Leela Francis Retreats

Leela Francis has created a healing space where you can leave behind the stresses and challenges of every day life and come back home to the wholeness that is your true essence. Leela can help you remember that version of yourself, because she is always navigating her way back there herself. It’s a daily journey of devotion to the essence of our being as love.


5 Day Art of Raw And Yoga Retreat,USA

Leela Francis Retreats

  • Leela Francis
  • Sandpoint Idaho United States
  • Lake,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Dairy Free

USD 1295

limited availability
  • 5 Days

8 Day High Vibration Private Cleansing Retreat,Mexico

Leela Francis Retreats

  • Leela Francis
  • Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature
  • Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Dairy Free

USD 1850

limited availability
  • 8 Days

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Leela Francis

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I highly recommend this amazing experience with Leela. I was fortunate to share this experience with my husband, yet I still had a lot of space to hav e my own unique journey. Leela is knowledgable, wise, present and full of love. She created an amazing space for me to be me in every moment I can think of this week. The tools and skills I’ve learned this week with Leela have forever changed my life. The relationship I have with food has transformed to nourish and love my body. I now truly understand the quote “Your body is a temple”. Thank you Leela, you are an angel and a beautiful light in this universe." Source: Website .... Read More

Tim N

"I would highly recommend the High Vibration retreat because of not only the vast beauty of the ocean and the peace offered in the community, but because of the unconditional love I received from Leela and the care and understanding of her practices. The teaching was a life long experience that I will embrace so that I may someday be as courageous to give of myself to others. Getting healthy can be delicious!" Source: Website .... Read More

Samantha G

Leela’s approach at her High Vibration Cleansing retreat is an amazing expression of love at work. Whether you’re a beginner at yoga or an advanced student, she will challenge you to cleanse body mind and spirit in unity. I was amazed by how delicious the food experience was. Her lessons and treasure trove of knowledge gave me insight on food combining and showed me practical ways to honor my body. As a novice to yoga, by the end of the week I was more flexible in body and agile in mind. I’ve had several breakthroughs and now with my heart centre activated I look forward to receiving what is next. Your heart knows. Follow it. Experience the High Vibration retreat with Leela!"  Source: Website .... Read More


  To be honest I’m the type of guy who would never eat vegetables and drink green juice for w eek. But while attending Leela’ s retreat I found that being raw and healthy can be extremely delicious and fun. Her food is amazing!! The place was beautiful and serene, it is truly a paradise. The yoga and meditation was truly freeing. So many wonderful activites as well you are never bored here, Even just laying in the hammock watching the waves and the pelicans is fantastic." Source: Website .... Read More