Hatha Yoga Teacher Training With Tantric Education,Thailand

  • Organizer: Open To Bliss
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 15-March-2020
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Area: Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature,River


Take the best of the best teachers, lineages and practices for a well-rounded, intelligently and charismatically taught 200 hr yoga teacher training.

This one underlines both hatha and tantric yoga as the types of yoga you will learn to teach.

We will also be doing tantric rituals, consecrations, invocations and activities playing out the divine aspects of shiva and shaki in order to both understand each other, how we think, and bring balance and unconditional love to our inner selves/ inner lover.



Satyama is known as the most authentic yoga teacher in Koh Phagnan. Her truth is her path and she shares this with great integrity on how she holds herself, also letting people in on what is happening for her personally so that others can do the same.

She's an amazing yoga teacher and has a lot of experience with communities and groups, especially when they dive into deep tantric work or work on sexual healing. She's a true friend, leader, mentor, superwoman not to be taken for granted.

Satyama is one of the strongest teachers I know, and I have been doing yoga for 10 years. She is truly a leader in yoga therapy – she knows her stuff, the asanas and their benefits, as well as how to use yoga to heal the body and moreover the thoughts that make someone sick.

She’s an entity on her own, she can teach the entire training and run the school. Authentic, honest, and goes for the joy of life.

I am always amazed at how nothing seems to phase her – from ignorance to conflict, she knows and teaches how to flow with the scenario that is happening.

 Source: Website

Open to Bliss really is Satyama, and Satyama has lot to share, from yoga to tantra, and a tonne of experience with Osho is pretty amazing. I can only imagine the years of disciplined training this woman has gone through in order to have the wisdom she presents.

Satyama is hilarious also, she knows how the universe works and all these principles we talk about in class. She lives it! Generous, centred, to the point, you don’t get away with much in the presence of this woman, who is blissful most of the time.

Source: Website

I came to a yoga teacher training because I wanted to learn more about yoga. I got a lot more than that! The moment I did a practice with Satyama, I was like, Who is this woman? I want to be like her!

So I kept doing her trainings, the Chi Nei Tsang really healed my digestions issues which were really my emotions repressed, and then I kept going by exploring tantra and being in communities that were doing the same.

Satyama really began a new path for me, my life is totally changed and I love it!

Source: Website

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    Satyama Ratna Lasby

    Core Subject: Hatha, Tantra And Meditation

    Satyama has been teaching hatha yoga with depth for the past 17 years. With certification in Integrative Yoga Therapies, Sivananda, Yin and the Hatha Vinyasa styles of yoga, she draws also upon her work as high level therapist (Osho, yoga and art therapy disciplines) and tantra facilitator to give the ultimate experience in healing and bliss in her yoga teacher trainings and uniquely-designed tantra immersion programs. She is currently leading Yoga Teacher Trainings with a Tantric concentration.


Sri Thanu / Coconut Lane area in the yogic and tantric island of Koh Phagnan.The Wisdom Eye is a new and private yoga training centre that hosts our public and sanctified activities for the training

Tantric yoga originates from hatha yoga and worships the dynamic and static principles of the universe: Shakti (creative, feminine) and Shiva (destructive, masculine) become more balanced within ourselves when we practice both classical yoga and also when we study tantra as a way of living life playfully and in totality.

The study of tantra is vast; the training weaves in the ancient knowledge of tantra that was previously passed down orally to students who were ready to receive the teachings. We will incorporate the tantric meditation methodologies of Osho Rajneesh and the Book of Secrets in order to bring participants closer to the realization of who they are through exercises aimed at full awareness on the topic of love, body image, societal conditioning and touch with presence.

Along with the topics of asana performance and corrections, sequencing a class, the links of yoga with tantra, the body as a healing tool and how to plan, execute and market tantric yoga, you will go through a 3 week journey that will take you deeper than any other experience you have had in life to-date.

  • 7:00 AM Active and sitting meditation
  • 8:30 AM Yoga practice
  • 11:00 AM Brunch and break
  • 2:00 PM theory, history, experiential learn in tantra, yoga and tantric yoga
  • 4:30 PM Yoga practice
  • 6:30 PM Dinner
  • 8:00 PM Evening lesson, meditation, activity based on tantric practices, rituals and teachings

Bamboo bungalows for those who register early. 

Shared Accommodation is also provided when the bungalows are full, same price.

Prepared with love by a local Thai chef who knows yogis, what they like and what they need...

You will also obtain a Yoga Alliance certification in Tantric Yoga, a leading and new type of yoga that covers all the postures in a Hatha yoga class, as well as providing a way for participants in your class to connect with each other, the main reason people in cities are coming to yoga classes - in order to meet like-minded people.

Through the practices and exercises we become proficient in asanas, heal our bodies and raise the energies and consciousness of each other. This experience will be juicy, testing and expanding. Participants of this teacher training are totally safe and welcome to experiment in processes with each other, from friendships to profound connections with each other. It is made just for this!

The Wisdom Eye


The Wisdom Eye is a new retreat centre nestled in Coconut Lane, a yogi street in Koh Phagnan. 

It has a 2 story yoga shala, private bungalows, a lounge area, a sauna and a river for your enjoyment.

Very close to the beach, restaurants, local shops and Hollystone, where you can dance on the weekends if you aren't too tired!

A deposit of 30% or 400 Euro will hold your place and your room. Please use paypal or wetransfer.Some participants will be asked to go through a screening interview to check suitability to the program.