Exquisite Surfing & Yoga Camp, Morocco

  • Organizer: Maroc Surf Camp
  • Type: Surf
  • Starting From: 15-August-2019
  • Duration: 5 Nights
  • Area: Taghazout , Agadir, Morocco
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Pescetarian
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature


It’s a miracle to take off on a wave, going down the side, popping up on the other end, and still be alive! Surfing Camp Morocco welcomes surfers to experience the sheer euphoria of just staying alive.

Along the African country’s southern coast by the wild waves of Atlantic and at the feet of the Atlas Mountains, sits the newage Moroccan city of Agadir. Eclectic mixes of rich cultural influences have poured into the city. You are going to find yourself sitting at quaint little melancholy French cafes looking out into the narrow bustling streets of inner town, beachfront eateries or luxurious Italian diners buzzing with verve, exploring exclusive Spanish tapas, boutique shops, and walking amidst the delightful commotion at local souks.

Outside the Agadir Marina, there lies the ocean glistening invitingly in the warm tropical sun for surfing hearts to come take a ride on the friendly waves. Quiet beaches, gentle waves that beginners can warm up on, beach breaks and bays, smallish natural reefs--- there’s everything in Agadir a surfer could ask for.

On the morocco surfing camp you get to scout the waves around a number of exquisite spots, receive expert coaching, safely be a novice, and upon swaying back to the shore when tired get to pamper yourself with fresh catch cooked meals from the local fishermen. Come on board in Agadir to enjoy caressing splashes coming on from left, right, and center everyday and ride on high into the sunset!


lovely family run surfcamp with brilliant teachers Clean,safe,fun,good food,lovely yoga shala and a very good chance to learn how to surf !!! the teachers are very good both yoga and surf ....they will find the right wave for your level everyday and in the evening an excellent yoga class will release your muscle pains watching the ocean during sunset .


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Best surf stay in Morocco A total zen surf-yoga experience in a wonderful atmosphere! I always have a very relax time with nice people,great food and a very good organized surf trip to the best surf spots in Morocco! Already my 4th time I will visit Maroc Surf camp villa. It feels like home!


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    Mohcine Ababssa

    Core Subject: Surf, Thai Yoga and Massage

    An accredited surf instructor, he will consistently guide you through the amazing Morocco waves. Mohcine promises tailored sessions depending on the group needs, personal modification for individual surfers, and adjustments to your postures so that you can fully benefit from surfing. The team has successfully taught over 20 retreats and has been loved to bits by participants. The resident teacher would be assisted by wife, Maria Teles da Silva and 3 other local instructors in throwing passionate classes on surf and yoga. Dynamic flow and restorative asanas are their forte. In addition, the teachers are trained to give therapeutic Thai yoga massage in order to invigorate the subtle energy body.


The surfing village of Agadir is on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, known in the world for its charming beaches and ideal surfing points. There locality holds exquisite spas and a happening local nightlife where surfers love to kick up their heels and make merry after rough days out surfboarding on the sea tides.

You can find reef breaks to surf like in Cherry and Inezgane to the south of Agadir, the 800m waves of the popular Killers Beach, intermediate level waves at KM12, the uncrowded Banana Point village, Devil’s Rock, or in the sheltered point breaks at Panorama in Taghazout. Fascinating camel rides along the beaches against the sunset and fresh catch seafood from fishermen post-surf are the memories that remain.

Whether you are about to take baby steps into sea surfing or have been riding on the crest for many years, your surf game can get better only with more times in diverse choppy oceans. Here’s what a guided tour to the best spots in Agadir looks like:

Pointe d’lmesouane

This part is located near Agadir’s cathedral. You will be exposed to fierce waves in the tide coming on in lefts. During the nip tide, there are more rights to tackle. On the far side of Imsouane, there’s a magical deep bay. One can surf in it to tackle 900 m of a neat wave. Post-surf, a nourishing meal of fresh seafood will await you in the local fishermen shacks.


Another well loved surfline in Agadir, for the ultra consistent beach break around this place. You can experience strong currents and the quickback sections creating a steady beach push in the sea near Tamri. Though a fun ride all in all, beginners need to stay aware of how far you have drifted away from the shoreline. The luxuriant estuary near here is home to camels and flamingos, etc.

If you are quite the experienced surfer, feel free to stray and check out the sand banks in front he cliffs where left handers come off great!

Killer Point

More treats for advanced surf-heads. The rights are as strong as it gets at Killer Point and the best comes to you spot on in the mid-tide. So, wait for your ecstatic moment!

La Source

Here we have the reef parts that every surfer coming to Morocco wants to get a hang of. Stay tuned here for the swell during high tide.


Another small reef in Agadir surfing scene, this place is good for rights in the low tide, the swell getting as diminutive as 1.5 m.


This surfing point is recommended in the nip tides, perfect for tenderfoots to learn tackling. Right by the surfing corner, there’s a small sandy beach designated for hash lovers!

Banana Beach

You can’t complain about currents here, there is none! And there are guaranteed strong rights to be had.

Le rocher du Diable (Devil’s Rock)

Perfect waves for ebb tides and perfect rising until 1.5 m, ensuring some hell of good rights!

Giving you the insight of the program, the curriculum showcases the daily schedule of the activities and session making it easy for the participants to have full knowledge to maintain their pace. The curriculum modifies as per the weather, retreat type and seasons.

Sample Schedule (Daily):

  • 08:00 am- 09:00 am: Morning Yoga Class
  • 09:00 am- 10:00 am: Breakfast and break
  • 10:00 am -12: 00 pm: Departure to the spot for a one-hour morning surf lesson
  • 12:30 pm- 01:30 pm: Lunch and Rest at the Beach
  • 01:30 pm- 03:30 pm: Departure to the sport for a one-hour afternoon surf lesson
  • 04:00 pm: Return to the center for rest and evening session
  • 06:30 pm- 07:30: Evening Yoga Class
  • 08:00 pm: Dinner

Marco Surf Camp Villa

The Maroc Surf Camp retreat home sits atop the hills in Tamraght, Agadir. The ocean can be seen right in front, foaming and gushing to please the adventure heart. The villa stretches out in long open terraces with staircased seats on each level for you to spread out your legs and sit chilling, enjoying the great ocean expanses. The villa walls are coated in gorgeous Moroccan tadelakt throughout-- a signature of Moroccan architecture. There are more things special about the decor here, take for example the hand-carved wooden fixtures, the noteworthy mosaic tiles and furnishings, ceramic bowl sinks in the wash, and quaint iron filigree on the windows. The flavor of Morocco’s eclecticism can be found everywhere in this villa.

Amenities at the Marco Surf Camp accommodation include-- TV, Wi-Fi, a lovely community dining area, lounge, kitchen, and a grand yoga-shala on the rooftop done in wooden floors and a woodwork ceiling! You will get yoga equipments and the silence you crave to go deeper into your introspective practice.

Living quarters in the villa are available in deluxe double spacious ensuites. Double bed accommodations for couple sharing or private rooms are available. The rooms come with comfortable sofas and ottomans by large open windows looking out to the sea.

Marco Surf Camp Taghazout

Located right off the beaches of Taghazout surfing haven, this brand new retreat home is all about simplicity. The rooftop has a couple of sundecks looking out to the sea. You can see the surfers bobbing on the frothing waves like little specs in the flooding sun. By the viewing decks, there is a cozy room for retreaters to practice daily yoga and in-depth meditation. Surfers truly need it much to stretch out those tired arms, legs, lower backs, and shoulders after a rough day in the choppy seas!

The guest houses has no dearth of relaxing spaces, refreshingly decorated and adequately furnished, and spacious comfortable rooms for spending quality solo time as well as indulge in community frolic. The ensuite rooms have air conditioning and Wi-Fi and are perfect for private, twin sharing, as well as families. You are absolutely going to love the cheerful indoor colors and the ocean vista at this surf camp home!

Everyday wholesome and nourishing meals go a long way in keeping you healthy when you are on a holistic mind-body journey like yoga and surf. Surfers would be treated with fresh juicy fruits, refreshing herbal teas, and coolants to keep you hydrated and going on the especially scorching days out at sea.

The meals prepared are clean and detoxifying with minimized animal protein and more herbage. Local fares like the traditional tagine of Morocco-- a warm and nourishing Maghrebi stew are frequently plated up for satisfying your tastebuds.

In addition, there are going to be a wide variety of the special Moroccan Taktouka and Zaakook salads, couscous and more. Surfing makes everybody hungry and the kitchen staff makes sure you don’t stay starved!

Priorly informed vegan meals can also be made available along with any other dietary requests.

  • A scintillating visit to Morocco’s famed ‘surfer’s villages’-- Agadir and Taghazout, situated curiously by the Atlantic and along the feet of the Atlas mountains. Unparalleled local attractions like the souks full of indigenous produces, featuring argane oil, honey, and treasures of spices are just a few miles away from where you would be putting up!
  • Salubrious weather all year round that’s good for going out in the thrilling sea. You can get that much coveted golden tan and make merry in the lovely sunshine all you want!
  • The retreat program also has many segments of yoga and meditation, to be conducted at the specially arranged and fully equipped yoga halls. Way to bring mind over matter by going in-depth into yoga and surf!
  • Nourishing good food to titillate your taste buds with special Moroccan fares. Following a vegetarian and vegan culinary approach, his retreat makes your body come to its full potential.
  • In between your hours in the sea and yoga breaks, there are a slew of other things to try out here in Morocco. The retreat organized Thai yoga massage, quad biking, jet skis, horseback riding in the beaches, trekking in the Atlas Mountains, local trips to fortresses located in island fortresses, go shopping at the buzzing souks of Essaouira or Paradise Valley, and more!
  • Surfing gear and great lessons in tackling the waves from experienced teachers.
  • Yoga instructions, gear, and meditation space is provided.
  • Local trips in and around Agadir with the retreaters group.
  • Fingerlicking food, 3 meals a day plus cooling drinks and beverages.
  • Transfers from and back to Agadir airport or bus station.
  • Daily room cleaning services.
  • Accommodation at the villa as per the options of single, double or triple sharing, and family ensuite.

Marco Surf Camp


Marco Surf Camp is a positively rated and reviewed surf and yoga retreat center in the delightful surfing village of Agadir, Morocco and Taghazout. A couple-- Mohcine and Maria, passionate and experienced surf enthusiasts, have teamed up together to run this lovely surf camp. Providing the perfect ambience for going deep into yoga and acquiring the training to experience the true euphoria of riding the waves, Marco Surf Camp offers to rejuvenate weary souls, filling you with love, laughter, and joy! Soul surfing with the Marco Surf Camp team will take you to new heights of exploring the sea!

Refund of reservation fees is not given. Booking fees that has been paid but not used will be valid for 6 months, given the condition that the person cancels 2 weeks prior to the starting date of the booked retreat. In case cancellation is not made within this time limit, the deposit will be lost and the booking rendered invalid.