Intensive Surf Camp For Beginners In Canary Island,Spain

  • Organizer: Calima Surf School
  • Type: Surf
  • Starting From: 15-August-2019
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Area: Canary Islands, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Let Calima Surf be by your side while exploring the beautiful island of Lanzarote or improving your surfing skills in Spain. Join Spain’s oldest and one of the best Surf Schools to deepen your love for the water, waves, and surf with their intensive surf camps for beginners. 

Guided by experienced instructors who helps you every step of the way, get started to strengthen your companionship with the board and waves. Avail the invaluable opportunity to be at the Canary Island, which is both beautiful and ideal for your surfing spree. 

Travel and relish your dream of surfing and make this summer a happier one.


Best time in Famara!

I've been two times in the summer Camp of calima surf school and i had a great time! The instructors were careful and friendy and Famara beach Is wonderful and perfect to learn surfing as biginners. 100% recommended! Can't wait to come back this Summer!


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Surfsessions with Melina!

We had 7 days private surftraining with Melina from Calima Surf in Famara - FANTASTIC!!! It was our second Beginnertraining. Everything was perfect organized. Melina has a very good trainingconcept with warm up, technic, tips and looks every second what you can make better and what Level you reached. Especially you make together drysurftraining and a foto- and videoanalyses. And the best - Melina comes together with you in the waves - so you can learn very near to her. Melina, thanks a lot, you are so humorous and allways sunny - we are looking forward to see you again.


Source: Tripadvisor

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    Core Subject: Surf Instructor, Lifeguard, Swimming Coach, Recreation Instructor, Language Expert

    Sebastian is Colombian-descendant born and raised in Lugo. He was 10 years old when he learned surfing and became a qualified surf instructor and lifeguard at the age of 18. Sebastian is also a trained swimmer, athletic, table tennis player, and recreation instructor. He loves learning languages, where Spanish and Galician are his native languages he also speaks English, Italian, and French. After traveling almost half of the world, he decided to move to the Canary Islands. Sebastian is cheerful and fun-loving, and is always ready to light the barbecue at the Surf House party, and have a nice conversation with the people around.


The retreat takes you to one of the astounding Canary Islands, Lanzarote is intimately intertwined with the inheritance of 20th-century lanzaroteño artist and environmentalist, César Manrique. Lanzarote is a charming island with extraordinary geography of 300 volcanic cones, palmed filled valley, eerie blackened lava fields, infrequent rustic, and exceptional oceanic beauty. 

The place is dotted with whitewashed houses, unique architectural projects, and smattering sculptures, the island of Lanzarote is nothing but a giant natural artwork. The fascinating locations, natural abstract beauty, twisted landscapes, and more, give a colorful scenic view making the island one ideal place for relaxing holidays.  

Lanzarote is a canvas, painted well with truly mesmeric pieces of nature which makes it an art to cherish. 

The program is for a beginner with some experience. The surf course welcomes adults for an intensive level of surfing experience living amidst the natural reserve of Famara. The program is a uniquely designed attractively planned surf camp that lets the participants enjoy their holidays in the Canary Islands.

Beginners who have already done a course in the same or another school are welcome in this camp. The intensive camp is offered throughout the year, but the organizers recommend you to travel during the months of July to January.

During the program, you learn and get trained under the guidance of qualified instructors, ensuring fun and fast learning. The course covers the essential elements of an intensive surfing coaching session that includes safety rules while surfing, different techniques to use in surfing, and priority rules whilst in the water.

The program lets you surf and have a good time amidst the waves.

The curriculum emphasizes on providing maximum hours to surf lessons, dry surf sessions, and other healthy activities that support the right progress of surfing.

  • The day starts at 10 am with your surf lesson at the beach.
  • There is a break at 12.30 pm to have lunch and recharge the body.
  • Then you return to the water for completion of the session.
  • Take rest and get ready for an afternoon session dedicated to health activities.
  • The evening session is about theory to learn more and correct the errors you make while surfing.

The afternoon and evening session varies weekday basis.

As you are done with the rigorous surf training, head towards your beautiful accommodation to relax, and end the day with your new surf family. Calima Surf offers their surf camps guest/students a friendly and comfortable stay at their Surf House in Famara. 

The Surf House is located at an apt location, just 100 meters away from the beach and gives a spectacular view of the island from the terrace, which again is one amazing spot at the Surf House. The Surf House is an exceptional piece of great architecture with clean and comfy rooms embodied with basic amenities, vibrant common area, kitchen, BBQ facility, and more.  

Let Calima Surf accommodate and serve you with the best during the Surf Camps at Lanzarote.

At Calima Surf during your surf camp, you will be offered lunch (included in the package) at the beach or beach picnic, only during the lesson days. The lunch includes a warm sandwich, water, and fruit/fruit juice. Calima Surf takes good care of its students’ health and offers nutritious food. Even they have a kitchen where you can prepare your meals.

The surf house is surrounded by some really good cafes that allow you to relish the local cuisine along with other various international cuisine options. The center also caters to dietary specific requirements of their guests on prior information. 

* If you have special dietary requirements it is advised to inform the organizers about the same when making a reservation.

Surfing is a wonderful water activity, and for many, the sport brings inner peace connecting the being with its natural state, and helps to ingest deep love for self and people around. The intensive surf camp for beginners has enormous benefits that include deeper training on surfing, learning from experienced professionals, guided lessons for Dry Surf for better understanding, and more. 

Apart from the session planner, there are many things that contribute to making the program special and a retreat worth attending. And for Calima Surf it is their accommodation, team of expert coaches and instructors, and location. Because some places in the world are special, and Lanzarote truly is making it perfect for surf lovers.

  • Accommodation in Surf House sited at Famara Nature Reserve
  • Regular cleaning and changing of linens and towels
  • Transport to the beach from Surf House (only on the days of surf lesson)
  • Surfboard, wetsuit and other required equipment
  • Lunch/Picnic on the beach
  • Photos of your surfing activities
  • Level-1 Certificate
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dry Surf Lessons
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Informative Brochure about the Island

Exclusion: Airfare, Via Fee, Travel Insurance, Pick-drop from and to airport, Breakfast, Lunch (for days with no surf lessons), and Dinner

Calima Surf Center


Nestled in a land famous for being a sun and sea destination, Calima Surf Center has gorgeous architectural beauty embodied with every basic comfort a modern surfer and yogi needs. The place inspires people in their lives and dotting the same, Calima Surf embellishes the quality of the island into its center. 

It is a well-equipped place with a nicely done terrace setting for relaxation time, well-designed rooms for a restful sleep, vibrant dining area to chat with fellow surfers, kitchen to cook, and lots more. The aim is to make the students only think about their training and offer them with an ambience that enhances their learning experience.

The center has all the services and features that you need to enjoy your stay in the Canary Islands, taking back a lot of good memories. 


  • Comfy and clean rooms (sharing and private)
  • Terrace with Sitting 
  • Accessible Kitchen and BBQ facility 
  • Common Area to Relax and Chat 
  • Internet Access 24/7
  • Transport facility from Surf House to Beach
  • For a reservation, you require to deposit 100% of the total price.
  • Some of the packages don’t offer deposit refund in case of booking cancellation.
  • If cancelling, notify at least thirty days prior to commencement of the program for a refund minus 25 Euros as handling fee.
  • If you notify in less than thirty days, the client will not be entitled to reimbursement of the booking amount
  • In such a case, the amount is kept for future reservation within a period not exceeding one year.
  • During the period student can select a new date for the completion of the course.
  • If cancellation is notified in less than seven days before the date of arrival, you need to pay a penalty which shall not be entitled to any refund for all amount paid.