Calming Pitta Ayurveda Retreat, Spain

  • Organizer: Lilypod
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 22-February-2019
  • Duration: 3 DAYS
  • Area: Ibiza, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Close To Nature


Pitta dosha governs the metabolism, transformation, and heat in the body and mind. This dosha is responsible for how we digest food, metabolize our sensory perceptions, and discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. The agnis or fires in the body are managed by Pitta dosha. If a person feels discomfort during summers and yearns for shade, it is possible that the person has an imbalanced Pitta dosha.

In this retreat, the participants will learn vital pitta-pacifying techniques to keep cool and restore inner balance. The individual talks and discussions will help the participant to know if his/her Pitta dosha is out of balance and if he/she experiences certain signs such as burning sensations, fever, inflammation, or diarrhoea. Pitta’s main seat in the body is the stomach and small intestine and when out of balance, a person may experience excess digestive acid and bile.

Other than talks and discussions, the Ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions, rest, lifestyle plans, singing and chanting in this retreat will together help to gain the perfect balance of doshas.


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    Liliana – Liilamaya

    Core Subject: Yoga Teacher (E-Ryt500) And Ayurvedic Treatments

    Founder and director of LilyPod Yoga and Ayurveda School, Liliana studied at the University of Ottawa which was followed by training in sports therapy, specializing in massage/remedial bodywork at Raworth College of Natural and Sports Therapies, in Surrey, England. She is passionate about yoga and has 16 years of experience in teaching the science of yoga. Also, she has Reiki level 1 and 3 certifications. She writes yoga blogs and contributes to the Elephant Journal and Gaian TV. Besides her passion for yoga and Ayurveda, Liliana also loves cooking, travelling, photography, dancing, some sports, and choreography.


Planned in the beautiful Ibiza, this retreat takes place at a villa which is nestled amidst the raw beauty of nature. At this retreat, the participants can take some time away from the stressful and busy city life. Grab this opportunity to take a break, relax, and restore your inner balance. Also, the beautifully designed space is a treat to the eye.

The rooms are elegantly decorated and space is thoughtfully created, which makes the guests feel at home. One can immerse in the natural surroundings, enjoy walking, go to the beautiful beach as well as learn horseback riding while benefiting from this retreat.

The participants are greeted with tea and snacks upon arrival after which they can explore the property and enjoy dinner at 8pm.

Be a part of the welcoming circle and meet and greet other participants. Completely relax before retiring to bed with the yoga Nidra or yogic sleeping practice. Morning yoga sessions are followed by breakfast after which one can enjoy walking, therapy, and private sessions. Post lunch, discuss and understand your dosha during the Ayurveda talk and develop a lifestyle plan to suit your balancing requirement.

Also, enjoy a trip to St. Ignes to breathe fresh air and completely relax in the stunning almond blossoming between the beautiful green meadows.

End the retreat with dosha tea, breakfast and closing circle accompanied by music, singing, and chanting.

Friday Night 

  • Enjoy tea and snacks upon arrival.
  • Take a walk around the property.
  • Dinner will be served at 8pm following which there will be a cozy and welcoming circle, introductions, and logistics.
  • Experience yoga Nidra before retiring to bed.


  • Tea according to your Dosha will be given upon waking.
  • Yoga sessions at 8 in the morning followed by breakfast at 9:45am.
  • From 10 to noon rest, walking treatments, therapy and one-on-one sessions. Lunch will be served by 12:30pm.
  • Ayurveda talk to understand your dosha and why it is out of balance from 2-3:30pm where lifestyle plans will be handed out.
  • We gather at 4:30 PM to head over to St Ignes to breathe some seriously gorgeous fresh prana campo air and witness the glorious almond blossoming amongst the evergreen pastures.
  • Dinner will be served at 7 PM. Music, singing, chanting, dancing or down-time after dinner.


  • Dosha tea will be ready upon waking.
  • Yoga at 8am and breakfast at 9:45am.
  • Closing circle with cacao and chanting.
  • Accommodation in a gorgeous villa in St Gertrudis, North of the Island
  • All meals according to your dosha including tea and snacks

The hottest, oiliest, and sharpest dosha is Pitta dosha and when this dosha is imbalanced,a person can experience red rash, inflammation in the joints, acid reflux, or even excess heat in the body. This retreat will teach the participant the importance of detoxification and how to maintain good health, especially during the summer season.

The participants will be able to cleanse their body, particularly blood and liver, and balance Pitta dosha through herbal teas, proper diet, yoga sessions, Ayurvedic treatment, and lifestyle guidelines.

  • Accommodation in a gorgeous villa in St Gertrudis, North of the Island
  • All meals according to each DOSHA (snacks & tea)
  • Yoga for your Dosha (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings)
  • Lifestyle plan (daily balancing routine, diet, yoga, breathing, aromatherapy, colours, herbs, oils etc) *take home document.
  • Ayurveda talk on each Dosha (the load-down) what to embrace for balance and harmony (Saturday after lunch)
  • Walk over the almond blossom valley of St Ignes (Saturday sunset)
  • Shuttle service from St Gertrudis (Rendez-Vous @ Wild Beets Restaurant)
  • 30 min Indian head massage :-) To be scheduled upon arrival.




Truly believing in the power of internal healing, we offer an unforgettable experience with the truly ‘Ibiza’ lifestyle. Learn about the science of Yoga and Ayurveda with mantras, shamanisms and different types of therapies. All this greatly help our guests in balancing their dosha.

At the retreat, the participant will learn about some of the best tools for deep self-healing and positive self-development. With years of experience, Liliana makes the retreat more fun and interactive along with providing the right knowledge and guidance required to balance the doshas.