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Peace Retreat offer a supportive and inclusive space in which to cultivate overall well-being: the experience of good health, peace, and a sense of purpose. Peace retreata thriving, intimate, boutique-style sanctuary. Peace Retreat cater to yogis, wellness enthusiasts, and tourists looking to reset, refocus, restore and explore; all in a safe and supportive environment.


5 Day Explore Yourself Yoga Retreat,Costa Rica

  • Address : Peace Retreat, Playa Negra

  • Starting : 01-November-2019
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Uniquely Crafted 21 Days Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

  • Address : Peace Retreat, Playa Negra

  • Starting : 15-October-2019

peace retreat - Teacher

Kevin McQuillan
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor
Serene Arora
  • Core Subject : Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor

peace retreat - Reviews

Melissa Crews

A beautiful place to work on self love and practice yoga. The beaches are incredible, the town is small and relaxing, and the wildlife is spectacul ar. The yoga classes offered at Peace Retreat focus on connecting body and mind, which I really enjoyed. The facilities feel like luxury living and the food is so good and healthy. I would definitely recommend a retreat here!  Source: Facebook .... Read More

Kendra Dallaire

I found serenity in the middle of the jungle. (Don’t worry you’re only a couple minutes walk from town and the beach.) Peace Retreat is a beautiful quiet place filled with beautiful people. You are welcomed with open arms and leave with another family and a heart full of joy. This is the perfect place if you are trying to escape it all, to find yourself, to practice yoga or to simply explore Costa Rica. I highly recommend stopping by at Peace Retreat. Source: Facebook .... Read More

Mike Cheliak

One of my most favourite places anywhere! A truly wonderful place to reconnect with yourself! Source: Website .... Read More

Danny Litvin

In a country with yoga retreats lining two coasts, it takes something special to stand out. Peace Retreat has that something extra. It's in the ca lm days sitting by the pool, the late-into-the-night talks that come naturally to guests, and the authenticity of the owners. If you're looking for a place to slow down, live simply, and recharge fully, this is the place to visit. Oh yeah, on a very practical note, it's very convenient to get to from Liberia Airport. Lots of other retreats are 4+ hours away from an airport and/or require charter planes or boats. Peace Retreat is an easy hour-ish drive which is nice after a long day of flying. Source: Facebook .... Read More