De-Stress With Ayurvedic Stress Management Program, Kerala

  • Organizer: Punnamada Resort
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 15-March-2021
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Alappuzha, Kerala, India
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Lake,Close To Nature


Discover how to deal with stress management while enjoying the calming atmosphere. The moment you arrive at the destination, the serene ambiance will itself calm your entire mind and body. 

Restore your batteries through yoga & meditation along with a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments that are specially designed to promote well-being gently. With ongoing consultations with specialists, go for the most helpful treatments and return home feeling relaxed, energized, and inspired. Master the various styles of yoga & meditation along with following a healthy diet and continue these rituals in your life every day.


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  • 081934pardeep kumar.jpg

    Pradeep Kumar

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Pradeep Kumar along with the best-specialized doctors and consultants will prescribe your treatments according to your well-being. The Specialists are well-experienced that know their work by heart and will make sure that you get fully benefited out of your Ayurvedic treatments.


Located near the quiet backwaters of Kerala, the Punnamada resort is an ideal getaway that will exhibit the pure elegance and culture of Kerala. Enclosed in sheer greenery and tranquil backwater, one can fully encounter the passing houseboats and cruises while drinking a cup of coffee. 

The surroundings of the hotel are beyond expectations as heaven will make you feel at cloud nine. The comfortable and friendly environment will add more charm to your flawless and wholesome stay. 

The program is available for 7 nights and also for 14 nights at Punnamada resort. It is a de-stressing program, which focuses on your mental as well as physical health. The treatments include synchronized massages, Pizhichil, Kizhis (medicated pouch massages), Shirodhara (medicated oil is poured in an oscillating way), and more. 

There will also be an ongoing consultation session for every individual, and accordingly, your program will be designed. Both yoga & meditation and Ayurvedic treatments will go hand in hand to make you attain the most out of the program.

Your day will start with a yoga & meditation session, followed by Ayurvedic treatments that will include Rasayana Abhyangam, Podi Kizhi-Kizhi, and Ushma Swedam, Elakizhi, and Sirodhara.

  • Daily yoga & meditation session
  • Shirodhara
  • Pichicil
  • Rejuvenating massages
  • Kizhis 
  • Other Ayurvedic treatments 

The friendly accommodation combines various fabulous villas with a unique setting and a diverse view. Pick from four distinct accommodations that are lake view, garden view, heritage garden view, and Duplex villa. 

The villas are equipped with all the luxury comforts and a connected bathroom. The large rooms have a king-size bed that is right fixed opposite the large screen glass that overlooks the stunning view. The retreat is gracefully wrapped in a curtain of seasonal herbs, tropical shrubs, and velvety fresh trees to restore you from the inside out.

8 Days other accommodation options:

  • Duplex Villa - USD 2258
  • Lake View Villa - USD 2381

15 Days other accommodation options:

  • Duplex Villa - USD 4493
  • Lake View Villa - USD 4739

Your retreat will cover all the three primary meals for the day. The resort has an in-built eatery that serves all varieties of dishes, beginning from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. While highlighting the south Indian culture in their accommodation, the restaurant also serves the most excellent traditional south Indian food that is rich in flavors. The restaurant is open 24/7. 

The multi-cuisine eatery also has experienced professional chefs at their service that will make your taste buds go mad. The elegant ambiance of the restaurant and gourmet meals will definitely assure you a pleasant time.

This retreat will take you through a range of Ayurvedic treatments simultaneously with yoga & meditation practices. The unique thing about this retreat is that the main attention will be provided on mental well-being, concentrating on anxiety and pain. The program is excellent for bodies who go through daily worries and anxieties. 

There will be a complimentary consultation upon your arrival, and therefore, you will be given therapies depending on your health.

  • 7 Nights or 14 Nights’ accommodation
  • 3 Daily meals 
  • One hour Shikara ride


  • Air fares
  • Excursions
  • Personal expenses

Punnamada Resort


Situated in a wonderful and peaceful location near the smooth river will give you an adventure fully flooded in the culture of Kerala. The center represents a mindblowing beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. The resort will offer you a pleasurable stay along with ultra-luxury.

The resort offers several kinds of rooms, and each room is distinct from another. Along with the cleanest stay and reliable program, the food served here is fresh and full of nutrition that benefits the practitioner in re-energizing their body and soul. Each inmate here is attended as part of the family and the crew takes care of every small aspect from comfort to assistance it gives.

  • The hotel will refund 75% amount if the cancellation is made 30 days before the original date. 
  • Totally 50% of the refund will be made if you withdraw your booking 15 days before the original date.
  • If the booking is canceled 7 days before the original date, no return will be made and the complete amount will be forfeited.