7 Day Meditation And Yoga Way Of Life Spain

  • Organizer: Be Mindful Yoga
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 03-March-2020
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Cullera, Valencia, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Raw
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature


This retreat is not a vacation spot or a hotel to spend a few days doing yoga. It is based on the practice of yoga and meditation as a way of life, not as an isolated practice that is done several times a week or month, but as an integral form of relationship with the environment. We develop this attitude with the daily practice of meditation asanas, pranaiamas, chanting mantras and putting into practice in everyday life that attitude of being present in everyday life. This retreat is suitable both to begin making contact for the first time with meditation and yoga and to deepen the knowledge and practice of both. This retreat will teach you the benefits of living a yogi life, a life from your own center in the here and now even in the everyday, especially in the everyday. You can add or subtract practices depending on the depth of practice you need at this point in your life. We help you adapt the practice of meditation and yoga to your physical condition and needs.


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    Shanti Namaskar

    Core Subject: Yoga and Meditation Teacher

    He came from an emotionally convulsive past and his addiction to food, tobacco, and other habits excessively harmed his health. Yoga accidentally happened to him and changed his life forever. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade now, and with healthy eating, he is able to rebalance himself. He received training while volunteering in the Sirius Association of Caudiel, and then he decided to share this amazing and true way of life with others based on his vast experience.


A soulful escapade is required to re-balance and rejuvenate yourself. This retreat takes you to a quaint place of Cullera in Valencia. Cullera is a seaside resort town and is famous for its Cullera Beach and mountain range above the town.

This beautiful beach city is famous for its fine sand, clean and clear water, and is amazing for snorkeling and other water sports. A touristy place, it is also known for its castles, churches, sanctuaries, and more; the trip here is surely memorable.

If you’re someone who wants to focus on the practice of yoga and meditation as a way of life, then Be Mindful Yoga in Spain is your place to be at.

Form an integral relationship with the self and environment by connecting with the center, awaken the essence, and start living it right here. 

The yoga retreat is amazing for both beginners and advanced practitioners to deepen the knowledge of both yoga and meditation.

The seven days of soulful vacation helps you, not only to relax but also teaches you the benefits of living a yogic life by focusing on your self-development with everyday practice.

With the sessions of yoga, pranayama and meditation and the right amount of rest and food, you learn to balance the mind, body, and soul.

Make the most of your time at the retreat and experience a remarkable change in your physical, mental, and emotional state. The daily routine encourages you to continue and deepen the practice, and the daily schedule helps you in maintaining the same. 

Sample Itinerary:

  • 07:30am- Hatha Yoga (beginner-intermediate)
  • 09:00am-  Hatha Yoga (intermediate-advanced)
  • 10:15am- Mindfulness Guided Meditation
  • 10:30am- Vipassana Silent Meditation (not guided)
  • 11:00am- Breakfast
  • 12:00- Free Time
  • 02:30pm- Lunch
  • 03:30pm- Free Time
  • 06:00pm- Yin Yoga, Mantra and Pranayama, Osha Dynamic Meditation or Qigong
  • 08:30pm- Dinner
  • 10:00pm- Rest and Silence 

*All the activities are voluntary, as you decide the intensity and depth of your retreat

During the retreat, you’ll be offered shared or private room, as per what you prefer. You can also go for a private double room if you are coming with a friend or partner.

The accommodation facility at Be Mindful Yoga is crafted nicely using pop colors for the room to spread positivity and liveliness. All the rooms are well furnished and have a window for a better view of Mother Nature.

The rooms also have enclosures with heating, and the center has two perfectly equipped bathrooms. Accommodation is embodied with basic amenities to make you stay comforting and restful.

The retreat offers three Flexi-vegan meals daily that include fresh fruits, fish, egg, herbal tea. Raw and vegan food is also available upon request.

You’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages during your stay. The organizer also takes special care of the one with dietary requirements and caters with different choices like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, and raw food. 

*If you have special dietary requirements, inform the organizers while making reservations. 

Be Mindful Yoga offers personalized yoga retreats in the beautifully designed magical house in Cullera. Settled besides one of the best beaches in Valencia, the environment is impactful and makes the program special.

With the perfect blend of yoga and meditation, the retreat teaches participants to live in harmony, releasing pressure and stress from the body.

The program rebalances the being, centers the body and mind, and works on stagnant feelings and unstable emotions. This retreat is the other name of well-being.

  • 5 Daily sessions of Yoga and Meditation
  • 3 Yoga Classes
  • 2 Pranayama Session
  • Bikes to ride the town
  • 3 Daily Meals
  • All night accommodation 
  • Daily Mindfulness Informal Instructions
  • Snacks and beverages daily: Fresh Fruits, Herbal Tea
  • Organic Shampoo, Bath Gel, Sanitary Towel
  • Free time for an excursion

Exclusion: Airfare, Visa Fee, Travel and Personal Expenses, Deep Tissue Massage, Beach Towel, and Transport from/to the retreat house

Be Mindful Yoga


Located besides the quiet beach with no large influx of people, the center of Be Mindful Yoga is perfectly structured considering the needs and wants of a modern-day yogi.

You wake up to the sights of fine golden sand with a beautiful sunrise every morning, where the refreshing sea breeze brushes against you.

The center is fully equipped with nice accommodation area, and they also have a kitchen where they prepare delicious delicacies for their guests. The center also has yoga and meditation hall, outdoor practice area, and area for massage therapies, etc.

  • For a reservation, you need to deposit 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel the booking up to 20 days before the date of arrival.
  • Rest of the payment needs to be made 4 days before the date of arrival.