanding 50% will be seen as an advance toward the latest dates. 
  • A postponement and cancellation within 14 days before arrival will relinquish 100% of the credit paid. In this case, the outstanding 50% will be seen as an advance toward the latest dates. 
  • The remaining 50% balance is to be pain upon arrival.