Re-Ignite yourself with Stephanie Acosta, Costa Rica

  • Organizer: Cerro Verde
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 20-July-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Area: San Jose, Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Food: Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Mountain,Close To Nature


Taking time out of your busy life to experience the magic of yoga is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. We are so busy making ends meet and things to happen that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Thus, with an aim to help you pause and restore your inner balance, we at Cerro Verde Retreats offer an amazing 6-days yoga retreat in magnificent Costa Rica.

We are a group of passionate healers who help each other discover their strength and connect with their mind, body, and spirit. On this retreat, you will be guided by the very talented Stephanie Acosta who has been practicing yoga and transforming lives through yoga for many years now.


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  • 115627stephanie.jpeg

    Stephanie Acosta

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Stephanie is highly passionate about yoga and she started her yoga practice in 2008. She was in awe with yoga and how it made her feel after practicing it regularly. Hence she started teaching yoga and has helped several people transform their lives through it. Her yoga sessions are fun and she incorporates various styles in her practice. With this yoga retreat, you will be able to take advantage of her years of experience of practicing and teaching yoga as a way of life!


We are located above Alajuela, Costa Rica’s second largest city in terms of size. Our vibrant and spacious center overlooks San Jose and the entire Central Valley. We have created a perfect space for you to experience solitude as well as comfort as you reinvent yourself through yoga. You will be lost in the calmness of this place as our center is situated on a secluded road outside a small community of Pilas.

The refuge offers a world of garden and peace overseeing the bustling city of San Jose. Besides practicing yoga, you can also explore the property by taking a walk down the hill and picking fresh local produce. While here you will get ample time and opportunity to just sit back, relax, reflect and immerse in the beauty of your surroundings.

We give so much of ourselves to others why not give something serving yourself, 6 day yoga retreat to reignite the fire within.The purpose of the retreat is to try and get everyday people who work a lot or who are looking to reset themselves. Stephanie will help you understand the benefits of yoga in resetting and restoring harmony in your life. Twice daily yoga session will keep you focused and relaxed. Excursion to the nearest place in CostaRica will add more energy to this retreat it is much more like a cherry on the top of the cake. Rejuvenate with this 6-days yoga retreat in a fun way along with experiencing body positivity.

Get to know about the daily schedule and excite your curosity to next level:

  • Wake up to an early snack of local fruits and coffee
  • Morning meditation to set intentions for the day
  • 30-45 minute yoga session, focusing on rejuvenation
  • Hot breakfast, locally and sustainably made
  • Excursion, desire mapping or journaling depending on the day
  • Lunch or a local picnic for excursions
  • Enjoy your free time by relaxing in the house or you can go on a small expedition.
  • Group activity at the property and light refreshments
  • 30-45 minute yoga session, focusing on relaxation
  • Candlelit meditation overlooking the Alajuela Valley
  • Dinner prepared in-house by our chefs

Our cozy accommodation has five super clean and comfortable rooms. Created and decorated tastefully to make you feel at home each room has a spacious private bath with a shower. Besides this, we also have a wood burning fireplace and a four-person outdoor spa.

Along with this, we offer high-speed internet and laundry facilities as well. You can hang-out at the cozy spots and enjoy a book from our book collection or play one of the board games that we have stocked for you. Our beautifully designed space and its calmness will surely lift your spirits and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Start your morning with freshly prepared coffee , snacks and fresh fruits .Hearty breakfast will fill your palate with our freshly prepared food .

Remember your old days by enjoying  local picnic for lunch.

Beautiful, healthy, locally harvested dinner will be prepared fresh every day by our in house chefs.Dietary requirements and allergies can certainly be accommodated.You will feel fortunate that you will get to eat in a very nourishing, and mindful way together as a whole.

Through this yoga retreat, you will be able to get away from the hustling and bustling of city life and connect with nature as well as your inner self on a much deeper level. Letting go of negative thoughts and immersing yourself in your surroundings will benefit you immensely.

Also, our yoga instructor is proficient and will teach you a variety of yoga styles. Our yoga retreat will allow you to re-ignite yourself by evaluating your current circumstances and surrounding yourself with positive vibes.

  • 6 days, 5 nights in Cerro Verde Retreat
  • Daily Yoga with Stephanie (variety of styles)
  • 2 Meals a day including snacks (all vegan)
  • Cooking Class
  • Coffee Farm Tour
  • Drinks including drinking water, juice, coffee and tea
  • Waterfall excursion(weather permitting) -
  • Hike excursion(weather permitting)
  • Airport pick up and drop off in San Jose

Casa Cerro Verde


Our founder’s father, Dr. Tom Odom, built Casa Cerro Verde as his paradise after contributing several years to the medical service in Colorado. The breath-taking location is the highlight of our center and it was chosen for beautiful views and close proximity to San Jose city. Besides this, other major attractions include volcanoes, waterfalls, and coffee plantations.

Over the years, friends and family have spent their time here basking in the magic that is la verdadera Costa Rica. We have also opened the space for many retreats and now we look forward to sharing this beautifully created space with equally beautiful people by organizing more retreats in the years to come.