8 Day Adult & Family Porto Surf Camp, North Portugal

  • Organizer: I Surf Portugal
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-August-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Portugal
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Include Meat
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Surfing is a great attitude; the surfing spirit shows that your passion for life is greater than your fear of sharks! Bringing on this indomitable attitude, join the Porto Surf Camp to scour the wild side of the waves in Portugal’s blissful resort town Povoa de Varzim. The silver beaches are the town’s main appeal alongside scattered histories on the older, more congested part, the shopping streets, selection of hotels and restaurants, and a buzzing nightlife in the summers.

The surf camp holds a curriculum of spirit lifting activities, allowing participants to simply just chill on the beaches, get a taste of some delicious Portuguese food, go day tripping around Porto city, make wonderful memories with your surf mates, and watch mind-blowing sunrises in the bosom of the sea.

Porto Surf Camp has three different surf vacation packages-- Glamping Surf Camp, I Surf Quarters, and Family Surf Camp  The first camp is about carefree surf holidaying with your adult partners, best buddies, or solo in the high season, the routine remaining simple-- lots of taste bud pampering food to eat, laze on the beach and getting a perfect tan, crashing in the camp shacks after a long day and sleep like a baby, and plenty of heart to heart connections with amazing strangers who fast become friends!

In the mid-season ‘I Surf’, you will be accommodated with a smaller, more close-knit group. Comfortable shared or private living, city tours, and careful surfing guidance are all part of the package. The third is designed as a family style holiday with surfing on the sides. It will be like coming home with your loved ones, made equally full of joy for children and parents alike!


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  • 054950Jorge-surf-instructor.jpg


    Core Subject: Surf Instructor

    Widely travelled and having surfed different seas for many years, Jorge is your best man to learn from at the beginning level. He has an easy way of instructing surfers and makes them able to have a lot of fun.

  • 055011Miguel-surf-instructor.jpg


    Core Subject: Surf Instructor

    Mainly into physical training, Miguel is also a super swimmer besides being a keen surfer. He has been riding the waves for over 12 years and instructing for about as long. He is extremely popular with both adults and kids.

  • 054950Kim2.jpg


    Core Subject: Logistics and Hospitality

    She is in charge of logistics and hospitality. Buzz her up for anything you need on the days of your stay with Porto Surf Camp and Kim’s is going to take care of it.

  • 054950Marigna-surf-camp2.jpg


    Core Subject: Photography, Sports, and Travel

    Margina is here to take you around town in Porto and Povoa de Varzim. She speaks the language, knows about the best places to eat, shop, and chill at, and takes a keen interest in nature, photography, sports, and travel.


A half an hour drive north of Porto, the coastal town of Povoa de Varzim has been a tourist magnet since the 1880s. In the 19th century, Póvoa de Varzim was where two worlds collided-- the fishermen folks eking out a risky living out at sea, and the beaches of Varzim where high-end commercial tourism thrived.

One can indulge in the good life at high-end resorts, restaurants serving seafood extravaganza, at the beaches full of holidayers in the mood for love, casinos, tee off at the local links golf course, and more. In other tastes, you have Povoa’s olden ways-- beautiful tile panels next to the old fishing harbor, the local museum preserving Povoa’s traditional vessels, the exquisite Romanesque architecture of the monastic church of Igreja de Sao Pedro de Rates, and so on.

The Povoa de Varzim surfing point shows a large rock in the center of a shallow beach, which can provide high class lefts. The region is short, sharp, and strewn with open barrels. The outgoing tide creates amazing swells and high caliber waves; however, it gets a little tense with the tight take-off zone.

Surfing holidays at Porto Surf Camp lets you have an intimate relationship with the ocean! The day starts with sunlight flooding from the seas into your cozy nook, big and healthy breakfast spreads, and hitting the beaches right away, your wetsuits, towels, and surf boards tucked in a bag. Sparkling days in the sun unfolds with happy surf heart strangers, playing beach volley, sitting aloof sipping on chilled drinks on the beach, and spending a lot of unforgettable moments armoring with the high seas.

The evenings are scheduled differently with yoga on the sands, and the nights descend alluringly in the dreamy lights, mellow music, and trancey vibes at the beach side party pads. Also, the surfers, famished but happy from long days of surf can’t wait to dig into the wholesome dinner buffet!

Here’s a brief look into all the fun and learning that’s covered in the program-

Surf Theory and Techniques- Let the expert crew run you briefly through surf theory, board handling, and surf dynamics before hitting the waves for real.

Safety Tips- Pay acute attention to safety tips, all the dos and don’ts in detail. Remember, every wave and every sea is different and you ought to love them differently!

Beach Yoga- Surfing needs you to put your mind and body together in action, bringing this synchrony is helped by yoga. Also beach yoga every day to give your stamina a boosting.

Portuguese Tapas- You can’t leave Portuguese without tasting its signature Tapas savories-- Patatas bravas and patatas alioli, croquetas, tortilla, cured ham and olives, and the Portuguese special Petiscos Bar menu.

Porto Day Tripping-Day tripping in Porto has a lot of culture watch and group fun in store. Coastal city of Porto is known for its stately bridges and the world’s best port wine.

Pub Quiz- Show off how smart you are on these pub quiz nights in the open beach area. Enjoy the loud cheers and revelry vibes. Doesn’t matter who wins, it’s going to be a memorable night!

Open Mic Nights- Karaoke like there’s no tomorrow!

Friendly Weekend Surf Jam- Get competing in sea surfing with your new buddies.

BBQ Camping Nights- Make nights memorable with BBQ and Sangria!

*Yoga On the Beach: €15/ Class and €40/4 classes

The week-long surfing retreat follows a unique, educational, and relaxing curriculum topped with dollops of fun every here and there. Here goes a rough sketch of how your days are going to be spent here-

Saturday- Check in at 3 in the afternoon and make yourself at ease. Meet the crew and fellow surfheads at dinner. Acquaint yourself with each other for spending a lovely week ahead.

Sunday- Your guides will lead you through theories and technicalities of surfing-- nothing too bookish, but listen carefully to better get a grip on techniques involving board handling, negotiating different types of waves, water safety. You will be taken to the beach for your first lesson right after where you will get to know your crew and other guests better. After surf beach night party tonight will get you all in a close-knit group.

Monday- Yoga and surf; interchanging practices at morning and dusk. The night will be spent roaming the old streets, exploring Portuguese tapas and memorabilia.

Tuesday- Another day in paradise--enjoy eternal summer on the beach, soaking in the sun, the aves kissing your feet, the waves taking you riding through storms, sand bum, frolic with your closed ones, nights at the shack playing Pub Quiz.

Wednesday- Take a break from the sea, time to go on a Porto city tour with the crew. Explore one of the classiest cities in Europe with dance, love, sangria and music! Alternately, stay back at camp, enjoy solo surfs. The wetsuits and boards will be available any time.

Thursday- Thursdays are open mic nights! Feel free to hop on up and start crooning your favorite tune, sway your hips to the beats of others, and karaoke in chorus, who knows who turns out a natural born entertainer!

Friday- Surf jam with the group on Friday. Healthy competitions often bring out the best in people. Show what you learned through the week. Come back to camp that night to get treated with a big BBQ and fizzy sangria. Happy vibes on!

Saturday- Time to say goodbye, it is the departure day! Check out at 11 am.

A great many accommodation facilities are available here for surfing holidays in Portugal’s Povoa de Varzim surf retreat surf camps. Choose from—

  • 7-nights’ accommodation in shared tipi tents
  • 4-star camping right on the beach in spacious and comfortable deluxe tents
  • Private tipi tents for single occupation or couples

Shared tipi tents accommodate 4 people to the max. You are going to have a 6m wide floor space and 3.5 m high tent walls, considered enough place to fit in your backpacks and surf gear. Individual beds are provided with thick and soft comfortable mattresses. Private tipi tents have 4 m wide floor space and about 2.5 m high. Private lodgers will get comfortably mattressed double beds, making it ideal for couples in love.

The designated camping zone is located at the Orbitur Rio Alto site-- rated 4 stars and widely certified for quality stays on the beach. The campsite is right in the middle of all the beach activities. The lodgers here enjoy direct and private access to the sea side all day long, making it is safe to hang out by the waves at night too.

You can shower inside the camp here in clean and sheltered shower blocks with running hot and cold water for use. The campsite holds small utility stores so you don’t have to go outside to buy when something like your sun tan lotion runs out. Restro-bars, self-service buffets, social halls, table tennis and a free swimming pool are there right inside the cordoned camping area. Staying to glamp and surf in this accommodation, you wish you could stay forever!

One big part of the surf-chill-sleep-repeat is also food! Portuguese culinary culture is famous for its fresh seafood fares, Mediterranean high-heat delectable dishes, benefits enriched use of spices-- from piri piri chilli peppers to vanilla and saffron-- generous use of olives oil, green and black raw olives, and herbs such as bay leaf and parsley.

Eat to your heart’s contentment at the surf camp with gourmet Portuguese fares like protein-rich, low-spice, indulgent stews, delectable soups such as Caldo Verde, mashed cooked cod fish as in Bacalhau a Bras, and more from the rare continental culinary list of Portuguese cuisine.

You will be served a hearty breakfast, post-surf big lunch to recharge your spirits, and light supper. Crunchy salads and desserts make the dinner spread light but special. Campers at this Portuguese Surf Retreat stay tuned with great excitement for the camp kitchen’s daily specials!

Besides, at the front shacks, you will always find a juice bar open for fresh squeezed fruit juice and sangrias, keeping you hydrated through the day. Those into yogic and vegan diets too will find plenty of delectable options here to their taste and preference.

  • Unlimited surfing for 7-days, living right on the beach of Portugal’s North Coast
  • Beginner and kid friendly schedule
  • Instructors who know their subject and a friendly staff
  • Relaxed stay in clean and pleasant accommodation on the beach
  • Evening yoga, day trips, and eat-outs
  • Delectable Portuguese food on the house
  • Nighttime revelry, good music, and soul vibes
  • 7-days stay in your preferred accommodation
  • Full meals-- breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a few drinks on the house
  • Surfing gear- wetsuit and board, available to you through your stay
  • City tours with the crew
  • Selected eat-outs with crew
  • BBQ night at the camp
  • Revelry at the campsite party pad

Portugal Surf Camps


One of the best reviewed among Portugal Surf Camps in the north coast, Porto Surf Camp gives surfheads a lifetime’s worth of amazing surfing experience and candid memories.

Equipped with authentic knowledge of locales, the beach culture, food, and music, Porto Surf Camp staffs are ready to give you a true taste of pure Portugal. Besides great surf and a soul rejuvenating beach holidaying experience, participants take home with them a piece of what is truly Portugal-- the inner Porto city tours, tapas dinings, exploring the shopping streets, and a great lot more.

Instructors at Porto Surf Camp, besides the local tongue, can speak English, German, French, and Spanish. The multilingual team is adept at demonstrating as well as explaining about surfing techniques quite clearly.

  • We will refund you 100% of the total amount when the cancellation is made one month or more before your start date.
  • We will refund you 50% of the total amount when cancellations are produced until two weeks before your start date.
  • There is no refund if you cancel within less than two weeks before the start.