Luxurious 6 Day Yoga Retreat at Castle Hotel Nepal

  • Organizer: Pokhara Retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 30-September-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
  • Area: Pokhara, Gandaki, Nepal
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Lake,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat offers our yoga and meditation program at the luxurious Castle Hotel in Pokhara’s Lakeside tourist district. The hotel is perched just above Lakeside with a view of Lake Fewa below.

Cozy cottages and rooms are available at 40% discount price for people who book a health program from Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat. Discount accommodations range from $32- 62/night. The hotel property is nestled on a large tropical forest area and is an excellent venue for yoga, meditation and detox. They have a heated outdoor swimming pool, a full service restaurant and very comfortable accommodations. You will pay our program price plus the additional cost of your room. See "accommadations" below.

We do not have set dates for our retreats. You can enquire about any date for as many days as you want . We will respond quickly and confirm your dates or offer alternative dates if we are full.


“Dear Radha and Albert, I’d like to deeply thank you for all moments we had together, for our walks in the morning, the yoga, the time of enema [colonic] , Radha with your so delicious soups. Albert with our daily meditation with Mooji [videos] and other ones. I did enjoy the time with both of you.The room was perfect and I had such beautiful views with the sun and the Mountains. Thanks God for giving me the opportunity to meet you. I did not forget all laughs with both of you.


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    Radha Risal

    Core Subject: Hatha and Vinyasa yoga

    Radha Risal Creator and Director of Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat is a holistic health consultant and advanced yoga teacher with five years of training and experience in herbal organic food supplements for health and healing. Radha recently completed an advanced Yoga teachers training at the Himalayan Yogini retreat in Happy Valley, Pokhara. She will offer a traditional Hindu ceremonies called ‘puja’, each morning. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in Nepali tradition and eager to share what she has learned from the elders in her family.


Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat's locationis a special as we live in a neighborhood that is very much like a village, even though they are at the outer edge of Pokhara City. This allows their guests to experience a village life style and get to know their friendly neighbours and the warm Nepali culture.

We are also close to the amazing Seti River canyon, where you can swim most of the year. It's a great place for chilling in nature, watching the eagles catch fish and occasionally seeing hundreds of monkeys passing by on their search for food. The retreat is also our home and we invite you to join in our "Homestay" ambiance. Come as a travelor, leave as a friend.

Learn yoga for beginners and/or intetmediate students with optional Meditation.  

Every morning daily vinyasa yoga sessions will be there where in the participants will learn vinyasa flow along with the yoga theory and philosophy. Along with this, you will be practicing daily meditation and hatha yoga  to quiet the mind and connect with your inner self.

  • 06:30 Optional Pranyama (breathing practice)
  • 07:00 Drink water upon awakening, green tea prepared with fresh lemon, ginger, and lemongra*07:30. Go for a guided walk and meditation in the Seti River Canyon
  • 08:30 to 10:00 Vinyasa yoga practice
  • 10:00 Breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, granola or choice of pancakes, eggs toast coffee or just juice or tea if you prefer
  • 11:15 – 12:30 Yoga theory and philosophy. A time for questions and discussion
  • 13:30 Lunch (a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian meals). Free time to relax, get an optional massage or explore the neighborhood and the Seti River canyon
  • 14:30 – 16:00 Hatha yoga class and yoga as a meditation
  • 18:00 Warm vegetable soup and vegetable salad or traditional Nepali dinner. (Dahl Baht)
  • 19:00 – 20:30 Free time
  • 20:30 Group question and answers and meditation
  • 21:30 Tea and cookies, time to sleep
  • Last day : Dinner not included on last day

We offer acupressure and Swedish style massage at a cost of $10 USD/hr.

Your Investment in Yourself

For two or more persons booking together the price of the program is $29/ person/ night plus room charge. Accommodations including a 40% discount range from $32 to $52 USD per night including all taxes and fees plus a free standard Hotel breakfast.(no free breakfast during summer months, June 15 to September 15).

For only one person thhe cost of the yoga program is $39 USD/night plus the cost of your choice of hotel accommodations. 

We have accommadations for up to 32 persons total but we prefer to book only 8 persons per program. Please enquire about larger groups.

There are a wide choice of accomodations and prices from cottages to hotel rooms and bungalos. See below.

Accommodation Details and Prices

Please Note: The following sample prices have been calculated for attending a 6 day, 5 night yoga retreat including the program and accommodations of your choice and taxes and service charge. To book more or less nights please enquire for help with prices.

See pictures and prices below starting with our cozy cottages: 

A) Cozy Cottages (2 available) have one standard double bed, all bath facilities and private gardens. The cottage price is $39 X 5 = $195 USD for 5 nights, all taxes included. The fee for the program for one person is $39/night X 5 = $195. The total for Room, free breakfast plus the Yoga package for one person is $390 USD for a 5 nights total.

For two persons booking together the fee for the program is reduced to $29/person. ($29 X 5 nights = $145/person.) The price for the room at half the room price is $19.50 X 5 =$97.50/person/night, . The total price /person is $242.50 in including taxes, room free, breakfast, and program for 5 nights.

B)Double Room

The double room has one king size bed, all standard bath facilities and a lovely tropical garden. 
The Double Room price is $48 X 5 = $240 USD for 6 nights, all taxes included. The fee for the program for one person is $39/night X 5 = $195 Room, free breakfast plus the Yoga package for one person the price is $435 USD for a 5 nights total.

For two persons booking together the fee for the program is reduced to $29/person. ($29 X 5 nights = $145/person.) The price for the room at half the room price is $24 X 5 =$120/person/night, . The total price /person is $265 in including taxes, room free, breakfast, and program for 5 nights.

C) The A/C Triple Cottage: (one available) has room for 3 persons, one standard double bed and one single bed, all facilities and private garden plus free breakfast. The cottage price is $55 X 5 = $275 USD, taxes included. The total price for cottage plus the Yoga package for oneperson @ $39/night X 5 is $195 + 275 = $470 for 5 nights.
For two  or three persons booking together the fee for the program is reduced to $29/person. The package room price for the cottage is $55 divided by 2 = $27.50. Divided by 3 = $18/person. The total price /person is $282.50/person for two persons and for threepersons,the price is $235/ person including taxes, fees, room, breakfast, and program for 5 nights.

D) The A/C Family room has a sitting room area with DVD, two king size beds, one single bed, and large bath room a bath tub for two, plus free breakfast and accommodates up to 5 persons.
The room price is $53/ night. For 5 nights, taxes and fees included the total is $265. 
For two or more persons booking together the fee for the program is $29/person/night. The package room price for the cottage divided by 5 is $53/person/night, . The total price /person is ($53 + 29 ) X 5 = $410 USD including taxes, room fee, breakfast, and program for 5 nights .

To calculate the price for less then 5 but more then one person divide the Room price by the the number of Persons to find the room price/person. The (program price @$29/person plus the room price) X 5 = the package price / person for a 5 night program Note: for only one person the program price is $39/night.

E) The A/C two story Suite (one available) has a downstairs sitting room and sunken bath tub, and the upstairs has a room with two king size beds and a room with two double bunk beds for a combined total of beds for 8 persons. Both rooms have a beautiful view of lake Fewa below. Free Breakfast included.
The Suite room price is $76 X 5 = $380 USD, taxes included, for all 5 nights. 
For two or more persons booking together the fee for the program is $29/person. The room price for the cottage divided by 8 is $47.50/person/night. For 8 persons the total price/person is ($47,50 + 29) = $76.50 X 5 = $382.50 USD/person including taxes, room free, breakfast, and program fee for six nights.

For less then 8 but more then one person divide the Room price by the the number of Persons = the room price/person. 
The (program price @$29/person plus the room price) X 5 = the package price / person for a 5 night program NOTE :Program price for only one person is $39/night.

Breakfast is included in your room charge except for the summer season from June 15 to Sept. 15. All other meals can be purchased at the hotel restaurant which offers  continental cuisine and local Nepali favorites. We honor all special diet requests.  Also you may want to dine at some of the local restaurants as well.

What makes our yoga program special: The Location. The Castle Hotel is in a stuning tropical forest with 360 degree views mountain valley and Fewa Lake below lots of room to wander and enjoy privacy with cottages and separate accommodations spaced about the property. 

The hotel has a Europian castle-like ambiance created by the Irish owner and his British wife. They have recently added a lovely yoga sala. The swimming pool is heated year round. The hotel resturant menu is continental and Asian. You will be pampered by friendly Nepali hospitality at this peaceful perfect venue for yoga and meditation.

Whats Included:

  • Your accommodation of choice 
  • Free standard Breakfast of your diet preferences
  • Two 1.5 hours yoga instruction
  • Two One hour Meditation sessions
  • Optional pickup and return to Pokhar airport and or tourist bus park. Price $10 USD
  • Optional Spa treatments at resonable prices
  • assistance in booking recreational offerings and tours in the area 

Castle Hotel Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal


Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat: Our professional staff, Radha and Albert welcome you. They have combined their over 25 years of experience in offering Wellness services to create the Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat. The Castle Hotel offers an incredibal unique, healthy beautiful, quiet tropical envirionment for yoga and meditation. There is a new large yoga studio and a full service continental and asian restaurent.  Connecting with nature is the key to our successful health programs.

We require a 30% deposit in USD and the balance to be paid in cash upon arrival in Rupees or USD. Refund of deposit 7 days before arrival date is granted. Thank you.