8 Day Life Changing Yoga Retreat,Ecuador

  • Organizer: Bromelia Lodge
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 12-November-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: La Libertad, Guayas, Ecuador
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


Encounter a delightful 8 days/7 nights retreat that will completely change your lifestyle. This retreat is designed for people who want to heal themselves both internally and externally. So come and explore the various collections of well qualified mentors that will lead you through a path of yogic wisdom by enlightening you about all the benefits and uses of following a good healthy routine along with maintaining a good wholesome diet. 

With the combination of best healing treatments, hospitality, classes, and the beautiful natural surroundings, the perfect tranquil setting is most suitable for you to rejuvenate, unwind, and recharge.


Rest relaxed! 

The best place for all those who want to withdraw from noise, and people, offers you meditation, reiki, relaxing massage and a very good atmosphere to reflect, you really feel with an inner peace that you can only experience in Bromelia

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Restfull place

Tito, I owe you ... but the place is wonderful. A place of full nature and comfort. A lot of peace and rest ... with the spectacular surroundings. No noise or smog. A paradise for meditation and yoga. Thanks Tito for sharing your dreams. Kisses

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    Core Subject: Master Of Reiki

    Tito, who is the owner of this lodge, is a Martial Art practitioner. For many years he has been teaching Medicinal Qi Gong, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Qi Gong, Meditation, and Reiki for over 20 years. His Reiki Master Tibetan Buddhist Nun guided by The Dalai Lama himself is the biggest inspiration of Tito. During his training periods when he used to stay with his master in Dojo Healing Teaching Center which he opened in Guayaquil. He learned and observed different kinds of illnesses and diseases that healed through Reiki. Throughout this time, another famous mentor came into his life and taught him Chinese Qi Gong. And finally at the end after getting everything prepared, he made his dream job possible by opening Bromelia Nature Lodge Healing Center. Being a beach, nature, and surf lover, he opened his center right between all these things.


Bromelia Lodge is a beautiful place tucked in the forests at the foot of a mountain near Manglaralto, Ecuador. It is less than 10 minutes away Montanita, which is a world-famous surf town. The place is a secret treasure that did not even appear on the charts just a few times ago, the mixture of golden sand, perfect waves, and tropical vegetation have slowly advanced its status as tropical heaven. 

The lodge on the other side is surrounded with mountains and lush green forests. The whole experience will give a vibe of living in a wildlife refuge. The only sound you will wake up to is the beautiful sound of nature and the birds. The fresh air and clean environment will make you glow from the inside out. You will feel as if you are living on an island away from the distraction and the bustle of city life.

The program will include two Reiki sessions, both an hour-long. It is an Energy Healing Technique that can be used to treat emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems. 

A daily meditation and yoga class is also included in your program for training your mind and body simultaneously. Qi Gong, which is practiced with meditation, involves a series of exercises linked with breath work that will help in charging the body with fresh, new energy. On the other hand, different styles of yoga are taught, such as Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa Yoga.

It also includes 2 sessions Advanced Tachyon Technologies that will balance and open up your chakra by giving your body a course of energy. Basically, Tachyons are subatomic bits of energy that move faster than the rate of light. It is amazingly relaxing as it helps push anxiety and tension out of the body, promoting good health. 

The life-changing healing program is designed to promote relaxation, good health, balanced body, stability, circulation, and concentration among others. So to complete the purpose of the program, there will be two more sessions of a Korean Ceragem V3 massage that will help in correcting your posture by equally distributing the weighted pressure on your joints that will further help in spinal adjustments.

Sample Daily Schedule:

  • Daily morning yoga session
  • Daily afternoon deep meditation & Qi Gong sessions
  • 2 Reiki session of one hour
  • 2 sessions of Ceragem V3 massage
  • 2 massage sessions of Advanced Tachyon Technologies
  • A self Reiki course of three hour

The Bromelia Lodge placed just outside of Montanita in a forested region is a healing center offering a variety of wellness and treatment classes. The lodge has 14 rooms in total with attached washroom, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, ceiling fans, Screened windows and doors.

The lodge also has a beautiful rustic made open dining hall that overlooks the beautiful lush mountains. There is also a spacious yoga shala where you can practice yoga right in between the lap of Mother Nature while breathing in the fresh air.

The birds chirping will mesmerize your ears, and the soft breeze passing through your hair will make your practice more flattering.

Along with a beautiful stay and genuine efficient programs, the lodge also focuses on providing the best food they can. The food that is being provided is freshly sourced and cooked by excellent chefs. Needless to say, every meal will be low in spices, salt, and oil and high in nutrition. Every little detail is kept in mind while preparing the food, plus the fresh vegetables and fruits that you will be served are ingrown. 

If someday you want to surprise your taste buds with your favorite dish then you can also take a road to Montanita, which is 10 minutes away where you can find all the fancy restaurants and cafe that serves all types of delicious cuisines.

What make this program special are its different types of massages that will be conducted by the in-house specialists. They also guarantee that the therapies they offer are so effective that it will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, restored, and 100% relaxed!

The best thing about the retreat is that the water of the retreat is also as effective as the treatments and therapies because the water here is also Reiki treated. 

The retreat can also organize your day trips that include horseback riding, snorkeling, bird watching, fishing, canopying, tours to National parks, paragliding as they work with the local tour operators.

  • 2 Reiki Sessions
  • Every day Yoga session
  • 2 Healing sessions with Tachyon System Energy Antennas
  • 7 Qi Gong and Meditation Classes
  • 7 Nights’ accommodation and meals 
  • Self Reiki course with initiation
  • A mid hot tea or coffee to recharge your body
  • 2 Sessions in Ceragem V3 massage bed

Bromelia Lodge


Bromelia is a unique and special place tucked between the mountains right in the center of the forests was opened in 2015, and the very next year in 2016 it was awarded for its Excellence. The lodge offers everything that you will need to make your retreat complete. The specialized therapies, Reiki, and Advanced Tachyon Technology that it offers are the most effective ones that one must experience once in his lifetime. 

Your experience at Bromelia will bring tranquility, relaxation, peace of mind, and healing in the mental, spiritual, and physical level.

  • We will require a 50% deposit to make reservations.
  • Deposit are non refundable, should you not be able to make it we will happily accommodate you for a further date.