8 Day Affordable Surf Package With Guiding, Morocco

  • Organizer: Maroc Surf Camp
  • Type: Surf
  • Starting From: 15-November-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Agadir, Morocco
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Pescetarian,Include Meat
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Wake up to the beautiful sounds of the waves and the sea breezes. Practice surfing with highly experienced instructors in the green waves and make your surfing experience unforgettable. This surfing holiday will give you all that you need starting from the idyllic environment to friendly people. The 24-hour ready staff will make sure that you get everything you need to make your holiday an amazing and efficient one. 

From the moment you arrive, you will easily blend yourself into the friendly and relaxing vibe. This program is not only for surfers who are experts in the field but also for beginners who are ready to take on a new adventure


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  • 065404072851teacher.png

    Mohcine Ababssa

    Core Subject: Surf Instructor

    An accredited surf instructor, he will consistently guide you through the amazing Morocco waves. Mohcine promises tailored sessions depending on the group needs, personal modification for individual surfers, and adjustments to your postures so that you can fully benefit from surfing. The team has successfully taught over 20 retreats and has been loved to bits by participants. The resident teacher would be assisted by wife, Maria Teles da Silva and 3 other local instructors in throwing passionate classes on surf and yoga. Dynamic flow and restorative asanas are their forte. In addition, the teachers are trained to give therapeutic Thai yoga massage in order to invigorate the subtle energy body.


The charming home is located on the hillside village of Tamraght, Morocco. The villa is built in a way that it faces the marvelous breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort is built close to the city as the Agadir city is just 20 minutes away and 40 minutes away is the airport. Morocco is very famous for its astounding beaches and breathtaking surfing destinations around the globe.

The climate in Morocco is always welcoming and pleasant with 300 days of sun glimpsing on your body, while you savor in the green waves of the ocean. 

Learn to balance both your mind and body through daily surf sessions guided by highly experienced teachers. The instructors will guide you to make you learn something new every day. 

The qualified instructors of the retreat hold a French coaching license and can teach in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. 

If you wish to learn or enhance your skills, then this week-long program can also be extended by paying extra. 

The teachers will be providing you with all the surf equipment, so you don't have to worry about anything. 

Along with the surfing sessions, your program will include a trip to the nearby city market for you to explore the charming city closely.

Sample Schedule (Daily):

  • Breakfast
  • Departure to the spot for a one-hour morning surf lesson 
  • Lunch and Rest at the Beach
  • Departure to the sport for a one-hour afternoon surf lesson
  • Return to the center for rest 
  • Dinner

The Maroc Surf Camp is a splendidly built hotel that has a long open rooftop that faces the everlasting Atlantic Ocean. The entire villa is made by keeping in thought the Moroccan Culture as it is decorated with ancient furniture, the wooden doors are hand-carved beautifully, and the use of ceramic utensils also adds up a little scent to the aura. 

The villa accommodates both shared and single rooms with the connected washroom. All the rooms are outfitted with all the basic amenities; you will be given with fresh towels and linens whenever required. There are different types of rooms available and are large enough to accommodate a family of four. 

The program will involve all three essential meals. The hotel essentially focuses on its food because they also know the significance of it. The highly skilled cooks who have been working on their skills for over 10 years will present you with the best-nourished food.

The freshly prepared meals will be presented while making use of localized spices, using traditional elements, and most importantly with love and passion. 

Besides the gourmet food, there will also be drinks along your day to make you stay active and hydrated.

The growing popularity of Surfing in the green waves of Morocco is the best opportunity. Delve deep into the surfing sessions by learning all the tricks and techniques to be a pro surfer. The highly skilled teachers are highly qualified and will guide you through your journey by taking you through every step. This program will ensure an energetic holiday with an equally relaxing and comfortable ambiance to de-stress.

The best thing about the program is that you just have to pack your bags and come here by not worrying about anything as the resort will provide with airport pickup and drop off facility.

The resort will also provide you with all the surfing equipment. And you can also make use of the equipment whenever you want, even if you want to practice it by yourself. This retreat is not only pro-level surfers but also for beginners who will try surfing for the first time.

  • 8 Days/7 Nights accommodation 
  • All three meals included- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Transfer to and from the Agadir International Airport
  • One visit to Souk, the local market of Agadir
  • Surfing instructions
  • All surf equipment included 
  • Transfers to the best surf spots in the area

Maroc Surf Camp


The resort is so elegantly made and is placed at the hillside village of Tamraght, Morocco. It faces the endless gleaming Atlantic Ocean. Their long open terraces where you can relax, sip on a tea, can read a book, and from where you can also see some of Morocco's best green waves.

No matter what room you are in, the first view in the morning you will be going to see is of the magnificent ocean.  The villa is just made outside the beach, so if you feel like wandering and exploring, you can take a stroll on the beach or can practice your surf lessons.

  • To book your spot, you will require depositing 30% of the amount in advance. 
  • The remaining balance should be cleared on the day of your arrival aster reaching the resort.