7 Day Holistic Healing and Personal Transformation Retreat

  • Organizer: Pura Vida Eco Retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 20-October-2019
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Ayurvedic,Dairy Free
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Close To Nature


Immerse in a soulful yogic getaway to rejuvenate the entire being with the holistic practice of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda therapy amidst the backdrop of a spellbinding beauty in Mexico. Heal and transform the negative physic energy with Wellness/Holistic, Healing/Personal transformation retreat and integrate mindfulness into your practice. Enliven the body, mind and soul, and transform the entire being with the ancient system of health restoration.

Embrace the mesmerizing benevolence of Mexico’s diverse terrain of picturesque landscapes, scintillating deserts and lush green forests. Commence the yogic expedition to replenish the distressed soul in the calming aura of Yelapa Bay in Mexico.

Room Type :

The place is an ideal one for those who admire minimalism. You will be living in a comfortable cabin room that gives you breathtaking views of the Yelapa Bay. The rooms are well facilitated with basic and modern amenities, attached bathrooms and heated showers.

Fee (USD)

  • 7day/6 night Holistic Healing Retreat ($1,990.00)
  • 50 % Deposit 7day/6 night Holistic Healing Retreat ($995.00)
  • 7day/6 night Personal Transformation Retreat ($2,690.00)
  • 50 % Deposit 7day/6 night Personal Transformation Retreat ($1,345.00)
  • 10 day/6 night Personal Transformation Retreat ($3,850.00)
  • 50 % Deposit 10day/6 night Personal Transformation Retreat ($1,925.00)
  • Basic Wellness Retreat-Accommodation, Food, use of pool yoga- No individual session ($1,190.00)
  • 50% Deposit for Basic Wellness Retreat ($595.00)
  • 14 Day Personal Transformation Retreat ($5,160.00)
  • 21 Day Personal Transformation Retreat ($7,590.00)
  • 28 Day Personal Transformation Retreat ($9,970.00)


I stayed here for 6 days, and had a very nice and restorative time. The people were all so kind and catering. Yelapa is very remote so it's a great getaway with no cars or hustle and bustle. My room was open so you could hear the sound of the Ocean at night. Every day there was yoga and meditation which changed in structure. It really let me introspect and slow down my pace. The juices were awesome and fresh, and the smoothies tasted so good!

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    Anjay Skwira

    Core Subject: Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga And Meditation Teacher

    A rejuvenating retreat has everything you want from a yoga retreat. So, get treated and acquire yogic knowledge from the experienced and celebrated yoga teachers and trainers. Their sheer yogic wisdom imparts you with rooted knowledge of the ancient art, transforms you in and out, fills you with bliss, support the practice and more.


Set the yogic voyage in the land of magnificent beaches and stunning landscapes. Mexico is one of the ideal destinations to travel for yoga practice, retreats and holistic wellness vacations. In Mexico, travel to Yelapa Bay a small beach town or fishing village in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. The town is famous for its soulful yogic getaways and retreats, and offer the best service to the aspirants.

Around 40 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, one can only reach here through boat ride. Nestled in the lap of pristine nature with lush green forests, mountains, sandy beaches and everything alluring, Yelapa is a quintessential place, to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate.

Come here for restoration and adventure and get consciously aware about inner-self, spiritual being and witness a fascinating world of natural wonders. An incredible destination, which offers everything a tired and torn soul needs. From moments of quietness to sheer magnificence of joy and freshness to spiritual healing and much more, you are blessed with the perfect rejuvenation. Come to relax, cleanse and transform at retreat Pura Vida in Yelapa Mexico.

With us at Pura Vida in Yelapa, Mexico, transform and heal the negative patterns and self-vanquishing behaviors resulting from a traumatic life event, childhood abuse, accidents and more. We offer our clientele with emotional and holistic healing as well as personal transformation addressing the roots of unconscious patterns.

1. Holistic Healing Retreat

7-10 days retreat can be the combination of two or more retreats depending on the requirements of the participant.

Juice Cleanse and Detox Retreat - The retreat type includes on a daily basis, three green vegetable juices along with an option of citrus juice/protein shake, cleansing spice and herbal tea. Also available on a regular basis are liquid multivitamins and minerals hot or raw soup and chia seeds pudding, cleansing juice preparation class and the option of fresh fruits. Also, sessions of breathwork, colon hydrotherapy and body/energy work (optional) are included.

Healing Health and Wellness Retreat - Replenish and revitalize with the wellness healing retreat that works towards restoring your health through raw fruits, juice cleanse, food preparation classes and nutritional consultation. The program also integrates emotional support to reverse the results of negative effects, subconscious patterns in creating the state of dis-ease. Alternative prevention as well as healing of cancer, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, etc. is also available.

Healing Grief and Loss Retreat- An amazing way of overcoming the traumatic situation, the retreat provides emotional counseling to grieve and heal a sense of separation to the core.

Meditation Retreat- Individual and group meditation sessions take place for all the levels - beginners to advance. The program also includes silent and guided meditation, conscious movement meditation, mindfulness practice - yoga, Chi-Gong and meditative walks, scheduled silent times, self-inquiry, and more.

Spiritual Growth/Awakening Retreat- Connect with the spiritual being with this retreat program, and practice sitting and walking meditation, self-inquiry, Vipassana, mindfulness practice, integrative awakening, Satsang, breathwork and spiritual life coaching sessions.

2. Personal Transformation retreat

The retreat program integrates mindfulness-based cognitive therapies with many conscientiousness practices. The program allows you to receive personal attention and care with the daily session. The 7-28 days program makes you garner a wide variety of healing and transformative therapies including yoga, meditation, breathwork, spiritual coaching, relaxation techniques, detoxification therapies, healthy diet and more.

The program can be longer starting from 7, 10, 14, 21 or 28 days and offers alternative healing of mental and emotional issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, detoxification and PTSD.

  • Understand the importance of the daily practice of a holistic system of wellness yoga and its various aspects.
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice, or you can choose the practice of Chi-Gong or Conscious Dance.
  • Have a conscious control of breathing and influence your mental, emotional and physical state with breathwork, and pranayama practice.
  • Learn and practice about Tremazcal (optional practice), a sweat lodge and is used as a detox therapy which has many health and spiritual benefits. It brings in deep healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Relish the relaxation therapy at a serene location, or go for mesmeric island tours.
  • Understand the importance of the daily practice of a holistic system of wellness yoga and its various aspects.
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice, or you can choose the practice of Chi-Gong or Conscious Dance.
  • Have a conscious control of breathing and influence your mental, emotional and physical state with breathwork, and pranayama practice.
  • Learn and practice about Tremazcal (optional practice), a sweat lodge and is used as a detox therapy which has many health and spiritual benefits. It brings in deep healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Relish the relaxation therapy at a serene location, or go for mesmeric island tours.

Typical Day at the Retreat

  • Morning Meditation
  • Morning Yoga/Chi-Gong/Conscious Dance/Kundalini
  • Delectable and nutritious vegetarian Breakfast or juice
  • Free time activities - Massage, Island Tours, Waterfall hikes, Snorkelling and more
  • Healthy nutritious vegetarian Lunch
  • Evening Meditation and Self-Inquiry
  • Healthy Vegetarian Dinner
  • Spiritual Movie

A soulful retreat session feels complete with a sound sleep embodied with all the comforts. You will be living in a place engulfed with breathtaking views of deep blue ocean water whose sound invokes a sensation of utmost fascination. The cabin is nestled at a few minutes’ walk away from the beach and is well facilitated with every basic amenity. An apt place nestled amidst the natural serenity manifests a consummate setting to spend quality time with yourself.

Meals are served in the outdoor dining area located on the top of the main building and bestow you with a 180-degree view of the ocean and the mountain range. The nature enclosed setting brings a sense of mindful eating and lets you have the most out of your meal.

Spend the free time while sitting in your room, enjoying the panoramic picturesque views or go to your personal terrace to read or spend ‘me-time’. With the town a few minutes away you can also freshen up with the music and dancing events.

Set amidst an idyllic location, our retreat program is the perfect amalgamation of holistic healing and wellness aimed to nurture your soul and make you relax. We offer a flawless blend of exclusive and deep-rooted healing sessions that transforms you from within and brings back the missing smile. Here are some of the highlights of this program:

  • Relax and restore with daily practice of Yoga/Conscious Dance/Kundalini/Chi-Gong.
  • With Temazacal, a native concept of a sweat lodge, avail a myriad of health and spiritual benefits. Cleanse the body with its mind and body detox therapy. The ceremony is led by a local leader with chanting, herbs and other rituals in order to bring deep healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Get accommodated in beautiful rooms with a sweeping view of the Yelapa valley.
  • Re-energize yourself with the three palate satiating meals with varied facilities including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, raw and cooked, liquid and dairy free food.
  • During the local dance and music event get an opportunity to meet like-minded yogis and travelers.

Optional Activities and Tours

  • Dance to the tunes of soulful music and let yourself flow.
  • Adventure activities include boat trips, snorkelling, bird watching, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing/paragliding, beach bumming and more. For kayaking and paddle boarding rent it from our rental facilities.

Additional Sessions Make your retreat more enticing with the varied additional sessions offered by Pura Vida which includes:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Swedish Massage
  • Orthopaedic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Breath Work
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Reiki
  • Cupping

Note: All the sessions are not included in the offered retreat package, but you can avail them all at $75 per session. Also, confirm for the availability of the session on the chosen dates of retreat by you.

With the holistic healing and wellness practice session, this rejuvenating retreat offers you lots of fascinating practices that restores your health fully.

  • Pura Vida provides well-equipped rooms and a relaxing stay at its accommodation.
  • Daily meditation, Yoga/Kundalini/Conscious Dance/Chi-Gong practice.
  • Adventure tours and activities like Waterfall hiking, Beach Walk, Snorkelling, Beach Bumming, and more are available.
  • Three vegetarian meals buffet style including Non-GMO, sugar-free, organic with three diet options.
  • Diet Option 1: Organic Rejuvenating Gourmet Diet - choose from 100 % raw and raw as well as mixed foods. It is available in vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free food choices.
  • Diet Option 2: Juice Cleanse - 100% organic liquid diet which includes juices, smoothies and soups.
  • Diet Option 3: Combination of Juice and Food Cleanse - 1 meal daily and for the rest of the day liquid diet continues.



Pura Vida in Mexico is a renowned name when it comes to yoga retreat and yoga vacation. In Spanish, Pura Vida means pure life, and our team is working conscientiously to provide you with the same. Here, acquire the deep rooted healing of the body, mind, emotions and the soul with the ancient practices and rejuvenating therapies. The center aims at ailing their way with truthfulness so that the conscious spirit thrives in living to their full potential.

Pura Vida is a spiritual, health-focused center nestled in the tropical paradise of Mexico. With their beautiful accommodation located right by the ocean, the retreat center makes you facilitate a well-rested stay and is ideal for those who are looking to get connected with nature.

The center offers a variety of retreats - spiritual, emotional healing, and transformative, spa and therapy facilities, bed and breakfast, and a lot more for an enchanting stay and a retreat session.