Parahita Bali

In Sanskrit Parahita means, “for the benefit of the common man,” as for Alam means nature and Bali is a place where we started, altogether it means for the benefit of man and nature started in Bali. A certified yoga school focused in yoga teacher training and Java-Bali environment retreat run by Indonesians, we look forward to having our own eco accommodation and healthy restaurant to create the biggest eco resort in Bali who will embrace eco community and diffable community.


200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training,Indonesia

Parahita Bali

  • Alit
  • Denpasar Bali Indonesia
  • Near to Beach,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw

USD 2400

limited availability
  • 25 Days

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Parahita Bali - Reviews


I loved the energy of the staff, the knowledge and wisdom of the Teachers and Founder of Parahita. They all genuinely care about the main goals and va lues of Yoga which is why I came to get Yoga certified in Bali, but they did even better than I imagined. .... Read More


I learned so much about myself and about life! Came closer to something which I can’t really describe. The staff and the teachers are so welcomi ng which makes the atmosphere warm and nice to be in. Just like family. Can’t wait to share the knowledge I learned on Bali to the rest of the world! Julian also says thank a lot! He loved it there as well. .... Read More