1 Week Pilates and Barre Retreat, Spain

  • Organizer: azulfit
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-September-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free
  • Surrounding area: Desert,Mountain,Close To Nature


Pilates is an amazing way to tone and rejuvenate your body and it is effective on breathing, body alignment, and developing your core strength. There are ample reasons why one should practice Pilates, however, with a retreat that combines Pilates with another distinguished form of exercise like Barre what could you ask for more! Barre is a combination of postures inspired by ballet along with other disciplines like yoga and Pilates.

With this retreat, you will be able to increase flexibility, improve posture, learn endurance as well as develop a mind and body connection.


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  • 074029team_jo-dombernowsky02.jpg

    Jo Dombernowsky

    Core Subject: Pilates Teacher & Nutrition Advisor

    With her ability to thoughtfully design and plan the meals, Jo inspires us all to eat healthy food. Responsible for our menus, Jo has studied nutrition for many years and is well aware of the power of food when it comes to healing and wellbeing. With her know-how of food and nutrition, Jo has become the go-to expert for everyone on the island and you will often find her being interviewed by radio channels. Hailing from Denmark, she has rigorously campaigned to educate people about improving health through nutritious food. Her noteworthy cookbook, ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious’ is getting huge support. You will be in awe with her knowledge and passion for food that Jo will share throughout the retreat as well as her workshops and nutrition weeks. Besides this, Jo is also an advanced practitioner and inspiring instructor of Stott Pilates. She will guide you to correct your form and increase your awareness along with progressing in your Pilates safely.


Fall in love with the enticingly laidback life of Fuerteventura, Spain. Besides a wonderful retreat, the villa offers spectacular views of the ocean and is located amidst the volcanoes, rolling hills, and windmills.

With the carefully designed spaces, Azulfit Surya Retreat is truly a paradise for rejuvenation.

In 2019, the Pilates and Barre Retreat will be organized from 19th – 26th January and 27th April – 4th May. Along with helping you work on your core strength and improve your postures we also make sure that you have fun while working out. Our Pilates are complemented with Barre classes which will add a hint of fun in your fitness regime. Besides this, our delicious meals are also carefully planned so as to make you get all the nutrition to feel renewed from the inside out.

This retreat also has soothing, therapeutic massage included to restore your peace. With Jo’s comprehensive sessions, you will get a thorough understanding of the benefits of Pilates while Lærke’s exciting Barre and Pilates equipment will ensure that you make the most of your time.

Escape from the noisy and stressful city life for a while and experience our serene retreat nestled in the quiet location with blue skies and white sand beaches along with volcanic vistas. Raise your vibrations with the guided teaching of our warm and caring teachers while experiencing the beautiful island paradise – Fuerteventura.

  • Saturday: Arrivals
  • Day 1 (morning) - Welcome, Meet the teachers and Introductory Pilates Class
    (evening) - Pilates Fundamentals
  • Day 2 (morning)- Pilates Rise & Flow + Q&A
    (evening) - Pilates workshop: Swiss Stability Balls
  • Day 3 (morning) - Pilates w Props
    (evening) - Barre Class w Lærke
  • Day 4 (morning) Pilates & the Magic Circle
    (evening) Rest evening
  • Day 5 (morning) Pilates class & Breath workshop
    (evening) Barre Class w Lærke
  • Day 6 (morning) Pilates Flow
    (evening) Pilates Circuit
  • Saturday: Brunch & Departures

Our accommodation is designed to suit all kinds of budget. With extreme love and care, we have created spaces that will allow our guests to enjoy, rest, and relax during your special week retreat. Other than this, take advantage of facilities like pool hot tub, sun lounge deck, reformer centre, and massages.

Select from the below listed elegantly decorated rooms:

  • Surya Retreat Fuerteventura: Sanctuary Courtyard room
    • €130.00 per night
  • Surya Retreat Fuerteventura: Zen Apartment (2 x twin rooms, sleeps 4)
    • €135.00 per night
  • Surya Retreat Fuerteventura: Om Cabin (private bathroom)
    • €130.00 per night

Our chefs strongly believe that our body is a temple and food is the medicine required to heal and rejuvenate. Enjoy delicious vegan and vegetarian brunches, lunches, and evening meals. Post morning session guests will get homemade breakfast that includes fresh fruits, homemade bread and marmalade, muesli, granola, and yogurt. Get takeaways from lunch or enjoy it by the pool.

The retreat also offers ample choices of drinks including water, herbal teas, and coffee. All meals are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. The menus are carefully planned by the experts so as to provide the necessary nutrients.

With years of thoughtful planning and experience, this retreat is designed to inspire and challenge both experienced practitioners as well as beginners. The schedule does not keep you occupied all the time and leave the guests exhausted in the end. In fact, along with the daily routine, there is still ample time for the participants to explore and experience island living.

This Pilates and Barre Retreat focuses on core support and overall fitness offering an integrative fitness. Besides, toning the body, improving balance and posture, and increasing flexibility,the workout is gentler on joints. With passionate and experienced teachers like Jo and Laerka, this retreat is a one of a kind opportunity to learn complete coordination of body, mind, and soul!

Release natural opioids such as endorphins with jovial instructors, lively music, and exciting movements along with healthy eating at this exciting retreat.

  • Seven nights’ accommodation
  • Daily brunches, lunches (provided packed for those who prefer to explore) + 5 delicious vegetarian evening meals
  • One hour full body therapeutic massage
  • All equipment (mats, circles, etc.)

*There is a 100 euro supplement to our normal prices for the week for the additional class program and workshops.

Surya Retreat


With a quietness to still your mind, this inviting space has a bright open wooden floored yoga shala to practice your asanas and mindfulness. The outdoor yoga deck overlooking the pool gives you spectacular views of volcanoes and the ocean!  The team members go out of their way to guide their guests and also offer private sessions for a one-to-one practice to focus on specific requirements.

Enjoy the best Canarian architecture at this villa with soothing white walls, natural wooden beams and a stunning courtyard with flowers and palm trees! Take a step back and immerse yourself in the authentic island living experience at this blissful haven, which is built with love and compassion!