Mekosha is pleased to be India's first Luxury Ayurveda Retreat & Resort providing full guaranteed wellness treatments and therapies that will heal and rejuvenate your body from the inside out. Pick from some of the most famous and effective healing packages of Mekosha and feel the transformation while staying in one of their 11 spa suites with most qualified specialists that attention and personalized care, gourmet Ayurveda-inspired feeds, best yoga & meditation classes, nature walk, and some extracurricular activities. 


5 Day Herbal Rejuvenation Package, Kerala


  • Nishant Tak
  • Thiruvananthapuram Kerala India
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Ayurvedic

EUR 635

limited availability
  • 5 Days

mekosha - Teachers

Yogacharya Raj Shine

Dr. Maneesh S

Mekosha - Reviews


A beautiful experience of Ayurveda in a great location I loved the Ayurveda consultation and treatments not only because they were very good but al so because the doctor and staff were very professional and followed up after the treatments. The staff are professional and very kind. I felt they genuinely cared about their guests and put their hearts into what they did.For those looking for a retreat and a healing experience of Ayurveda, this place is truly top of the range and will stay with you. Source: Website .... Read More


Mekosha is a great boutique ayurveda retreat! The staff is wonderful (from Elizabeth, the GM, to Anoob, the excellent Chef, to Dr Maneesh, the very knowledgeable doctor and so many more). The place is beautiful and the treatments are very efficient. Definitely recommended! Source:Tripadvisor .... Read More