Bhakti Bliss Beach Retreat in Tulum Mexico

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K'in Retreats is Tulum done right. The perfect amount of leisure, adventure and great yoga. A great opportunity to unplug and get to know yourself.

Outstanding yoga practice, great healthy food, sound healing, and temazcal: feeling healed and rejuvenated. Attention to detail and boutique experience.

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Come, celebrate with us the sacred medicine of music, song, and sound in our one-of-its-kind 5-day oceanside retreat - Bhakti Bliss Beach Retreat. A combination of live music, pristine beaches, and ecstatic dance will help in mindful meditation so you can journey deep into your heart and soul. The holy Cacao Ceremony will further help remind oneself of their divine interconnectedness.

Re-invent yourself by being a part of this retreat.

Program Description

The 5-day retreat is aimed at learning to access one’s own sound. When one is led on with the help of sound vibrations, it helps in discovering the meaning of resonance.

There will be:

  • Yoga with live music
  • Focus on breathwork
  • Mindful meditation
  • Deep inquiry
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Gratitude flower ceremony
  • Prayers and blessings, and a lot more.

Our Teachers

122208Saraswati Hayley Tennyson.png

Saraswati Hayley Tennyson

Core Subject: Yoga
One of 8 co-founding members of the Kula Collective, Saraswati embodies the essence of the creative Mother, balancing loving softness with a graceful strength. Her powerful presence inspires and empowers others to step into their full potential, through vibrant authenticity and the awakening to the expansive joy of the heart. Weaving together her passion for yoga, nature and the elements, her view of sustainable green living and mindfulness practice fuse into a work of deep green yoga
073041Jayananda James Roland.png

Jayananda James Roland

Core Subject: Yoga and Meditation
Jayananda is a student and teacher of sacred arts. Throughout adolescence, Jaya was immersed in holistic thought and began teaching Meditation and later Yoga in his early 20’s. He has taught with and lead more than 18 Yoga Teacher Training Courses around the world at 200 and advanced 300hr levels. Jaya has published three books of intimate poetry and is received as a carrier of mystic verse and song.


Located on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán, Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat (very near to the beautiful Sian-Ka'an Biosphere Reserve) will host you for the 5-day retreat. The place is a few steps from the virgin white sand beach. When not taking the yoga session, you can lie down here worry-free and let the sun and ocean waves be your play-mates for the day.

Coconut bearing palm trees will also keep your company here, while you lead on to make sand-castles of your dreams.


Types: Yoga Retreat Date: From 10-April-2019 To 15-April-2019 Duration: 6 Days Area: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico Food: Vegetarian,Vegan Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Close To Nature


There are two options for one to choose from:

  • Garden View
  • Jungle View

The bungalows are decked with modern amenities to give the guests a comfort like home.

There are fans, bathrooms, and beautiful views. The entire space is powered by solar panels and wind energy.

*Retreat prices are based on accommodations with excursions and spa services available for an extra fee.

Food & Accommodation Gallery

What Makes This Program Special?

Instead of going the conventional yoga way, the retreat focuses on the sound mechanism to help heal the mind and the body. The Sound Ceremony creates space for deep meditative contemplation, unveiling the hidden language of the soul.

This amalgamation of traditional South American medicine songs with the eastern devotional practice of Bhakti takes one to the journey of their heart.


  • Room based on customer’s preference
  • 3 meals a day
  • Classes as structured
  • Ceremonies



Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat

Located on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán, Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat (very near to the beautiful Sian-Ka'an Biosphere Reserve) will host you for the 5-day retreat. The place is a few steps from the virgin white sand beach.


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Why choose Kin Yoga Retreats

The Retreat came into existence keeping in mind the actual problem of lack of belongingness and identity people are facing today. We focus on the mechanism of sound which if learned and gained control upon, can help oneself set out on a smooth journey to within themselves.

The revered teachers Saraswati & Jayananda strive to share what they have learned with their personal experiences since the day they set out on a journey to self-realization.

The natural setting combined with the availability of organic food thrice a day plus healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day helps make the healing natural and fast-paced.

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