15 Day Ayurveda Health Retreat In Kerala, India

  • Organizer: Nilayoram
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 01-February-2021
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Area: Thrissur, Kerala, India
  • Food: Vegetarian,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Mountain,Close To Nature


Kerala, the land of Ayurvedic herbs and spices is the best place to know and experience all the Ayurvedic treatment.

This program is specially crafted for people who are suffering from a disease and also for those who are looking to enhance their day to day general life through relaxation and purification therapy.

Here all the treatments which are being done are supervised and prescribed by famous Ayurveda Doctors of KAS Hospital, which is 84 years old, established Ayurveda Hospital. This program is for everyone and anyone as there is no age limit.


Authentic Ayurvedic treatment at a very serene place with experienced staff.

If you would like to experience the traditional Ayurvedic treatment this is the place to be,

M G Menon (Director) is a lovely person who is always ready to assist and accommodate your needs.

The medical panel is professional, excellent in there diagnosis & treatment. Treatments are authentic with experienced staff. Therapist have a very in depth knowledge & experience. Food is traditional, simple & nice.

All the staff are lovely & happy to service. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

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Excellence of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Ayurveda Kerala Nilayoram Resorts

I have an great experience for Panchakaram therapy for my uncle in Nilayoram Ayurveda Kerala Resorts, Thrissur.

I found that the treatments and massages especially Kerala rejuvenation massage are superb.

My uncle got a great retreat from Nilayoram Resorts and a great trip too..

It was a great decision to take panchakarma therapy from Nilayoram and my uncle was really happy...

Source: Tripadvisor

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    M. G. Menon

    Core Subject: Ayurveda

    M.G. menon with his team of well experienced Ayurvedic physicians and practitioners, that will thoroughly examine the patient, and accordingly, an appropriate treatment will be planned. The complete therapies and treatments will be performed by the skilled and qualified masseurs and conducted by the senior doctors.


Tea estates, spice plantations, backwaters are what describes Kerala. But the list doesn't end here as there is one more point to add that is the Ayurveda treatments. Kerala, which is growing popularity as a Holistic health destination, has many famous Ayurvedic resorts, and one of the best Ayurvedic resorts that it has is called Nilayoram resort.

This resort is located about 34 kilometers north from Thrissur and 4 kilometers away from Kerala Kalamandalam. The serene environment of this place is natural and totally free from pollution. The natural aura of the place will act as a supplementary enhancer and tonic to the health. The resort will also make you see and learn the cultural heritage and lifestyle of the local people of Kerala.

Several therapies come under this package, which is supervised by the senior doctors and performed by the experienced and qualified masseurs. 

The following therapies offered under the package which you can choose according to your needs are: 

Abhyanga treatment is done to tone the muscles and to improve the blood circulation.

Pizhichil is used to rejuvenate the entire body and also cure you of all the Rheumatic diseases.

Njavarakizhi therapy helps to relax all the body tissues and also helps in weight loss. This treatment also helps in keeping your joints pain free and also keeps your skin away from several kinds of skin infections.

Dhara therapy is done to relax your mind by taking all your mental tensions away, which further helps you in sleeping.

Sirovasthi helps in releasing all the stored toxins from your body.

Vasthi balances Vata and also cure other gastric and constipation related issues.

Udvarthanam helps in losing weight, improves circulation, and also deal with paralysis.

Nasyam helps your body get rid of all the respiratory problems along with brain disorders, and headaches.

Snehapanam therapy helps in aid cleaning, internal rejuvenation, and improves immunity.

Kizhi therapy gently cleans the internal body and also cures swelling and sports injuries.

Yoniprakshalanam deals with female reproductive disorders and also cures tumors and infertility.

Kativasthi makes your back flexible and powerful and also cures back pain and spinal disorders.

Urovasthi helps in toning your respiratory system along with other respiratory problems, heart diseases, and muscular chest pain.

Ksheera Dhoomam therapy helps in toning the facial muscles and nerves and also corrects the speech disorders and other nervous ailments of the face.

Thalam helps in improving your sleep and strengthening your eyesight and also take away your migraine and other ENT problems.

Nilayoram Resort and Ayurvedic center is a beautifully aesthetic looking building that gives people the culture and tradition of Kerala. The private octagonal rooms provide a peaceful look of Bharathapuzha and the lush green surroundings.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned and are elegantly furnished with all the basic amenities to ensure the best in accommodation and comfort. There is an indoor auditorium in the center which gives the guest access to view all cultural art performances.

The auditorium is also used for meditation sessions and yoga classes. The hall opens to the vast garden by giving you a fantastic view of the river that runs along the retreat boundaries.

Nilayoram has a multi cuisine restaurant that serves all types of Kerala and continental food in a very hygienic way.

The beautifully set dining area is at the perfect location overlooking the garden and the flowing stream and on the other hand, the indoor auditorium where guest can enjoy both the food and cultural activities.

The dining area is perfectly made so that the soft breezes flow from every direction making the place more enjoyable. Though the sitting area has only limited sittings that only eight people can sit at a time.

The Ayurveda program was at first originated in India, and now it is best flourishing in Kerala. This program is what a person wants to improve its health and enhance his or her way of living.

The resort has kept the 5000-year-old tradition in the most authentic form. With the best climate conditions and abundant in herbs, Nilayoram resort in Kerala you the most rejuvenating effects. The program that it offers is dedicated to the wellbeing of your body, mind, and spirit.

The holistic treatments that it offers are to restore, enhance, and to renew your health. All the Ayurvedic herbs which are prepared or made by the traditional and authentic way are of perfect quality.

  • Deluxe river-view comfort. 
  • Airport transfer to and from Calicut/Cochin airports.
  • Medical check-ups are to be done on your arrival and also between the programs of your treatment by a team of prominent Ayurveda Doctors. 
  • Regular Ayurvedic treatment therapy and massages as guided by physicians.
  • Accomodation

Nilayoram Resort


From the moment you foot your step in the Nilayoram resort, you will know that you have entered unspoiled setting fit for a healthy and natural lifestyle. During your stay, you will go through the traditional hospitality of Kerala. The center provides a holistic environment that will make you acquire a lasting sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

The plentiful beauty of the lush green garden with dense palm trees, mini waterfalls, lagoons will make your stay peaceful. The Nilayoram Resort has been certified with Green Leaf classification for its Traditional and authentic ayurvedic treatments by the tourism department of State of Kerala.