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Total Number of Active Yoga Courses : 4

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7 Days Camino De Santiago (Spain) Yoga Trip

  • Address : Santiago

  • Starting : 12-May-2019

14 Days Bhutan Yoga Retreat - August 2019

  • Address : Paro,Punakha

  • Starting : 05-August-2019

8 Days Bali Yoga Retreat in December 2019

  • Address : Ubud

  • Starting : 07-December-2019

5 Days Sayulita (Mexico) Therapeutic Yoga Retreat

  • Address : Haramara Retreat

  • Starting : 12-October-2019

Our Teacher


Federico Orozco

  • Core Subject : Yoga and travel enthusiast, and entrepreneur


John Leupold

  • Core Subject : The Bhutan Expert


Cynthia Garcia

  • Core Subject : Mind-Body/Therapeutic Yoga Instructor


Federico Orozco

    Trips to authentic places where yoga, nature, encounters, meditation and healthy life come together richly.



Athanasios Megarisiotis

    As defined by Mahatma Gandhi for Albert Einstein about the meaning of Namasté: "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

    In this sense, thank you OmmRetreats for bringing people together from all nations, all continents, all ages, all colors, all sexes. cause we are all different. but at the end we realize that we are ONE. we merge into THE ONE. Thank you Yoga Thank you Omm Retreats



Bettina Münch

    Wonderful retreat with great yoga teachers, beautiful spot, healty food, fantastic organisation and amazing people form all over the world - very, very inspiring. I´m loving it!!!!!!!!!!!



Marta Puig

    They are absolutely fantastic!! I had the best experience in my life!! I really recommend it to anyone!!!



Miguel A. Ortega Subires

    Omm Retreats is your perfect partner to help you combining Yoga, nature and excellent company... unforgettable experience!



Ma. Paloma Padilla Duque

    It has been one of my best experiences !!!!! It was a waters part in my life !!! Highly recommended for those who want to find themselves again !! And the attention so personal that they really give you at least where I had gone (and I had the fortune to go to several other places) had not been so taken care of !!!!! They are those gifts that life gives you !!!



Karlita González

    I loved the way to take the retreat in which I participated, I would definitely take a retreat with Omm Retreats, I highly recommend it, they are experiences that have to be lived! =)



Maribel Jarque

    Excellent! a very complete experience, yoga classes very varied, in an incredible environment, taking care of all the details with very good taste, wonderful people and ultimately .....

    Totally recommended !!!!