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Prana del Mar is located at the beach on five beautiful acres near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. With the mountains to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the desert all around, we are comfortably nestled in a tranquil valley that provides an ideal setting for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration.

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New Moon Open Heart Yoga Retreat In Mexico

  • Address : Cabo San Lucas

  • Starting : 02-March-2019
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Awakening Yoga Retreat in Mexico : April 2019

  • Address : Cabo San Lucas

  • Starting : 06-April-2019

8 Day Conscious Wellness & Yoga Retreat, Mexico

  • Address : Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos La Tinaja

  • Starting : 12-October-2019

8 Day Sun Sand & Community Retreat in Mexico

  • Address : Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos La Tinaja

  • Starting : 19-October-2019

prana del mar - Teacher

  • Core Subject : Expert in Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow
Nicki Silverman
  • Core Subject : Vinyasa Yoga
Dylan Sanders
  • Core Subject : Yoga
Janine Malcolm
  • Core Subject : Yoga,Mediatation,Naturopathic
Allie Geer
  • Core Subject : Yoga Medicine
Steve Streitz
  • Core Subject : Yoga , Meditation
Sarah Moslemi
  • Core Subject : Massage therapist , Yoga

prana del mar - Reviews

Clark B

Perfect for contemplative yoga retreats I stayed here for a wonderful yoga retreat in November 2017. It was lovely, very well designed and a great place to contemplate and rejuvenate. The food was spectacular! Every meal, a treat. You might want to arrange a cooking class there if you have time. Its out in the desert near a choppy ocean which is better for meditation and horseback rides than swimming. I'd go there again!   Source: .... Read More

Lily K

Paradise in Baja Prana Del Mar is a dream—with beautifully designed, ecologically aware private and public spaces, a stunning pristine beach, ca ring and attentive staff, gorgeous food. Tai Hubbert, the founder of Sword & Lotus, facilitated the best yoga retreat I’ve ever attended. I would go back for another of her retreats at the fantastic Prana Del Mar in a heartbeat.   Source: .... Read More

Heather A

Yoga bliss at Prana del Mar I just got back from the most amazing yoga retreat at Prana Del Mar! I went knowing Tai from Sword and Lotus as I had taken her classes in Seattle. I had a private room which was very beautiful and well appointed. The meals were so delicious and it felt so decadent to have such nice and healthy meals prepared three times a day. The kitchen staff paid such close attention to dietary restrictions for each guest and still they came up with mouth watering food! The studio spaces were amazing, the salt water pools, the landscaping, and the fact that it's completely solar powered are all reasons I would highly recommend this as a retreat space. I hope to come back again. Well done Prana Del Mar!   Source: .... Read More