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Caribe Yoga Academy opened its doors to people in 2014 and has since established itself as one of Costa Rica’s leading Yoga Teacher Training Programs. We offer a variety of 200- and 300-hour programs which is the heartfelt creation of the director and lead trainer, Avani Gilbert.


200 Hour Foundational Yoga Training,Costa Rica

  • Address : Calle 213, Limon, Puerto Viejo de

  • Starting : 12-October-2019

300 Hour Advanced Level Yoga Teacher Training Program,Costa Rica

  • Address : Calle 213, Limon, Puerto Viejo de

  • Starting : 06-November-2019

caribe yoga academy - Teacher

Avani Gilbert
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor
Adriana Leiva
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor
Flora Domenis
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Therapist

caribe yoga academy - Reviews


This YTT somehow transformed me. During the YTT, I have experienced and received so much love from everyone around the world... I felt genuine kindnes s and positivity from everyone everywhere. In addition, I had chances to release. I've never felt stronger emotionally. I was not really a spiritual person but this YTT has opened my views to things I was constantly in denial of. I am glad I participated. It has offered me more than what I came for and a chance to see my life differently Source: Website .... Read More


This training was been above and beyond what I would have ever imagined. There’s so much love in Cashew Hill. There are wonderful angels protect ing this place. [Avani] embodies the definition of a mother helping others connect to their higher self and unveil layers of conditioning to re-connect and rise together! Source: Website .... Read More


Avani and the incredible team at OM at Cashew Hill create an unforgettable journey of self discovery and empowerment, that happens to also prepare you to be a kick ass 200 RYT. I had no idea how much growth and self discovery I would experience on this training, and the family I would gain. It is so much more than an education in becoming a teacher, the OM team instills the values of being compassionate, aware, and present as a teacher and human being, and I am honored to say I received my training in such a grounded, special place. I would recommend it 10X over to anyone looking to do their training here. Source: Website .... Read More

Andrea Acuña Zoch

I just loved the yoga teacher training in the Caribe Yoga Academy. Avani is really good at yoga and at teaching, very patient, helpful and kind. The place is absolutely amazing, the view, the sounds of the nature, everything. It's the best Academy, and I am very thankful for this wonderful experience! Source: Facebook .... Read More

Ilja de Bree

This is not just a Yoga Teacher Training, it is a great great adventure to embark on. It was so much more than I could have expected. All the teach ers and staff are very passionate about what they do and it shows. T hey will guide you so sweetly to become the best version of your unique self as a teacher. And then the food... I can not even put into words how good the food was, I am forever spoiled now. Thank you for all of this CYA, I feel so grateful for the whole experience. Source: Facebook .... Read More