Moinhos Velhos

For the past 30 years we have facilitated our concept of a detox juice fasting retreat for Body - Mind - Spirit. 27 years ago we were guided to establish Moinhos Velhos in the Algarve, Portugal, where we have fine-tuned our programme to achieve a complete cleansing and detoxification on all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

We have tried many types of fast. The grape fast, the rice fast, the water fast and the living on prana and light fast (100 days). We have also experimented with a multitude of detoxing products. We know what works to achieve the optimum detox.


8 Day Detox And Yoga Health Retreat, Portugal

Moinhos Velhos

  • Mel
  • Algarve Portugal
  • Close To Nature
  • Organic

EUR 1150

limited availability
  • 7 Days

moinhos velhos - Teachers

Janni Jensen

Frank Jensen

Moinhos Velhos - Reviews

Katerina Botseva

Absolutely loved everything about this place! From the moment you arrive you are made to feel welcome and you know you are in good hands. Chris, Anna and Karen are so kind and caring yoga teachers. Trish is so fun doing the Biodanza and left us all out of breath. I think this place attracts positive, open minded and successful people. The week went by very quick and it feels that without too much effect but strong will I’m going home 2.5 kg lighter, very relaxed, calm and optimistic Looking forward to coming back to this place. Source: Google .... Read More

Joseph Robinson

A total life changer... I completed juice fast and yoga detox a few days ago and I feel amazing. This retreat is not for the faint hearted but the won derful Moinhos Velhos with its beautiful grounds, location and facilities is the perfect base to take on such an intense retreat of this type. Which leads me onto the staff, who were always smiling and there for what ever support you need. I am a 500hrs trained yoga teacher and I thought the yoga classes were top standard. Moinhos Velhos is not a super slick 5star resort neither is it a bohemian hippy style retreat... It is the perfect balance between the two helping you find that perfect balance in yourself. I am hoping to make a fast at Moinhos Velhos an annual treat for my mind, body and soul. I would recommend Moinhos Velhos and the detox programme to anyone, it's just a really good thing to do for yourself. Source: Google .... Read More