15 Day Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy,Sri Lanka

  • Organizer: Peacock Ayurveda Garden
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 01-December-2019
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Area: Southern Province, Sri Lanka
  • Food: Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Close To Nature


Peacock Ayurveda Garden invites you to discover the healing powers of Ayurvedic medicine and it's powerful method Panchakarma Therapy while enjoying yoga classes, meditation and pranayama sessions, healthy vegetarian Ayurvedic meals surrounded by nature and tranquility in Sri Lanka!


Super place!

It was my second time in this Ayurveda hotel and hope not last.. I spent here fantastic time, had super relax and went home happier and healthier.

I recommend this hotel, it was here all super- food, massages, service, staff, ayurvedic treatments, hosts..

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A great place for holidays involving health improvement!

I had a fantastic holiday at this venue. Everyone is deeply involved into taking care of your physical and psychological well-being.

Outstanding service and care. A fun experience tasting ajurveda foods.

This provided a fantastic opportunity to change into a healthier and more well-balanced lifestyle.

 Source: Tripadvisor

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  • 043812Dr.-Tiroshan-photo1.jpg

    Tiroshan Chanaka Hettiarachchi

    Core Subject: Ayurveda Consultant

    Dr. Tiroshan does not see his Ayurveda practice as work. For him treating patients with the power of Ayurveda is his passion and he is extremely pleased to be able to make use of his years of experiences to improve the health and well-being of many. Everything that he does he does with a warm heart, care and understanding that every person is different and has distinctive goals of their Ayurveda treatment journey. We can assure you that perhaps it is not his expertise and decades of tackling the wonders of Ayurveda that makes him a remarkable doctor it is his unconditional care for every patient.


Peacock Ayurveda Garden Ayurveda resort is located on the South side of Sri Lanka, only four kilometers away from the town of Dickwella. This small and lovely town, caressed by the waves of the Indian Ocean, is with a coral reef gulf and breathtaking powdery white sand beaches.

Having evolved and survived through centuries, Ayurvedic method of healing Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind, and consciousness. It is widely known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness, and beauty.

Panchakarma therapy is comprised of five basic types of advanced treatment for the evacuation of vitiated Dosha (toxic materials) from the body - Vamana karma, Virechana karma, Nasya karma, Vasthi karma, Raktha mokshana.

Depending on your state of health the professional Ayurveda doctor will decide which treatments are most beneficial and appropriate for you and will assign a structured treatment plan. The main goal is to help you improve your health, restore your physical and mental strength, and ensure long-lasting healing effects.

Daily schedule:

  • 06:30 - 07:30 Yoga class
  • 07:30 - 08:00 Ayurveda doctor's consultation (by appointment)
  • 08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Daily Ayurveda doctor‘s consultation
  • 09:00 - 12:45 Ayurveda treatments
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 - 16:30 Ayurveda treatments
  • 16:30 - 18:00 Free time (relaxing or traveling to the beach, the surrounding area - free TukTuk service)
  • 18:00 - 18:30 Dinner
  • 19:00 - 20:00 Meditation or pranayama class (2 times per week)
  • 21:00 - 06:30 Rest and silence time

Peacock Ayurveda Garden resort welcomes guests with six traditionally-decorated rooms equipped with everything you may need for a relaxing and comfortable stay. Each room has wooden antique-style furniture, as well as private bathrooms with cold and solar-heated water.

Rooms also have ceiling fans and mosquito nets and come with king-size beds. Rooms can be used as double or single. All rooms have private terraces or balconies.

Peacock Ayurveda Garden serve Ayurvedic vegetarian meals (two to three times a week fish is usually served) that are balanced according to the viewpoint of Ayurveda. Balanced food means that it is suitable for all doshas. If you do not eat (or cannot eat) a particular product (fish, eggs, dairy, or other products) these products will not be given to you or will be replaced by others.

At your arrival in Peacock Ayurveda Garden sanctuary, you will be consulted by a doctor specialized in Ayurveda medicine. Peacock Ayurveda Garden doctor will assess your physical and mental condition and prescribe an individual treatment. The main goal is to help you improve your health, restore your physical and mental strength, and ensure long-lasting healing effects.

Peacock Ayurveda Garden provides six to seven authentic Ayurveda treatments daily including but not restricted to massage of different parts of the body (head, shoulders, foot, back, legs, hands, etc.), Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Vasthi, Nasya, Shirovasti, Shirolepa, and other such therapies.

All treatments are selected by Ayurveda doctor taking into notice the guest's state of health and the level of dosha's balance or imbalance. Peacock Ayurveda Garden use only high quality medicated oils, decoctions, and herbal Ayurveda medicine.

  • Full Ayurveda treatment (6 to 7 procedures per day)
  • All-inclusive meal program - Ayurvedic vegetarian food (3 meals per day)
  • Ayurvedic beverages (water, herbal tea, fresh juice, etc.)
  • Accommodation in a double or single room with private bathroom
  • Doctor's consultations and supervision
  • Morning yoga sessions (6-7 per week, beginners level)
  • Evening meditation class (1-2 per week)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Sarongs (cloths for treatments, changed every day)
  • Disposable underwear for treatments, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and soap
  • Laundry service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Transportation to the beach and Dickwella town
  • All taxes and charges

Peacock Villa


Peacock Ayurveda Garden Ayurveda resort is set in a beautiful garden that abounds in plants, herbs, and fruits, rich in Ayurvedic healing powers. Their garden is spread on a territory of almost one hectare, where guests will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Ayurvedic tranquility and peace.

For booking confirmation, the deposit 30% from final price is required and is non-refundable.