7 Day Body Mind Detox & Wellness Program In Bali

  • Organizer: Bali Vitality
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 15-December-2019
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Food: Vegetarian,Organic
  • Surrounding area: Forest,Close To Nature


Get-away from the hustle and join a 7-day super mind-body detox program in Bali, Indonesia. It is a life-transforming wellness program that welcomes peace and healing.

Detox your mind and body from the impurities of the world and purify your soul with this "Super Seven Mind Detox". Under the health professionals, focus on wellness and nutrition to live a comfortable life.

Relax and pamper yourself to gain a refreshed mind, an energized body, and a healed soul.


My first detox experience ever and I could not have found better place and company to do it with , It was very well organized , personalized to my needs and all stuff and practitioners were very professional and flexible.

At the same time , I've took opportunity to travel as much as possible around Bali through Bali Vitality which kept me busy so I did no have time to think about food.

Found detox easier than I thought and would suggest that everyone follows the rules of pre tox and detox to achieve great results. Would seek to come back and repeat experience.

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My detox program at Bali Vitality was very successful, and I especially liked the idea of being able to choose my own guesthouse in which to receive my juices. The girls were quite knowledgeable and professional, and were very good in answering all my concerns and questions. I will do this program again very soon. Frederick Dillon Source: Facebook
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    Indonesian Yoga teachers

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Qualified Indonesian Yoga teachers offering effective therapies to the guests.


An ideal destination that you are looking for! Bali Vitality is located in the ancient village of NyuhKuning towards the South ofUbud.

The village follows a traditional lifestyle and incorporates carved-wooden architecture. The village is bordered by the lush-green Sacred Monkey Forest and hosts a variety of Ceremonial Parades.

The serenity and tranquility of this location make for a rejuvenating experience where you can unwind freely.

Super Seven Mind-Body Detox is a 7-day program that is the foundation of tailor-made personalized treatments, cleansing, and therapies.

The program focuses on providing a comfortable environment in the stunning ambiance of Ubud, Bali. It includes Balinese Hindu Ritual- the holy water cleansing, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Detox foot baths, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and breathing exercises with other excursion activities.

This program shows you the correct direction towards living a healthy life.

Start your day with the rising of the Sun! Outdoor meditation, early in the morning is the most effective activity which cleanses your mind, body, and soul with a touch of first sun rays. Yoga, Meditation and breathing exercises flush the toxins out from your body and make the guests energized for the rest of the day. The day is followed by a nutritional breakfast, and organic detox juices.

Thereafter, a professional team of health experts visit guests to offer suggestions, diets, and treatments based on their medical conditions. The afternoons are booked for therapy sessions and detoxification.

By the evening, guests get to explore the vicinity, the cultural village, or other places of interest. The dinner consists of healing elixirs, herbal juices, and organic food.

Bali Vitality provides residency at some of the collaborated associations or boutique style hotels in NyuhKuning village. The place promises comfortable rooms and beautiful surroundings where every guest can deeply relax. The Balinese people perform ceremonies in this traditional Balinese village, which has become a tourist attraction.

The guest can pick from the following options:

Chili Studio Hotel: It is a 3-star accommodation that is equipped with Balinese features and modern amenities. The Chili studios are small and free-standing rooms with a beautiful garden, en-suite bathtub, AC, Wi-Fi access, Television, herbal tea making facilities, and more. There is also a facility of a swimming pool where guests can enjoy themselves. The 2-bedroom villa is ideal for 3-4 guests.  

Sonia Villa Hotel: A 4-star accommodation with luxurious facilities. The hotel has 2 swimming pools on the premises. The rooms are well furnished and equipped with comfortable beds, Television, en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi, Air-conditioner, fridge, herbal tea making facility, etc. 

Sonia Suite: The Sonia Suite is known to be the best rooms available with sunken bathtub and unique Balinese style semi-outdoor stone wall shower. The rooms also have a kitchenette for juice and elixir preparation and an outside terrace sitting area.

Sonia Super Deluxe: The Sonia Super Deluxe Room is comparatively smaller to Sonia Suite yet with all the facilities mentioned above and also graceful.

Wana Pool View: The Wana Resort has rooms with Balinese features and updated facilities like Air-conditioner, Television, comfortable beds, Wi-Fi, fridge, herbal tea making facility, etc.

The Wellness Program includes detox and cleansing food for the first 3-4 days, followed by a juice diet.

The detox menu includes organic cold-press juices, alkalizing vegetable broth, coconut water, oxygenated water, herbal teas, vegetable platters, and organic super food powders.

Herbal cleansing powder and bentonite powder are also given for colon cleansing. Organic cold press vegetable juices and organic vegetarian lunches are served daily to all the guests.

It is an organized program for healing and relaxation. Guests come here for personalized sessions to lighten-up while they out traveling. A detox getaway of 7-days helps to modify lives, offers a clear perspective, and an escape from the hurdles of life.

Here, with Meditation, healing elixirs, hydrotherapy sessions, infrared saunas, organic diet, massages, and other services leave you with a rewarding feeling of a restart in life. Royal Boreh Body Treatment is one of the signatures of Bali Vitality.

  • Accommodation for 7 Nights
  • Arrival Information Pack and Pre Detox
  • Transfer from the airport or hotel
  • Personal Wellness Assistant for Daily Care 
  • Daily Detox Package which includes special juices, and vegetables
  • Naturopathic Orientation
  • Hypnotherapy based program
  • Meditation and Breath work session
  • Healing elixirs, herbal powders, and Alkalizing Broth
  • 4 Infra-Red saunas
  • 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions
  • 2 Ionic Detox sessions
  • 3 Balinese Full body massages
  • 2 Hot-stone luxury massages
  • Sound Healing on the Pyramid of Chi
  • Organic Facial
  • Organic Body Scrub
  • Royal Boreh Body treatment
  • Holy water cleansing at TirtaEmpul Temple
  • Excursion at Toyabungkah to hot volcanic healing pools
  • Visit the Balinese Traditional Healer
  • Raw food platter
  • Post Retreat Information pack that includes recipes

Bali Vitality


The center is located in the village of NyuhKuning which is on the south of the Ubud Center. The village is popular for wood carving, traditional arts, and ceremonial parades. At this serene location, make health and wellness your priority.

This center is bordered close to the Sacred Monkey Forest and some beautiful rice paddies. Become spiritually uplifted by stepping into this tranquil and picturesque location.

  • 14% of the total price is the advanced payment required for a valid reservation.
  • In case of any cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • The pending payment has to be made 30 days before the arrival.