6 Day Affordable Hiking & Yoga Retreat In Cadiz, Spain

  • Organizer: Lucia Yoga
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 29-September-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Area: Cadiz, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Mountain,Close To Nature


Relish to the soul’s depth on this retreat of a lifetime in Cadiz’s deep vivid green waters, fishing boats bobbing up and down gentle waves, the cityline splendid with white stately buildings, and the intoxicating local vibe.

As it happens with a soul traveler, they fall in love with Cadiz on the very first visit, dreaming of returning again and again! Cadiz is quaint and charming, full of little archaic rich details, there’s an intoxicating carefreeness in the air, and the picture-perfectness of the streets to the seas-- it’s exactly the atmosphere for you to fall in love with yourself. To make it all intense, sign up to some great yoga and hiking on your Cadiz visit with this retreat. The hiking retreaters stay is in the Paraque Natural Sierra de Grazalema -- Nature Park to the northeastern part of Cadiz.

Its home to the Sierra de Grazalema complex of mountain ranges contains a number of interesting limestone cavern formations, and habitat for the formidable looking Egyptian vultures. According to BBC Travel, Paraque Natural Sierra de Grazalema is the best place to hike in Andalucía!

The whole point of the retreat is to unwind and let go all the pent up tension in your body and mind while letting loose in the midst of nature so pristine. Also, cool off after an exacting hike at the luxe-retreat home, fitted with outdoor pools overlooking the Sierra, eat to your heart’s fill the fingerlicking good Mediterranean dishes, and practice yoga like you mean it!


Great way to travel, connect with others, and practice yoga and meditation! The Granada location is stunning and enjoyed my time there very much. Can't wait to return!

Source: Facebook

I had the most wonderful experience at Lucia Yoga Retreats in El Gastor. It was truly a stunning setting... I absolutely loved getting to know this special area of Spain. Not only that, Antonio Escobar, Molly Simone Vogel and the rest of their excellent staff made the whole experience exceptional. They went above and beyond to make sure our groups' needs were taken care of, always with a smile, lots of laughs and unexpected interesting facts about the area. I highly recommend staying with them and hope I get to meet them again on another future adventure.

Source: Facebook

We want to thank our wonderful host Patricia and the staff from Lucia Yoga. Patricia was always there for our Yoga group, organized exciting excursions and had helpful tips in general. We had a relaxing and very comforting time near Granada. Lucia Yoga is a place we can fully recommend, the food is tasty, the Hotel beautiful and quiet.

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  • 104429patricia-villegas.jpg

    Patricia Villegas

    Core Subject: Co-Founder And Head Yoga Instructor

    Spanish Vegetarian Yoga Lover and Psychologist specialized in Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore) and Saraswati's student, the daughter of Pattabhi Jois.She mixes eastern yoga practices and western psychology around the world.Her teaching style mixes Eastern yoga practices and western physiological findings. Patricia can guide you in asana practices and meditation for mood-lifting and general wellness of the mind and body.


Cadiz is on the south coast of Spain, sharing its border with Gibraltar. While coming from the UK, it is easier to fly to Seville and catch a train from there on. The retreat home is located at El Gastor in Cadiz.

While from Sevilla Airport, it takes 1 hour 30 min to reach, from Jerez Airport, the time taken is 1 hour 20 min.  Alternatively, you may also access through Malaga Airport located 1 hour 30 min away.

The retreat organizer will be happy to arrange transfer from Malaga airport to the retreat home, or alternatively from Ronda bus stop or train station.

Not all mountain loving adventurers are yogis and not all yoga enthusiasts head to the mountains, but they should! The hiking retreat of Cadiz perfectly combines the joy of exploring the highlands with the luxurious and pamperful stay at a deluxe resort. 

Here’s what to look forward to in terms of yoga, meditation, detoxification, hiking, and travel:

 Asanas: Get happy in your physiology with gently unfolding yoga sequences, followed by some dynamic workouts, and restorative routines.

Meditation: Hiking like a pro needs as much of physical fitness as it needs will power and the power of mindfulness. By inducting to meditation you gain more prowess on demanding mountain travels!

Workshop: Learn special tips and tricks of yoga and hike at these workshops, expand your knowledge on gears, the best itineraries of Andalucía, and more.

Self-time: Self-time must count separately on a retreat because these 5 days are meant for you to reconnect with your inner self. Utilize these hours to culture what you love to do-- from wrapping up your reading list to catching up on music and movies or going for a relaxing spa-- anything works!

Diet: Bring the focus on what you consume, try to be ethical in your consumption habits by adapting to vegetarian yogic meals. Find access to a number of delectable Mediterranean dishes including plant greens from the very hospitable retreat kitchen.

Hatha and Ashtanga Postures: This segment includes sets of foundational postures, taught in a beginner-friendly way. Deep and dynamic movements to light stretches-- this segment prepares you for exceeding physical challenges as in hiking.

Yin Yoga: This segment focuses on restfulness and restoration. The sequences are slow-paced and involve deep-core breathing.

Meditation: Mindfulness training can be excelled with meditative focus on breathing, chanting, mindful walks in nature, psychic sleep or yoga nidra and various other forms of meditation.

Breathing with Pranayama: Pranayama is a technique of breathing which is understood to be purificatory. Induction into this discipline shall improve circulation, clear energy blockages, and prepare one for extended hours of physical work.

Hiking Tour: Daily hikes are conducted to explore the enchanting forested highlands of Cadiz.

Yoga and Hiking Workshops: These workshops are a great way to share and learn more about yoga and mountain hiking with your fellow retreaters. 

Stay at the Nature Reserve Retreat Center of Lucia Yoga-- a collection of charming Spanish villas nestling in Andalucía’s sierra de Grazalema national park. This center has a 52 sq.m yoga shala-- a cozy hall that can accommodate 25 participants on training and five strikingly beautiful swimming pools inside property. A number of hiking routes wind up hill from just behind the nature reserve venue -- these trek destinations are among the best places to hike in Andalucía, according to BBC Travel. The accommodation is complete with green vistas of lush mountains to the back, and whitewashed villages like a perfect picture postcard nestling in the verdure, beautiful yoga studios invoking meditation, a private tennis court, and magnificent hiking trails starting within the vicinity. There’s modern kitchen, AC, firewood chimneys, and attached baths with every ensuite accommodation. The retreat center is located 1 h 30 min from Malaga and Seville Airport. 

Accommodation stipulations-

  • Share with a Stranger: Get some company living if you are travelling, also this reduces your expenses effectively. You can have a gender preference which the retreat administration will take into note. Email the team with details on your preference.
  • Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Requested shared occupancy can be arranged on the same basis.

Reclaim health and lost vitality with the goodness of a completely plant-based sattvic diet on this 5 days of the retreat. A balanced proportion, comprehensive in all nutrients, roughage, antioxidants, and minerals, this diet plan is designed to reset equilibrium in your mind and body.

A completely plant-based diet is also ethically proper as according to the ethos of yoga-life, complying with the dictums of non-violence or ahimsa. Get 3 main meals a day-- breakfast, lunch, and dinner, comprising of fingerlicking good, flavor filled Mediterranean preparations.

The secret ingredients for these great tasting meals are fresh produced greens, fresh feta cheese and parmesan, and pure, golden-hued olive oil! From simple vegetarian gyros and burritos to tahini sauce stuffed veggies-- it’s a burst of flavors in your mouth with every bite of these wholesome meals at the retreat. Also, let the team know if you are vegan, kosher vegan can be arranged too!

  • 5 nights enchanting stay at the beautiful Nature Reserve venue
  • Chance to invigorate and acquire a sense of general wellness with guided yoga
  • Swimming pool chill time
  • Chance to visit indigenous Hispanic Andalucían white villages
  • Hiking to hilltop castles in the wilderness
  • This is one chance to progress in personal mindfulness journeys as well form clear business objectives as independent entrepreneurs of the future, taking ideas from this passionate band of yoga-life professionals.
  • Deluxe stay for the duration of the retreat program
  • 3 nutritious meals a day and cooling, hydrating drinks
  • Hiking excursions
  • City trios
  • Pickup from Ronda Train Station to the venue
  • Yoga workshops

Nature Reserve Yoga Retreat Center


Lucia Yoga in South of Spain was founded among friends -- a group of yoga and travel enthusiasts who gladly chucked conventional jobs to work as freewheeling digital nomads, yoga instructors, and host to cross-country traveling souls visiting Spain to get a taste of the good life. The name lucia reflects it all, meaning ‘the first light of dawn’.

Lucia Yoga illuminates a path of true practice, self-knowledge, and joyful living with yoga through its well chalked out retreat curriculum. The collaborating teachers are experienced instructors and learning yoga practitioners themselves, specializing in various styles and formats of asanas, integrative meditation, and pranayamic breathing. The days of retreat unfold in Andalucía in South of Spain-- a mystical landmark territory in the Andalucían and Sierra Nevada mountains.

Eclectic cultural components from the times of the Spanish conquistadors to the era of Arab invasions, a vast Mediterranean food fare, Tapas and Spanish cafes, the palaces- most notably the Alhambra, and the serene beaches of Granada’s Costa Tropical make up an array of different attractions for off-day getaways, included in the retreat plans of Lucia Yoga. Lucia Yoga is here to make a change, and it’s a change that matters!

The charge for cancellation is 100 Euros. Cancellation within less than 60 days before the yoga retreat will mean losing your deposit completely. However, you can cede your place to another person who needs to contact us and end the payment of the yoga retreat as soon as possible to reserve his place.

Returns and refunds are usually performed within 15 working days after you receive our message of confirmation of the cancellation. Once the yoga retreat has begun, you cannot return any partial retirement. If you have to leave earlier for some reason, Lucia Yoga cannot repay any compensation.