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Join us for a retreat fully immersed in culture, spirit, and heart. Learn practices from ancient yogic traditions. Take an inside look of Spanish culture, tradition, gastronomia, and sights in nature so beautiful and wondrous, My mission is to help people re-connect to themselves, and in turn, connect to the world around them by cultivating spaces, creating programs, and crafting events where people can learn to come into their power, heal from within, return their humanity, and be supported in their journey so that we may live authentic, creative, and thriving live.


6 Day Mindful Connection Yoga Retreat,Spain

  • Address : 27 Finca Cumbres Borrascosas

  • Starting : 12-October-2019

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Antonina Ramsey
  • Core Subject : Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher
Diana Ratana
  • Core Subject : Yoga Teacher

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Taking a class with Antonina is pure joy. She explains in depth why we practice yoga and brings us to the present moment. The class is a good mix of c hallenging, stretching and calming postures. When we leave the class we are invigorated and calm. Antonina has a profound understanding of Yoga, not only the body but the mind and the spirit as well. Source: InHarmony Website .... Read More