7 Day Re-Union With Oneself Yoga Retreat, Mexico

  • Organizer: Copal Retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 08-March-2020
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Tulum, Mexico
  • Food: Vegetarian,Pescetarian,Include Meat
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Imagine a full week in Mexico, "the beautiful paradise". Come and immerse yourself in intimate practices by reconnecting with yourself. 

Loosen up your muscles, tap into your deep wisdom, take a dip in the warm tropical ocean, Explore the underwater reef, or just relax by the side of the ocean. This retreat is what you need to feel into your desires. Return home feeling connected and ready to start living life in a more meaningful way. 

Indulge in the daily yoga practices led by the wonderful Dani Manzur, who will guide you through your deep reconnecting journey. Also, pamper yourself with delicious meals, afternoon swims in the pool, beachfront massage while enjoying the warm tropical breezes. 


Simply amazing!

The most beautifully house situated right by the sea in a quiet little area. Marco was a perfect host and gave lots of good advice for onward travels.

Memo, the chef, made the most amazing food ever! Every day new surprises and wows awaited with all the meals and drinks and snacks.

Everyone so sweet and welcoming and always ready with a smile.

Dani the yoga instructor was really good and talented, and meet the different levels of yoga experience and wishes so well. Just perfect!

I wouldn't change a thing - only wish for more days

Source: Facebook

Beautiful from inside and outside in all sense

The sunrise yoga was amazing, even if it is sometimes hard to stand up, but after the yoga you are so happy and after the breakfast even more!

The food was amazing, the people! The host is such an amazing woman! It is a really good vibe between all the people there!

We had a lot of fun and I could learn a lot of myself!

Thank you!

Source: Website

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    Daniela Manzur

    Core Subject: Yoga Teacher

    Daniela, an enthusiastic soul will be your guide throughout your retreat. She has been teaching and learning yoga from a very long time and feel fortunate enough to learn from renowned yoga masters. During your retreat, she will mainly focus upon the adjustments and alignments in your postures with some modifications. Her effectual classes will challenge you to go more intense by making you focus on the roots. Her classes are more relaxed and powerful at the same time, it will let go of your negative thoughts by connecting you more with your inner strength.


The Copal Retreat is placed on an Ocean-front villa in Riviera Maya, Tulum, Mexico. Riviera Maya is nearly drawn 100 miles of the coastline with shimmering turquoise-colored sea and charming white-sand beaches.

This heavenly utopia is home to lagoons and mangroves, biological reserves, adventure places, old-fashioned Mayan cities, and the world's second-largest coral reef.

The tourists also come here to feel and explore the astonishing biodiversity and real resources of this captivating region of Mexico. This is the most desirable place for guests who want to experience the glowing sun, wild streams, the banks, and the natural reservoirs on the Caribbean Coast. 

This program will make your practice the tools to calm your nervous system by reconnecting you with your inner self. The one-hour two daily yoga sessions will take you through powerful yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and yin yoga sessions. The yoga taught here is for everyone as there is no skill level required. 

There will also be a one-hour relaxation massage session by the beachfront. You can also add up your massage sessions by paying extra. 

Your program also includes Airport pick up and drop offs only on the given time slots. So, there is no need to worry about anything as the resorts take full care of everything. 

Your whole program will in English and can also be translated in Spanish if needed. The maximum participants in a group will be 20 as the organizer is of the idea that, less the people the more attention and focus every single person will get.

  • Daily one-hour morning yoga session
  • Daily one-hour sunset yoga session
  • 1 relaxation massage of one hour
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Copal Retreat is located on the shoreline of the Riviera Maya, in a seaside city called Paamul. The home is elegantly built, and it overlooks the beautiful waters of the Caribbean ocean.

It is loaded with green coconut palm trees and herbs. It has a pool, a rooftop studio space, and a common space. You can pick from several rooms, which are all furnished with primary yet deluxe facilities.

Every bedroom has its own appeal and also has its own landscape such as poolside, rooftop oceanfront side, and courtyard side. The villa also has a furnished kitchen and dining space.

The resort also offers free cycles to its visitors so they can travel and explore the enchanting city closely.

The in-house cooks of the home will take charge of everything and will present you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The list has every food on it beginning from deep-rooted Mexican meals to international foods. The cooks also cater to any particular dietary choices of visitors if they may have. The meals are prepared while making use of regional ingredients, cultural Mexican methods, and most importantly with passion. 

Along with nutritional meals, you will also be receiving fresh drinks, coffees, teas to make you stay active and hydrated all day long. The meals served here are both non-vegetarian and vegetarian.

This special program will make you connect with your inner self by taking you through intense yoga sessions that will include Power yoga styles, Vinyasa styles, and Yin yoga styles. You will be exercising yoga two times on the rooftop facing the endless beautiful sea. The everyday wholesome food and refreshing refreshments will also be served to make you stay fresh and hydrated.

The multilingual team will help you with everything here. As you will submerge in the artistic practice of yoga and meditation, you will discover more profound layers by going forward in the practice. The more inward you go, the more conscious you will become.

This will soothe your mind and will help you in connecting with your inner strength. Here you will attain peacefulness and tranquility by letting your anxieties go.

  • Pick up and drop off service from and to the airport only on the scheduled timings
  • 2 Daily yoga sessions of one-hour
  • Meals will be freshly cooked on the site
  • Welcoming traditional Mexican ceremony
  • Tulum excursions
  • A day trip to local cenotes
  • One beachfront relaxation massage 
  • Complimentary fruits, coffee, tea, and energizing drinks
  • Free availability of bikes, Kayaks, Paddles
  • On-site assistance regarding the tour and travels of the city


  • Air Tickets
  • One lunch at the day of excursion
  • One dinner out in the city
  • Additional nights after or before retreat date
  • Airport transfers when not arriving on the retreat dates or with in the time slot provided
  • Individual transportation service to city or for some excursion

Copal Retreat


The center is exquisitely created on an ocean-front. The home has a large rooftop that gives a picturesque landscape of the Caribbean ocean. It also has a swimming pool where you can rest, relax, and enjoy with your mates and family.

The resort ideally resides beside an isolated coastline bank that is a refuge for tortoises. At the resort, you will also have access to bikes, kayaks, and paddles.

All the large and elegant suites are just a few footsteps away from the beach pool. In-short, the resort has everything one requires to spend a beautiful and rejuvenating holiday that is free from the chaos of the world.

  • To book a seat, you need to deposit 20% of the complete amount.
  • Once the money is deposited, your deposition is non-refundable, even if you want to cancel the booking. 
  • The rest of the amount should be cleared 90 days before the arrival.