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Hari OM Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive program offering an in-depth study of Yoga and her sister science, Ayurveda. The teachings are focused on the classic yoga tradition, while bringing it into context in modern times.This is a perfect education for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher and deepen their personal yoga practice, meditation journey and knowledge of the health and wellness science of Ayurveda.


22 Days Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training, Croatia

  • Address : Rudolfa Horvata 23

  • Starting : 02-August-2019

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Matea Zajec
  • Core Subject : Yoga and Ayurveda teacher
122003Adrijana Zajec.jpg
Adrijana Zajec
  • Core Subject : Ayurveda Doctor and Healer

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Had the best time in Tamarindo. Matea Zajec really helped me to reconnect with myself with great yoga class, reiki massage, and wellness overall . If you want to take some time for yourself, learn and practice yoga Hari OM yoga has it all.   Source: Website  .... Read More


Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training, My experience at Hari OM was a transformative, educational, and life-changing experience! Exceptional instructio n in a caring, loving environment where you feel safe to really explore what your gift is as a yoga teacher. The course also combined deeper than typical teachings in philosophy of yoga plus Ayurveda – great additions! I highly recommend this course.   Source: Website .... Read More