22 Days Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training, Croatia

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Had the best time in Tamarindo. Matea Zajec really helped me to reconnect with myself with great yoga class, reiki massage, and wellness overall . If you want to take some time for yourself, learn and practice yoga Hari OM yoga has it all.


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Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training, My experience at Hari OM was a transformative, educational, and life-changing experience! Exceptional instruction in a caring, loving environment where you feel safe to really explore what your gift is as a yoga teacher. The course also combined deeper than typical teachings in philosophy of yoga plus Ayurveda – great additions! I highly recommend this course.


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Hari OM Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive program offering an in-depth study of Yoga and her sister science, Ayurveda. The teachings are focused on the classic yoga tradition, while bringing it into context in modern times.


Program Description

This is a perfect education for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher and deepen their personal yoga practice, meditation journey and knowledge of the health and wellness science of Ayurveda. Upon completion, you will receive a 200-hour certification from Hari Om School of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. Become a certified yoga teacher, practice yoga and meditation in a friendly, peaceful and natural environment, learn about health and wellbeing and how to enrich yours and other’s lives with Ayurveda, and much more.

Explore baroque Croatia, practice yoga and meditation, learn valuable tools to aid your own life and grow in a wellness career, make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals from all over the world, and leave feeling re-connected and ready to share your love for yoga with the world. 

The aim of this training is to dive deep into the heart of what it means to practice yoga: by learning to love and care for your body, your home in this world; and by restoring your inner connection through discovering the true self. The training is rooted in bhakti-yoga, the yoga of devotion. Hari OM founder, and lead teacher in the training, Matea, has been a part of this yogic tradition since childhood.

Open to all levels, this training is equally beneficial for someone looking to become a yoga teacher and share their passion with the world, as for someone seeking to deepen their personal yoga and meditation practice. Beyond yoga, students will be introduced to its sister science of Ayurveda. Ayur strands for life, and Veda for knowledge, therefore Ayurveda represents the ‘science of life’, an ancient medicinal and lifestyle tradition that perfectly complements yoga. The two together form a perfect toolset for a healthy, wholesome lifestyle! Keep the body healthy with yoga asana and Ayurvedic healing and nutrition principles, maintain mental and emotional peace, and find balance with mindfulness lifestyle practices.  

​Hari OM Yoga teacher training aims to deliver the highest quality yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy and Ayurveda teachings, combining experts in the respective fields and offering all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the students to complete their journey.

Our Teachers


Matea Zajec

Core Subject: Yoga and Ayurveda teacher
Matea began her yoga journey at a young age, practicing bhakti-yoga, meditation, and asana, in her home country of Croatia. In college, she lived in an ashram, rising early for meditation and practicing Seva, or selfless service, while studying ancient yogic texts and theology books. She graduated with a degree in Eastern Religions and Philosophy, and has been teaching yoga history, Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga Sutras in teacher trainings for years. After years as a yoga teacher, she founded Hari OM School of Yoga and Ayurveda, aiming to offer the beautiful teachings of yoga to the world. All of the educational programs were developed with an idea to offer pure yoga, meditation and Ayurveda teachings to the world. Matea is an E-RTY 200, and holds a 200hr certification in Vinyasa yoga, a 200hr certification in Anusara Yoga, is an Aerial yoga instructor, Tibetan singing bowl sound healer, meditation teacher and Reiki master.
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Adrijana Zajec

Core Subject: Ayurveda Doctor and Healer
Ada is an Ayurvedic doctor, massage therapist, Reiki master, and Bio-orgonomy healer. She found Ayurveda after giving up on finding a solution to her daughter's Matea health issues as a child, and after seeing the amazing and quick results, began studying this medicinal science with a doctor in her home country of Croatia. She founded the first Ayurveda and Wellness center in her hometown, and offered weekly meditation classes and monthly workshops on various topics. After years of one-on-one study with her mentor, she traveled to Ayurveda's home of Mysore, India, to deepen her knowledge and practical application of various therapies. Ada has personal experience healing chronic diseases, including cancer, with natural methods, and teaches Ayurveda theory and medicinal practice


Varazdin is a baroque town in the center of Zagorje region, also known as 'little Vienna' because of its baroque and rococo history and architecture. It's located in Northern Croatia on the bank of river Drava, and is also recognized for its love of music, bicycle and flowers. 


Types: Yoga TTC Date: From 02-August-2019 To 23-August-2019 Duration: 22-days Area: Varazhdin, Varazhdin, Croatia (Hrvatska) Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Ayurvedic Surrounding Area: Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


  • Yoga asana (poses) theory and practice
  • Introduction to different schools and styles of yoga
  • Yoga history and lineages
  • Yoga anatomy by a therapy professional
  • Pranayama and benefits of breathwork
  • Yoga philosophy and history: Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Sutras by Patanjali
  • Meditation and mindfulness in everyday life, theory and practice
  • Types of Meditation 
  • Introduction to Tibetan singing bowl meditation
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition, spices and herbs
  • The connection between Ayurveda and Yoga 
  • Using Ayurveda in Yoga classes and Yoga practice in Ayurvedic healing
  • Five elements, doshas (bodily constitution) and gunas (modes of nature)
  • Energy centers of the body, Chakras and Bandhas
  • Yoga ethics and the seat of the teacher
  • Yoga business in the modern world, intro to marketing and digital presence
  • Teaching practicum, group and private yoga classes
  • Yoga sequencing for specific types of classes
  • Yoga as therapy, injury prevention and management, yoga for athletes

Daily Schedule (sample, subject to change):

  • 8am Yoga practice
  • 9am Breakfast break
  • 10am - 1pm Educational workshops on Anatomy, Philosophy, Asana..
  • 1-2pm Lunch
  • 2:30 - 4:30 Teaching practicum, group work
  • 5pm Evening Meditation 
  • 7pm Dinner and Free time


Cozy private guesthouse with a garden yard, yoga terrace deck, in a quiet neighborhood, walking distance to the center of town, popular tourist sites, and landmarks. Local pools with spa and sauna are 10min walk away as well.

Amenities like Free Wifi and daily tea available. Options with private or shared rooms. All guests have access to shared entertainment areas and kitchen to prepare their own meals or store their foods and drink. 

Food & Accommodation Gallery


The guests will be served two Ayurvedic meals per day, homemade with love by our Ayurvedic professional, using local ingredients, organic when possible. Varazdin has a daily farmers market that will supply us with high quality fresh products that are in season.

What Makes This Program Special?

Our teachers are dedicated to their love for yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, and practice these ancient principles in their own lives. They base their teachings on their own journey, as yoga and Ayurveda have helped them overcome health and other issues.

The inclusion of Ayurveda creates a complete program that gives the students basic knowledge of how to lead a balanced life and assist their clients in finding their optimal health and wellbeing. 

Regardless of how yoga is perceived and practiced in the west today, we aim to respect its origins and learn about the true tradition of yoga and its benefits beyond just the physical asana practice, but the mental, emotional and spiritual effects it has on practitioners as well. 


  • 21-day accommodation (private and shared options)
  • Two plant-based meals cooked by Ayurvedic principles a day (breakfast/brunch and lunch)
  • Daily yoga and/or meditation class
  • Daily educational courses and workshops on topics of Yoga philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, mindful living, and more
  • Tour of the town of Varazdin and it's main attractions
  • 1 entry to the Varazdin museum
  • 1 tour to beautiful historical landmark Trakoscan Castle with a nature hike 
  • Hari OM Training manual 
  • 200hr Yoga teacher certification (Hari OM and Yoga Alliance)
  • 45h Ayurveda health coach certification (Hari OM School of Yoga & Ayurveda)



Hari OM Yoga and Wellness

Hari OM school of Yoga and Ayurveda is dedicated to offering high quality, accessible knowledge that can help anyone improve their own health and wellbeing, find balance, or become a wellness professional as a yoga teacher or Ayurveda coach.

Payment And Cancellation Policy

The deposit reserves your spot and it is non-refundable, but transferable to other training or retreat dates. 

We offer interest-free payment plans. 50% tuition due 1 week before the course or retreat begins, 100% due to complete or graduate.


Advance Payable Percentage- 20%

Why choose Hari Om


Hari OM school of Yoga and Ayurveda is dedicated to offering high quality, accessible knowledge that can help anyone improve their own health and wellbeing, find balance, or become a wellness professional as a yoga teacher or Ayurveda coach.

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