Lazaeta Thermal Hydrotherapy & Detox Retreat, Costa Rica

  • Organizer: Essence Arenal
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-September-2019
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Area: El Castillo, Costa Rica
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic
  • Surrounding area: Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


Nature’s biggest gift, water has been used to improve digestion, circulation, muscle tone, and immune system while gaining relaxation since ages. Lazaeta is the founder of the thermal doctrine which is based on various studies about naturopaths and healers.

Thermal Hydrotherapy has 1000 years of effectiveness and our Lazaeta Thermal Hydrotherapy & Detox Retreat comes with exclusive vegetarian and vegan meals which are carefully planned and designed as per your requirements. This retreat specifically aims at improving your digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system and restoring your natural inner balance. We intend to treat your body holistically along with calming your mind.

The participants will be carefully monitored by our experts and get appropriate guidance as per their needs.


This is one of the most special places i have been to in costa rica. insteed of staying in la fortuna which is just a regular place you can stay in this beautiful farm in tbe most calm beautiful village of el castillio just above la fortune . the view to arenal and the lake is amazing, tha staff is amazing rooms are so.nice and comfortable food is great, this is just the perfect place.

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  • 070515nico.png

    Nico Botefur

    Core Subject: NLP Coach

    Born in Germany and residing in Costa Rica since last 16 years Nico specializes in NLP as a practitioner and master coach. A master practitioner of Time Lime Therapy, he is also a Naturopath and Hydrotherapist. As a boat captain, he sailed for three years visiting different places and discovering various cultures and their healing secrets. He has also studied and developed the permaculture and organic farming and designed or organic farm and edible forest. With him, you will definitely get the expert guidance you seek to live a well-balanced life.

  • 070515mahela.png

    Mahela Piti

    Core Subject: Certified Yoga Instructor

    Mahela has specialised in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga and is extremely passionate about teaching yoga. She believes through this she can teach all that she has learned about yoga to the participants. She was born in Cuba and is raised in Miami. An efficient Reiki therapist, Mahela learned to quiet her mind and understand her thoughts through yoga. She helps participants to achieve inner peace and improve flexibility along with perfecting their poses. Under her guidance, you will be able to tune in and open yourself to the infinite possibilities of bringing positive change in your life.


Essence Arenal is located in El Castillo, a small neighbouring village to La Fortuna. The hostel is located directly on Lake Arenal atop the hills overlooking Arenal volcano.

We are spread in 22 hectares of prime hilltop forested pristine land with stunning views.

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Daily Private accommodation 
  • Once Daily 75 minute Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Classes
  • 3 Vegetarian Meals a Day with Natural drinks, and Naturopathic Teas depending on your detox needs
  • Personal Hydrotherapy twice a day

Our standard, private, and superior rooms as well as tents are well-furnished and inviting. You will find orthopedic mattresses and anti-allergic pillows in all the rooms and tents.

Besides this, we have worked extremely hard to create a beautiful, welcoming space with an organic permaculture farm, yoga deck, swimming pool with hammocks, as well as an on-site vegetarian restaurant.          

At Essence, food is prepared with extra care for this retreat. Other than organic, healthy, and delicious dishes, we judiciously plan your meals as per the detox requirement. We also offer natural drinks and naturopathic teas as per your cleansing needs. Fresh vegetarian and vegan food is available in our on-site restaurant.

Our dinner demo cuisines will help you learn about the exclusive international dishes we have in our restaurant.

The healing benefits of water are well-known since ancient times. Our expert coach, Nico is a Naturopath and Hydrotherapist who will guide you through your personal session twice a day. In this therapy, both hot and cold water is used in a therapeutic way from which you will get a number of health benefits. The therapy opens pores of your skin, dilute blood vessels and divert the blood to the skin which ends up giving you a rosy-faced look.

Further, the sweating encourages the elimination of toxins from the body. Along with this, practicing Vinyasa and Yin yoga will help you to get connected with your inner self, relieve stress, and practice breathing techniques. Our retreat aims at a holistic development by cleansing the body and mind and strengthening the immune system.

  • Paid Transportation to our local hot thermal/spring river

Essence Arenal


Forest trails that take you to the splendid waterfall hidden in the rainforest, free hot springs, canopy tours, and horseback riding are a few natural activities that you can enjoy at the fascinating Essence Arenal. We promise to make you feel at home right from your arrival.

With spectacular views of the stunning Lake Arenal and Arenal volcano, we are located in El Castillo, a small neighboring village to La Fortuna. Experience anuninterrupted, direct connection with nature away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.