Federica Clemente

Federica Clemente a creative soul, a free spirit, a mother and a passionate human being. Federica Clemente is an alchemist, born to transform, heal and shape a new paradigm of reality that is anchored in consciousness and truth. She is here to raise group consciousness for the heart of the planet.


Woman’s Initiation & Journey Into Our Cyclical Nature Retreat, Italy

Federica Clemente

  • Federica Clemente
  • Brindisi Italy
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Dairy Free

EUR 685

limited availability
  • 7 Days

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Federica Clemente

Julie Mosmuller

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Talk about being taken to another level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Federica is an amazing, multi-talented woman" She is natural, earthy, energetic, funny, intelligent and strong, through and through. She was able to bring raw emotions out in the most pure and honest way in the Women's Circle by listening and using the multiple tools that she possesses. Federica's work speaks for itself! During Yoga lessons, Frederica was very alert and aware of every move anyone made and was quick in correcting postures. My spine has never felt so erect in half the century that I've lived! One of my purposes of this retreat was to advance a bit in yoga, but not only was that achieved but I came out emotionally healed! Not to mention the wonderful women I met there! Thank you Federica for making this possible. Namaste. Source: Website .... Read More


It was my first retreat ever and it was a new and wonderful experience! The combination of the wonderful place and surroundings on the 8 hectare w ild ground, the coaching from Federica, the freedom in the afternoon and different aspects in the programs (yoga, dance, massage, talking, woman circles, etc) made a great impression on me. Federica is a great, energetic and pure woman who gives the group the right respectful of energy. She looked through my boundaries and touched my soul. I have never met someone who can do this. I am so grateful!I would recommend every woman to this retreat. It will give you a moment of peace and you will become more in touch with your soul! Source: Website .... Read More