Usui Level 1 Reiki Certification & Chakra Yoga Retreat, Canada

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“I truly enjoyed my pranassage experience with Tracy. Tracy exudes a capable, loving and gentle approach to this healing session. I left feeling at peace and relaxed.”  

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“I have taken many yoga classes with Tracy and every class has left me feeling wonderfully stretched, as well as, simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated. I have also experienced her group pranassage which can only be described as ‘delicious’ – I will definitely be booking a personal session.” 

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Retreat, and find harmony within. Enjoy two nights stay at the majestic chalet is 15 minutes from Val-St-Côme village. The chalet offers spectacular views of the lake and the mountains and is the ideal place to relax and restore as you enhance your yoga practice and learn the ancient healing modality, Reiki. This cabin can accommodate up to 14 people. All yoga mats, bolsters, and blocks will be provided for the weekend.

**Note:- The  price of this retreat is excluding the taxes.

Program Description

Program During this weekend, our teachers will guide you through several yoga and meditation classes. You will also have the chance to experience your first Reiki certification.

  • DAILY YOGA (Chakra, Yin, & Hatha based Yoga) 
  • Usui Reiki 1st Degree Certification
    Reiki Level 1 attunement  
    How to give a complete 60 minute Reiki session    
    Reiki history  
    Reiki code of conduct  
    Principles of Reiki   •Reiki symbols.  
    Introduction to the Chakras 
    Benefits of Reiki  
    Understand and awaken your energy channels.  

    *No prerequisites necessary.*

Our Teachers


Vickie Lembessis

Core Subject: Reiki
Vickie completed her 200-hr YTT in 2015 in Epidavros. In addition, she has also completed (kids yoga training and yoga for spinal care training). In 2016, she embarked on yet another spiritual path: Reiki Energy Healing. Now a Reiki GM and teacher, she guides love filled yoga flows and meditations.Her purpose in life: to inspire others to thrive in nurturing their mind, body and soul through wellness, yoga and Reiki energy healing.

Irene Lembessis

Core Subject: Reiki
Irene is a Yoga Teacher (Yin Yang Yoga) 200HRYTT, Reiki GM and Teacher, as well as a Certified Crystal Therapist. (*Yoga for kids*Yoga for spinal care).The unconditional loves of Reiki, and balance of Yoga and meditation, have inspired her to guide and encourage others to find the light within themselves.

Alyssa Marsillo

Core Subject: Yoga
Alyssa is a certified Yoga & Holistic Health Therapist. Having started yoga and seeing a life coach in her late teen years, Alyssa learned early on how deeply she resonates with well-being on a physical-mental-spiritual level. Her interests in spirituality, holistic wellness, and natural therapies allowed her to explore various ways of achieving health. It has been through the study of sciences and schools of thought that have been gratuitously able to offer services as a naturopathic therapist.


The majestic chalet where you will stay at is located about an hour and a half-drive north of Montreal and15 minutes from Val-St-Côme village. The chalet offers spectacular views of the lake and the mountains and is the ideal place to relax and restore as you enhance our yoga practice and learn the ancient healing modality (Reiki).


Types: Yoga Retreat Date: From 27-September-2019 To 29-September-2019 Duration: 3 Days Area: Quebec, Canada Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Pescetarian Surrounding Area: Lake,Mountain,Close To Nature



  • 3 pm: Arrival
  • 5 pm: Introduction to Reiki
  • 7 pm: Dinner
  • 8:30 pm: Yoga Practice Nidra


  • 7:45 am: Morning Meditation
  • 8:15 am: Yoga and Reiki
  • 10 am: Lunch
  • Noon-2 pm: Reiki Workshops
  • 2:15 pm: Dinner and snacks
  • 15h-18h30: Reiki workshops
  • 19h00: Dinner
  • 20h30: Soft Yoga and Reiki
  • 22h: Sleep time


  • 7h45: Morning meditation
  • 8h15: Yoga and Reiki
  • 10h: Lunch
  • 11h15: Reiki and certification
  • 16h: Goodbye! REIKI


This majestic chalet is located north of Montreal, (about 1: 30h drive), 15 minutes from Val-St-Côme village.

The chalet offers spectacular views of the lake and the mountains and is the ideal place to relax and restore as you enhance your yoga practice and learn the ancient healing modality, reiki. 

This cabin can accommodate up to 14 people. (Limited availability)

** All yoga mats, bolsters and blocks will be provided for the weekend**

Food & Accommodation Gallery


  • All meals (snacks, coffees, and teas) are included and prepared with love. This is a retreat with vegetarian meals. Vegan or gluten-free options are available on request. 

           ** Please advise us if there are any allergies. **

What Makes This Program Special?

  • Yoga classes (styles: hatha, yin, chakra) 
  • Guided meditation 
  • Chakra Workshop 101 
  • Reiki Certification (1st level)
  • Harmonize body, soul, and spirit
  • Share your energy with others and animals


  • A 2-day stay (and two nights) in a chalet in the north, located in Val St-Côme.
  •  All delicious meals, snacks, teas, and coffee are included and prepared with love
  • This is a vegetarian retreat, vegan or gluten-free options are available upon request
  • Reiki certification- level  1.
  • Yoga
  • Please advise organizers of any and all allergies that you may have


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Refuge Oasis Nature

Surrounded by its environmental wildlife, this magnificent brand new log home on the lake is located 1:30hrs away from Montréal , 15 minutes from the village and little walk from the ski slope Val-St-Côme.Offering a beautiful view on the lake, the mountains and the ski slopes, this chalet is a great spot to spend quality time with your family and friends and to enjoy all of the outdoors activities.

We are travelling Teachers...Our studio is the spaces we rent, in the places we visit. Join us on these adventures to come

Payment And Cancellation Policy

Please note that there  is a 20% non-refundable deposit due upon registration. Balance to Bliss Retreats 


Advance Payable Percentage- 10%

Why choose Balance to Bliss

REIKI  is a natural therapy, and holistic method.  Reiki is best in a setting that is peaceful & quiet although it can be given anywhere at any time. The receiver of reiki can be seated or lying down comfortably, or even at a distance.  It is a simple, safe and non-invasive healing therapy that promotes stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki energy is transferred by the Reiki Practitioner to the patients by hands, and can be applied to all human, animals and plants.   Reiki allows space for clearing, centering, and balancing, guiding the body to a restorative state.  Reiki benefits include: aiding the body with its natural healing process, and an overall mental & emotional wellbeing.  All reiki requires is an open mind & open heart.

Reiki is: Energy. Light. Healing.  Love.

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