300 Hour Inversion Based Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training,Thailand

  • Organizer: Kalpana Radhika Yoga
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 25-August-2019
  • Duration: 22 Days
  • Area: Surat Thani, Thailand
  • Food: Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


There are a plethora of reasons why thousands flock to the culture-packed cities, stunning beaches, and the exotic jungles of Thailand for their yoga teacher training program.

Thailand is home to the majestic waterfalls, Full Moon Party, daring zip-lines, culture-rich communities, and astounding viewpoints. In Thailand, you will not only get a taste of what it is like to travel to an exciting and new country, but it has some of the outstanding yoga teacher training programs in the world.

Kalpana Radhika Yoga's 300-Hour teaching program is specially designed for yoga teachers who are serious about teaching yoga as a profession. In this program, you will "level-up" the skills that you acquired in your 200-hour teacher training.

Through obtaining these teaching skills, your understanding of this program will discover its way into every aspect of your training, and it will intensify significantly. Since the program is taking place on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan,

Thailand, you will be amazed to spend an incredible amount of time on a tropical island with the like-minded yogis. The adventure will be nothing short of astonishing!


I highly recommend Radhika’s ashtanga teacher training course to experienced yoga students wishing to deepen their yoga practice. Radhika and Govinda are wonderful teachers who build off each others strengths and compliment each other in a beautiful, holistic way.

The course was everything I imagined and more! They incorporated strong asanas, strength training, yin yoga, pranayama, philosophy, methodology, anatomy and chanting which I loved. T

he course taught me strength on both a physical and spiritual level, definitely next level work!!

Source: Website

When Radhika teaches, the class is transported far away from the clutter and frenzy of modern life to a place of calm and heightened breath with much greater posture awareness and alignment. She comes from another world.

Her poses are unbelievable, she is a wonderful teacher and a delight. And at the end of class and Radhika sings to us, we see colours, distant villages and snow capped mountains and we leave the class feeling aligned and at peace.

Source: Tripadvisor

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  • 082235Kalpana+Radhika+yoga.jpg

    Jayaprada Radhika

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor Yoga Instructor ,Reikiki Master Level ,Ballet

    Jayaprada Radhika is the originator of this organization with 15 years of intensive daily asana, 20 years background in ballet, ten years of martial arts plus yogic practices. She has an extensive yoga journey of living in temples and ashrams for five years as a Brahmacharini. Before hosting over forty successfully running Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training and retreats worldwide including countries like Thailand, Bali, Peru and all over India, she occupied her role in Oceana as the leading yoga therapist for New Zealand's Olympic athletes and also drove courses for the Australian federal police. She is especially intense about herself mastery and in showing people how capable they are of overcoming anything with elegance.

  • 082235Govinda+Dev+Das.jpg

    Govinda Dev Das

    Core Subject: Iconography

    Govinda Dev Das is a genuine world citizen born in Peru, educated in Germany, but raised in the Indian Gaudiya Vaishnavism Tradition. He is a genuine leader, who became the Temple President and Head Priest at Simhachalam, the oldest rural ecological temple community in Germany, at the age of 26. He is also a very skilled and experimental artist, interpreting traditional South Indian and Orissan iconography uniquely in tattoos, paintings, and designs. Also, he is fully experienced with the construction of altars, wood art, carving, and temple paraphernalia. Teacher training members look forward to his captivating classes, which are full of experiences and relevantly enjoyable storytelling skills.



Koh Phangan Island is a yoga hub for South-East Asia where you will have lots of opportunities to explore this paradise and to meet like-minded yogis from all around the world. This beautiful island is swiftly becoming a Mecca for yoga, personal development, healing, and transformation.

Thus it is a perfect place to start or advance your yoga journey. Apart from beautiful beaches and lush green jungles, there is a bounty of healthy and clean vegan and vegetarian restaurants, which will give you a glimpse of your yogic journey.

The quiet roads and scooter rentals allow you to roam freely across the blooming island during your free time. Thailand is full of beaches, and you will never be more than a few minutes from the beach, giving you an unspoiled place to quiet contemplation, sunbathing, relaxation or that much welcome dive in the sea. 

The 300-Hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training program is a timeless and vast program that focuses on philosophical teaching, and if presented optimally then this ancient knowledge can be super beneficial as it is a life-changing experience that can enhance your current understanding of yoga.

This program is suitable for every yogi, whether pro or a beginner due to individualized attention. Each morning yoga session will start by practicing inversion/handstand workout, which is a part of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

As to enhance your practicing skills, there will be classes, especially for teaching the proper adjustments and alignments of the postures. Also, there will be one and a half hour arm balancing/handstand/ conditioning workshops daily to make you better every day. 

The teaching Methodology practical class sessions will be held to give you your voice as a teacher, and to help you develop your creative sequence. 

You will learn meditation and breathing techniques during the physical practice to make your mind and body attentive and mindful. Along with meditation, you will also be introduced to Mantra meditations and how it can be included into your daily practices. 

Each technique holds a unique benefit, so leave everything behind to enter the enlightened panorama and spiritual landscapes of your training with an open mind and an open heart. 

Physical Practice 

  • A detailed study of Vinyasa Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Adjustment Classes for better understanding
  • Teaching Workshops
  • Power vinyasa sequencing
  • Pranayama practices / Tantric Breathing 
  • Handstand / Inversion / Strength workshops


Yogic Energetics

  • Koshas / Pranic bodies
  • Prana and higher evolution
  • Illness and elemental imbalance
  • The teaching of different pranas and their functions 
  • Chakras / Nadis and correct flow of Prana
  • Heating, Cooling & Balancing pranayama techniques to calm your mind and body
  • Blockage release work/practice and understanding 


Yogic Lifestyle, Self Mastery, Anatomy and Nutrition

  • Yogic Diet and Sattvic Living
  • Ethics
  • Self Mastery
  • Nature of mind
  • Debunking yogic myths
  • Essential human physiology
  • Functional Human Anatomy
  • States of meditation and consciousness 
  • The working of Respiratory system and its functions
  • Basic Principles of Yoga therapy and healing
  • Yoga as therapy (benefits and therapeutic use of asanas)


Yogic Philosophy

  • The power of Mantra 
  • The study of Yogic Philosophy, which is one of the six main orthodox schools of Hinduism.
  • Yoga Sutras - Aphorisms of Patanjali
  • Bhagavad Gita and the concept of karma and freedom
  • Devolution of elements according to Samkhya philosophy
  • Ashtanga Yoga: The detailed study of eight limb path of Patanjali
  • The study and benefits of different paths of yoga: Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Ashtanga, Bhakti Yoga

During this program, you will be staying at Dolphin Bay Beach Resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand. It is located on the sea with private suites just a few steps from the shining crystal waters. Being encircled by the massive ocean and lush green jungles, it is a place that will provide you with life-changing experiences.

The racially and ethnically made cottages will give you a blend of luxury with nature. The beautiful cottages which are huddled among lush green garden with stunning beach view, and is fully furnished to handle your relaxation and dining needs.

All rooms are installed with charging outlets, wardrobes, comfortable beds, and perfect bathrooms with complete bath, and shower facilities, western toilets, and Wi-Fi. The serene atmosphere will energize your body, stimulate your mind, and speak to your soul.

* Price : $3750 with no accommodation

*Price: $4500 with accommodation & breakfast 

 During your beautiful stay, you will be served with daily healthy and nourishing breakfast, but due to many different dietary tastes and demands, lunch and dinner are asked to purchase separately.

The resort itself is placed just a few minutes away from some of the fantastic vegan restaurants, which offers freshly cooked food served in their local style.

The mouth-watering food will give you a rich taste of Thailand. Koh Phangan has local as well as international restaurants nearby the resort, and Dolphin Bay Beach Resort itself offers some of the incredible meal choices, which are freshly prepared by the well-experienced chefs of the retreat.

Vinyasa Yoga teacher training program offers everything you have imagined and even more. The program includes powerful asanas, pranayama, inversions, yin yoga, philosophy, anatomy, chanting, and more.

The wholesomeness will build up your physical and spiritual strength along with, making you understand the real meaning and knowledge of yoga. Hundreds of students have attained their magical yoga journey from Dolphin Bay Beach Resort under the supervision of great teachers.

The course will allow you to embrace all the aspects of the yogic lifestyles, such as living free from the distractions of other substance, observing a vegetarian diet, and moving you away from the unnecessary distractions of the world.

Here each day will carry a spiritual lesson of the day, which you will explore throughout the day. The training also includes other styles of healing, calling on not just the mental and physical components but also the more detailed forms such as energy healing and earth medicine. 

Make your experience vaster by gaining knowledge from various guest teachers who come in and share their personal experiences in workshops on everything from mindfulness workshops to Vinyasa sequencing master classes.

  • Restorative and Yin yoga sessions
  • Everyday inversion workshops
  • Inversion based Vinyasa (based on Ashtanga)
  • Pranayama and meditation techniques 
  • Unparalleled yogic philosophy
  • Regular teaching practicums
  • Organic buffet breakfast
  • Accommodation for 22 days and 21 nights

Dolphin Bay Beach Resort


The beautiful Dolphin Bay Beach Resort houses private cottages just a few steps away from the exquisite beaches. Encircled by the uninterrupted sea view and coconut trees, you are welcome to enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the resort.

It offers air-conditioned cottages and an outdoor pool set in tropical landscapes. The resort also features a poolside restaurant and free availability of Wi-Fi in public areas. A wide section of western and Thai dishes are served at the restaurant.

You can also enjoy sunset scenes over Angthong National Marine Park alongside some refreshing drinks at the beachfront bar. Relaxing massages are also included in your schedule to make your tiring body feel rejuvenated after an intense workout session.

The estate is within 35-minutes from Full Moon Party beach, which is a famous festival in Thailand where thousands of people come from all around the world to participate in the festivities.

So enroll yourself to make your practice more enhanced by experiencing a life-changing transformation.

 By enrolling yourself in the program, you will be entitled to follow all the terms and conditions mentioned below. So make sure to read carefully before taking any further step. 

  • All the payments are non-refundable and non-negotiable, anyhow if some unexpected event occurs, which stops you from attending the program then your fees will automatically be shifted into the next available program of your choice within 12 months period from the last program. 
  • The Kalpana Radhika Yoga is not responsible for additional nights’ accommodation before or after the checkout than the dates mentioned in your teacher training program. But if you want to extend your stay at the retreat than it depends on the availability of the program you are going for next, and the cottages at your cost.