6 Days of Meditation Yoga and Vegan Cooking Course

  • Organizer: Ecoasis Yoga Retreats
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 10-November-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Area: Competa, Malaga, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Raw
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into your yoga practice and meditation while learning about vegan cooking. Both disciplines complement and enrich each other, allowing for a broader experience of working in a creative way with the body and mind.


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    Core Subject: Yoga Teacher

    My approach to Yoga is to help people to experience more sensations instead of more thoughts during their yoga practice..


This retreat will take place at the Axarquia region - situated in the eastern part of the province of Málaga. Competa is an inland village in the Axarquia, well-known for the Andalusian legacy of Muslim rule. The location is a privileged tourist destination surrounded by olive groves, almond trees, and a 4000-hectare wildlife reserve in Sierra Almijara, just 15 to 20 kilometres from the main tourist attractions of the Costa del Sol, including the beaches of Torre del Mar, the famous caves of Nerja, and within striking distance of Granada, Sierra Nevada, and other places of interest.

Throughout the retreat, you will be focusing on different guided meditations every day in the morning and in the evening to teach your mind to relax and focus on silence within. The aim is to help you return with a more positive and happy mindset. This retreat will focus on the practice of yoga and meditation as well as on the teachings of Vegan cooking. Movement and stillness, stretching and opening, breathing and awareness, and rhythm and flow are essential elements of both yoga, meditation, and Thai massage.

The yogic principles and practices are applicable to Thai massage and likewise, many features of Thai massage leads to discover new possibilities and paths in your yoga practice. The program will offer a  yoga and meditation practice and a good introduction to the fundament yoga massage is a truly wonderful experience for both the giver and receiver, as energy blockages are released, boundaries dissolve, and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation. It consists of a series of interactive, flowing movements, stretches, and rhythmic massage, along all the body’s energy lines and pressure points. 

Daily schedule

  • 08:00 Meditation
  • 08:30 Yoga class (some sessions will incorporate principles of Thai massage)
  • 10:00 Brunch
  • 12:00 Thai yoga lesson
  • 17:30 Yoga class
  • 19:00 Question-and-answer session
  • 19:30 Dinner -Exercise, meditation, and relaxation 

    Each morning, there will be a meditation and yoga session while every evening, there will be a meditation session.

Attendance to both of these is highly recommended as these are designed to assist in your detoxification process. During the detoxification process, blockages and tensions held in the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the body are released. %These practices help you to let go of them, to relax properly, and to sleep more comfortably.

During the day, you can relax, swim, have a therapy session, explore, and walk around the area and even help out in the organic gardens.

  • Yoga structure
    At the yoga retreat center, the goal is to assist you progress your health, learn meditation and relaxation techniques to help you cope with stress, improve the quality of your life and your happiness. You will be guided through meditation, chanting, breathing and asana techniques. Since Yoga Eco Oasis wants you to enjoy your stay, all classes will be optional. At the beginning of each retreat, you will be asked what areas you want to develop. The yoga retreat will be catered according to your wants, needs and skill level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of yoga.

    The yoga retreat center will be run specifically as a place of refuge and a place to find inner peace. Yoga Eco Oasis will be a perfect place to escape the stresses of the modern world and develop a sense of peace, calm, well-being, and happiness.

3 rooms have twin single beds for twin sharing. They are for two travelers/ friends booking at the same time or two female travelers looking to share the room and cut down on costs.

2 rooms have double beds and are suited for couples or families.

Single-person supplements are also available.

The aim of this retreat is to help the patrons achieve the standards of holistic living. We focus not just on teaching yoga, but also on making the yogis aware of health and nutrition with the best knowledge available in the world. The teachers on this retreat are experts in nutrition, and, as a result, the week that you spend here will be full of delicious and healthy recipes. We will also conduct workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking.

The emphasis will be on locally grown organic fresh fruits and vegetables as well as wholemeal foods, antioxidants, and low-glycaemic living.

You will be explained the health benefits of the food we use – the locally produced organic food that is free of pesticides and foods made from spelt. You will return feeling like you have learned the best secrets of healthy cooking, living and practicing yoga.

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