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8 days Yoga and Soul Experience in Tenerife

  • Address : Calle El Horno 10, 38678 Adeje

  • Starting : 11-May-2019

Our Teacher


Anahat (Aday Garcia)

  • Core Subject : Yoga and Philosophy


Diana (England)

    Anahat is a very gifted and giving teacher. The daily yoga/meditation classes and healing treatment took me on a journey that was both cleansing and uplifting!
    By the end of the week I felt energised and much lighter. The retreat itself is a magical place, set against a backdrop of mountains and brimming with character. The classes, setting, lovely people I met and trips to so many beautiful places were all better than I could have ever expected. So much care and effort was put into making this a gorgeous and exceptional week!

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Carla (Belgium)

    This yoga retreat has been an absolutely wonderful experience!

    I left Hacienda Cristoforo re-energised, full of positive vibes and feeling extremely blessed. Anahat teaches truly from the heart, has so much knowledge he wants to share and gives a lot of himself to the group. There is a broad diversity in his teachings as in the activities. We have visited magnificent places and settings. Not to forget the amazing location where we stayed, Cristoforo, of course. There are so many beautiful things that I took home with me, but what touched me deeply is to go back with ‘brightness in the eyes’!

    I am grateful that I have been part of a wonderful group of people and hope to go back again soon!

    REVIEW BY CAROLINA FROM BELGIUM ACCOMMODATION “The accommodation is lovely, rustic, beautiful. The grounds are extremely peaceful with little, interesting nooks and crannies where you find turtles, buddhas, goats and little waterfalls. Our room was nice, spacious, the beds vary from soft to very hard and we had a little visitor of a mouse on a couple of nights when we left food out.” LOCATION “Inside the resort is really idyllic, outside is quite stereotypical Tenerife, a bit run down, a 20 minute walk to the beach but many beautiful places are within driving distance.” FOOD “The food was an absolute highlight. Compliments to the chef, Federico who went out of his way to accommodate my vegan diet and my son’s particular tastes. He made sometimes simple, sometimes adventurous, always delicious, vegetarian food.” “Our lunches were provided by a catering couple, Josue and Simona who made very delicious vegetarian food full of love, grown in their garden. We had the pleasure of meeting them and visiting their permaculture garden which was a real treat.” YOGA “Anahat was our yoga instructor and tour guide throughout. He provided a very full service, picking us up at the airport with food and drink, being our yoga teacher morning and evening as well as instructing us on yoga theory, driving us to all our hikes, beaches, extra destinations etc. At first, I thought the yoga was slightly unstructured but, I was looking it as each individual session rather than as a whole week. In the week, we covered so much and managed to go really in depth. Anahat is a master chakra opener and meditation guru.” EXTRAS “This was another exceptional part of the holiday. We did an ecstatic dance workshop one evening that was mind blowing, we went on really beautiful hikes to El Teide and Vera de Erques. One day was a beach day, the other we went to the depths of a hippy beach after a small hike. On the last day we boarded a catamaran and got to see wild dolphins and swim in the ocean. Another night we went to a permaculture farm and did a sweat-lodge there. Truly moving. Another evening, we did mantra chanting and spiritual spinal realignment. Anahat knows a lot of great people who come to give workshops and seem to be part of his extended “family.”” “Overall, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I recommend it to someone travelling on their own, a couple or a family. Really nourishing, relaxing, purifying and healing. “

Susan (England)

    Thank you again Aday for such an amazing life-changing experience and guiding me along the path from the darkness into the light. I feel very blessed to have met you and it will be my pleasure to spread the word, sharing the details of your Yoga Holidays although it is so much more than that. I hope to send as many of my friends to you as possible so that they too can be embraced by the love and light you so gracefully share with everyone, so that they too are able to blossom.