8 Day Restorative Yoga And Meditation Retreat, Croatia

  • Organizer: Himalayan Yoga Institute
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 16-September-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Step foot in the crystal watered island of Losinj in the far Mediterranean to breathe in the blue of the sky and healing seawater this yoga retreat. Come on board this journey of self-search, nature, and discovery of a depthless reservoir of inner peace, with one of the best known self-propelled yoginis of this age Srimati Ganga Devi.

She is a Londoner who trained elaborately with a revered Himalayan master and became heir to his legacy. Ganga Devi promotes the yogic message of peace, love, and eternal harmony by bringing up thoroughly capable practitioners.

If you have the zeal and longing to discipline, practice mindfulness, engage thoughtfully, and contribute in numerous meaningful ways to the world with yoga, Ganga’s rejuvenation yoga retreat in Croatia will allow you such an opportunity. 

While the conventional life of daily survival struggles in the modern world can leave us soul weary and feeling unhealthy in the mind and body, a week-long retreat in the exquisite Croatian islandic locale can awaken you right up.

Live in the spacious villa spread out by the sea along the pine forested cliffs, full of light and good cheer. Treat on delish Mediterranean pure vegetarian cuisine to restore the much needed vitality back in your body.

Set your ways on the lines of wholesome habits-- wake early to watch the brilliant sunrise across the sea, eat and work out on time, read, write, and get creative in the workshops, detox digitally, spend more time with yourself and in nature. Come in touch with the happy tribe and make lots of new friends!


"The accommodation was perfect in beautiful surroundings. Ganga’s philosophy classes were incredible – I can’t fault them. The asana classes and workshops were very enjoyable and fun. Ganga’s feedback on my asana teaching was always practical and helpful. I learned a lot and feel I have grown not only in my yoga practice but also as a person – spiritually and mentally. Thank you so much!"


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    Ganga Devi

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Ganga Devi has been promoting universal love and wellness with yoga for over 30 years. She is a prolific guide and teacher who can adeptly orient her students in the right direction of thought, action, and discipline. A worthy yogini herself who has been under the strict tutelage of a Himalayan master for ages, Ganga knows the true vein of India’s spiritualism. She is able to effectively guide beginning yoga practitioners and seekers of a holistic way of spiritual life with accurate prescriptions for diet, physical and mindfulness exercise, lifestyle modifications, and textual readings. Ganga Devi is also an IAYT certified yoga therapist who can methodically help you overcome emotional, mental, and physical stress issues over the duration of a course or retreat of yoga. Besides earning her name as an acclaimed yoga teacher, Ganga is also known for her proclivities for Indian Classical Dance and Music. A style of yoga and meditation in itself, classical dance has been a pursuit complimentary to her cause of yoga.


Losinj is an enchanting little island of Croatia in the northern Adriatic Sea in the Kvarner Gulf. The town has seen growing spa resorts in the recent times, attracting vacationers, however, the yoga villa is located in the quiet pine forests by a relatively uncrowded beach.

The weather is salubrious in Losinj round the year with gorgeous warm skies and the ever so calm azure seas. There are oodles of peace and repose to absorb in on your 7 days of uninterrupted retreat and meditation will be effortless. Fresh catch and produces from the local fishing localities make amazing feel-good meals here.

You are free to taste after having kept the commitment to vegetarianism at the retreat program. Very close to the retreat home, there are many dolphin habitats made in nature where you can come close to these friendly aquatic creatures. 

Your 7 nights joyful stay in Croatia’s Losinj with this retreat is going to be about receiving in-depth yogic orientation as well as making a thousand memorable moments in the smiling climate of the sun, sea, and white sands. Here’s how each day is going to unfold--

 Guided Nature and Beach Walks : Feel like nature’s own child, come walking with all in the whispering pine woods behind the yoga villa. Fill in your lungs with the sweet air of the woods and listen to the birds chirrup and suddenly, all the worrying thoughts plaguing you will seem to move a thousand miles away. Sea lovers will have a better time reconnecting with their inner spirits in the pristine beaches just a little ways down from the villa. Acclaimed meditation guides conducting these mindfulness walks in nature will be right by your side.

 Yoga Nidra Meditation : This discipline is as amazing as it gets! Let your meditation guide lay you down comfortably, have your eyes closed, and channel your awareness to different parts of your being, drawing you slowly into a state of deep restfulness. Yoga nidra can relieve sleep disorders, fatigue, and restlessness. 

 Yin, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayama Classes : Acquaint with the various forms and styles of asana and associated integrative pranayamic breathing exercises. Own your peace with restorative Yin yoga, move and unwind with basic Hatha, get dynamic and thumping power with Vinyasa flow yoga, and use your breath as a tool to purify and become mindful with pranayama breathing.

Ayurveda in Diet : Diet and yoga must go hand in hand, therefore, on this retreat you will be pried up about ayurvedic food values, the healing qualities of a plant-based diet, and various herbal elixirs that can be accessed through an informed and conscious food habit.

Travel and Adventure: Spread out your wings and feel the wind of freedom on these 7 days out of your day to day setup. Go touring in the quaint towns of Mali and Veli Losinj with newfound friends. The island offers several boat excursions to secluded beaches where dolphins make homes. Don’t miss out anything!

The retreat follows a slow-paced, restorative yoga curriculum with segments on different yoga styles, meditation techniques, breathing yoga or pranayama, and recreational yogic exercises. Here is an outline-

  •  Basic postures of Hatha Yoga - the Primary Series
  • Concepts and meaning of Yin Yoga and selected postures
  • Adjustments and modifications to suit special needs
  • Pranayama
  • Self-practice sessions
  • Brief discourses on yoga philosophy and history
  • Yogic Cleanse
  • Laughter yoga 
  • Dance Meditation with Ganga Devi

Daily Schedule at Himalayan Yoga:

  • 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM Fruit & tea
  • 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Pranayama, meditation
  • 8.00 AM - 10.00 AM Asana practice
  • 10.15 AM - 10.45 AM Brunch
  • 10.45 AM -11.45 AM Yoga teachings
  • 11.45 AM - 17.00 PM Leisure & beach time
  • 17.00 PM - 17.30 PM Yoga Nidra
  • 17.30 PM - 19.00 PM Asana practice
  • 19.00 PM - 19.30 PM Dinner
  • 20.00 PM - 20.30 PM Kirtan, meditation
  • 21.30 PM - 22.00 PM Bedtime

Located in the beautiful tiny island of Croatia’s Losinj, this retreta home is like a cocoon of peace. There is none of that crowd and din as you would expect in the more touristy corners of Croatia. The beautiful home is surrounded with warm clear skies, many a tiny cluster of inviting little baroque fishing villages, a wide turquoise sea, and spindle leaved pine forests on little high slopes. The quaint and simple way of life around here is restorative for weary heart and soul, and Losinj’s uncrowded beaches beckons to draw you inwards into effortless meditation. Losinj is known in the yoga circuits as the island of Vitality, and rightly so. There’s special health benefits involved in living amidst the fresh air mixed with sea salt and the eternal verdure of the pine tree forests of this island. This piece of Mediterranean paradise will heal and pamper your senses in the best ways, given the right accommodation and basic setup for undergoing your yogic training. 

 Here are the types of accommodation to choose from--

  • Self-contained twin bed studio-apartment (2 people sharing)
  • Twin bedroom with an en suite bathroom (2 people sharing)
  • Twin bedroom with a shared bathroom (2 people sharing)

 Every living space has a terrific view of the Adriatic Sea and some of the windows also open up in the verdure of the surrounding gardens. You will be facilitated with all the basic amenities for the stay and your living quarter will be adequately furnished with a tasteful decor.

Dive into a surprise fare of vegetarian and vegan delish buffets on this retreat. Take the party up on the open air terrace at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time and enjoy the light but flavorsome platters served by an expert kitchen crew.

The cuisine is mostly Mediterranean and Continental, featuring healthy soups, vegetarian stews, tofu and plant protein. Occasionally, there are dishes served from the eclectic spice archives of India. Fresh greens, crunchy salads, sprinklings of Mediterranean herbs, juicy cuts of citrus and fruits, coolants, infusion drinks, mocha, and herbal teas come ready for slurp at the in-house facility.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere at meal time soon eases everybody in the house and will remind you of home. It’s the pleasure of the staff to cater to you slightest requirements regarding food, let them know in prior of your vegan preferences or dosha-specific food regulations to smoothen the way of service.

  • 7 nights of uninterrupted repose in the beautiful Losinj on the Adriatic Sea.
  • Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayama classes, Yoga Nidra for quality sleep.
  • Sattvic vegetarian and vegan meals.
  • Tour of the quaint towns of Mali and Veli Losinj.
  • Guided morning and evening meditation sessions. 
  • Excursiones to secluded beaches and dolphin habitats.
  • 7 nights’ accommodation with amenities in clean and hygienic quarters.
  • Three meals a day, served with nutritive herbal drinks.
  • Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Consultation.
  • Excursion.

Himalayan Yoga Center


The spirit of Himalayan Yoga Retreat is represented with the image of an intricate heart chakra. A twelve petaled blooming lotus at its center symbolizes the awakening of spiritual love and supreme awareness. This is the motto of the institution, to lead he/she who seeks, back to the heart to access the power, beauty, and innate wisdom in the reservoir of our inner Self.

The foundations of Himalayan Yoga Retreat were laid by Ganga Devi in 2007 as she succeeded to the spiritual legacy of a Himalayan master from India’s Kullu Valley. Ever since, Ganga Devi has been offering individuals the space and initiation required to deeply self explore, re-connect with one’s inner spirit and with nature, and transform spiritually through variously formatted yoga training courses and rejuvenating retreats.

The institute is one of the most highly regarded global trademarks offering RYT 200h and 300h certification, producing yoga teacher training graduates who go out in the world to spread the art and wisdom of leading a yogic life. To participate in one of the programs by this institute will also let you contribute to many of Ganga Devi’s philanthropic initiatives.