200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Bali

  • Organizer: Exhale Yoga Retreats
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 14-September-2019
  • Duration: 28 Days
  • Area: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Pescetarian,Include Meat,Dairy Free,Nut Free
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


If yoga has changed your life and you want to pass that passion on to others, then this is the program for you. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, follow your heart and become a certified yoga teacher!

If you’re reading this right now, you’re here because you have a desire to evolve. You’re here because you want to reach your true potential and you’re here because you want to help others do the same. This program is exactly where you’re supposed to be, and we are excited to be a part of the journey!


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  • 173825Mathieu Boldron.jpg

    Mathieu Boldron

    Core Subject: Lead Teacher Trainer

    Mathieu Boldron is a traveling yogi who teaches workshops and trainings around the world. He is a superhuman who loves to share! He has an abundant energy for teaching, and is passionately dedicated to his yoga practice and the yogic way of life. Born and raised in Paris with a background in performing arts, Mathieu discovered yoga. His practice became a way to root down, express himself, and balance his life. His commitment to the practice led him to learn from many incredible teachers throughout the yoga community in everything from Vinyasa yoga to Dharma, Hatha, Acro yoga, philosophy and more. Mathieu offers a deep knowledge from his diverse studies around the world, and he is happiest when sharing these teachings with the eager minds of his students. Not only are Mathieu’s classes fun, profound, and challenging, they also allow students to experience a feeling of unity that brings lightness, awareness and clarity to their life. Mathieu is a bright being who exudes positive energy and pure love. He embodies the perfect balance of discipline and playfulness, and his laugh is contagious! He has mastered the art of approaching challenges with a light heart and will share that with you. Exhale Yoga Retreats is honored to work with such a heart warrior.

  • 173825Annie Au.jpg

    Annie Au


    Annie's Functional Yoga Anatomy course is a practical, hands-on and fun approach to learning the different layers of the body that are responsible for movement. With partner and group work, the students will go through essential elements in Yoga Anatomy that will help them expand their knowledge of their own bodies and enrich their yoga practice - allowing for them to be more efficient and compassionate teachers. Based on the concept of how our bones are uniquely different from person to person, we can realize that our skeletal structure can inhibit or promote our yoga practice.


Balian Beach in West Bali is a tranquil location which has the "old world" feel of Bali before it became popular with tourists. Pondok Pitaya Hotel is located on the edge of a natural volcanic black and gold-glittered sand beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs. The expansive beach is safe and perfect for long walks during sunset or sunrise.

This training is a complete and progressive learning experience that will deepen your knowledge and build a solid foundation to become a confident yoga teacher.

  • Pranayama and Meditation techniques
  • Introduction to asana and creative sequencing
  • Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga postures
  • Verbal and hands on adjustments
  • Proper Modifications for injuries
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Applied functional Anatomy and Physiology
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga
  • Introduction to the Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to Sanskrit and Mantras
  • Energetics and connections through the practice
  • Acro Yoga and yoga massage
  • Optimally aligned asanas, key actions and refinements to make complex postures safe and accessible
  • Ethics of a yogi lifestyle
  • Teaching skillful asana technique, proper alignment, and the benefits of each pose
  • How to artistically create inspirational classes with innovative sequencing that fulfill all levels
  • Creating classes which are light, yet powerful journeys, infused with yogic philosophy and your unique heart’s message
  • How to still your mind, access your power and tap into your innate wisdom
  • How to communicate clearly and confidently in a group setting
  • How to hold space during your yoga classes
  • How to discover your voice, share your heart’s message and speak your truth!
  • How to create a website, take intriguing yoga photos and develop content
  • How to create a successful yoga business and how to approach yoga studios for teaching jobs
  • Business of Yoga
  • Living a yogic life on and off the mat. Live what you teach!

Upon successful completion of the course you will be provided with a 200-hour yoga certification as a RYT - Yoga Teacher. This certificate can be registered with Yoga Alliance.

*Please note 100% attendance to all classes and lectures is required in order to get certified.

*If the requirements of the training are not completed, we reserve the right to not certify you with the 200-hour RYT - Yoga Teacher certification.

  • 06:00-07:00 Light Breakfast, smoothie, coffee, and tea
  • 07:00-07:30 Yin yoga routine
  • 07:30-08:30 Kriya, pranayama, and meditation
  • 08:45-10:45 Practice
  • 10:45-12:30 Brunch and break
  • 12:30-14:30 Lecture philosophy
  • 14:30-15:00 Lunch
  • 15:00-17:00 Asana lab and teaching methodology, practice teaching
  • 17:00-18:30 Sequencing, practice what you teach
  • 18:45-20:15 Dinner break
  • 20:30-21:30 Restorative / Yin / mantra / meditation practice

You’ll have one full day off, once per week to process, absorb, and meditate on the information being given.

Pondok Pitaya is a beautiful accommodation and conveniently located meters from the beach. It faces a surf break and swimming pool. The serene beach-front Pondok Pitaya Hotel will be your home for the duration of the training in this tropical paradise.

There are two accommodation options to suit your needs. Below are the options for your home during the 11 nights.


Garden View Suite with one air-conditioned bedroom with two twin beds. One bathroom, sharing bedroom & bathroom space with one other like-hearted being.


Garden View Suite with one air-conditioned bedroom. Private bathroom.

*Accommodations are booked directly through the hotel. Once you have been accepted into the training we will provide you booking details to reserve your room.

*All rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. Room configurations and views vary and rooms will be allocated according to the booking date.

*Accommodation prices may vary slightly at time of booking due to currency exchange rates

We love food and have worked closely with the hotel to assist them in providing the best meals they can offer.

During the training three healthy and delicious buffet style vegetarian meals will be provided for you. There is a mix between traditional Balinese inspired offerings with some comforts of home.

Prior to the training, you will be asked to inform us about any food allergies & or diet restrictions so we may inform the kitchen staff at the hotel to accommodate your needs. Such as nut allergy, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.

We will all eat together family style and share in deep conversations, this is a great time for connection with your fellow students.

There is always plenty of fresh drinking water at refill stations and fresh juice provided with each meal.


This program has been made to be accessible and enjoyable for anyone who is willing to put all their efforts into positively transforming their lives and the lives of those they come in contact with. We want to help elevate leaders who have a burning desire to elevate the lives of the people around them.

This program is unique. It is designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and inherent natural style. This teacher training will build a strong foundation and provide teaching techniques that will help the student of yoga transform into a teacher of yoga. It will deepen and build your personal practice as you embark on a transformational journey toward becoming an inspiring yoga instructor. You will be challenged to go deeper into your physical practice and awaken within you, the capacity to guide, inform and inspire others.

  • Yoga teacher training tuition
  • 28 nights accommodations
  • Healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet meals each day
  • Bali coffee, tea, and fresh fruit
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Access to WiFi
  • Hotel taxes
  • Services of a photographer and training facilitator

Pondok Pitaya Hotel


Pondok Pitaya Hotel will be our home for the entire duration of the training. With traditionally designed Balinese inspired rooms, using reclaimed teak wood and providing an authentic “cabin on the beach” feel. However you will still find the modern amenities you are accustomed to like hot water and AC. The stunning beachfront yoga shala is our place of learning and growth and is where you spend a majority of the days. It is a beautiful space to deeply connect with your fellow students on this transformational journey.

Once accepted into the training program a $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot. Remaining $2500 due by August 1st, 2019

* Prices are in US Dollars.

* Tuition and accommodations are priced separately.

Tuition Cancellation Policy:

The $500 USD deposit is non-refundable.

If the need to cancel 30 days prior to the Yoga Teacher Training start date, we will provide 100% refund of the tuition minus the $500 USD non-refundable deposit.

If the need to cancel with less then 30 days notice prior to the Yoga Teacher Training start date, 100% of tuition is non-refundable. The $500 deposit can be transferred as a credit to any future training within 2 years from the date the deposit was received, subject to availability. In the unlikely event of us canceling a course, we will provide a full refund including deposit.


*Accommodations are booked directly through the hotel. Once you have been accepted into the training we will provide you booking details to reserve your room.

*All rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. Room configurations and views vary and rooms will be allocated according to the booking date.

*Accommodation prices may vary slightly at time of booking due to currency exchange rates.

*Tuition is not included in the above room rate prices.

Tip not included: The service from the staff at Pondok Pitaya Hotel is excellent! Please bring at least IDR $80 USD cash for a 5% tip of the accommodation cost in an envelope to give the staff on the final day. Feel free to tip more if your heart desires so.  

Pondok Pitaya Accommodation Cancellation Policy:

The $500 USD deposit is non-refundable.

a. Cancellation more than 30 days: charge of 35% of the Deposit.

b. Cancellation 2 – 30 days: Charge 50% of the Deposit.

c. Cancellation 48 hours prior to arrival: Charge Full.