The Holismos Center was born as a physical space container of knowledge and experimentation for the benefit of all those who are looking for their own personal evolution.A place dedicated to the study and research in the field of Yoga and other arts for health.


300 Hr Three Treasures Yoga Teacher Training Program, Greece


  • Massimo Cantara
  • Greece
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian, Vegan

EUR 3950

limited availability
  • 28 Days

200 Hour YAI Certified Yoga Training, Portugal


  • Massimo Cantara
  • Povoa de Midoes Portugal
  • Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian

EUR 1800

limited availability
  • 22 Days

holismos - Teachers

Nathalie Comas

Massimo Cantara

Molly Cofman

Holismos - Reviews

Claire Bland

A jewel of course with exceptional training and in a wonderful place in the world. Very relaxed and with very attentive teachers.  Source : 1love1heartyoga .... Read More

Francisco Calabuig

The training is great; very good yoga and very good quality instructors Source: 1love1heartyoga .... Read More


It completely transformed me as a person and truly made me see and feel ‘the light.’ Being one of the youngest there - age 23 at the time - I grew tremendously. A memory that sends me into blissful heaven, is thinking of Wade playing a harmonium on the grounds of the center, overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills, singing melodic, Sanskrit songs, with a small group of us staying up past our bedtime. Source: Three Treasures Yoga .... Read More


Hello Massimo, Molly and Virginia, I hope you are all splendid. Finally I am sending my practicum. It was a very interesting process. I also teach a g roup of 6-10 people in Vienna each week and really enjoy it. Thank you again for all the information we received during the teacher training. I really enjoyed it and have good memories. Lots of love. Source: Three Treasures Yoga .... Read More