Holistic Breathwork Practitioner Course Level 2 in Yelapa Mexico

  • Organizer: Pura Vida Eco Retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 28-October-2019
  • Duration: 7Days
  • Area: Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Raw,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature


Submerge in the new age practice of conscious control breathing that is designed to impact the physical, mental, emotional state of a practitioner. Spend the moments of relaxation while attaining a holistic healing experience amidst a wonderful setting located in Mexico. With the therapeutic effect of breathwork practice, delve deeper into your own pain to process, release and heal. With us at Pura Vida attend the holistic breathwork course to transform, rejuvenate and integrate mindfulness.

Embrace the entrancing magnanimity of Mexico and cherish the beauty of the country’s diverse terrain, enchanting atmosphere, mesmeric wildlife and calming aura. Traverse to this astonishing land and garner the opportunity to begin a life of wellness and positivity.


My husband and I enjoyed 9 days of rest and relaxation. Anjay and Anne were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and learn from. Vida kept everything running smooth and gives the best massages. She is also very knowledgeable in alternative medicines. We will return again soon.

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    Anjay Skwira

    Core Subject: Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga And Meditation Teacher

    He is a trained yoga and meditation teacher, experienced spiritual life coach, certified aquatic bodyworker and breath work practitioner. He holds certification in Vastu, healing dance, Anahata Yoga, Ching-Gong, and many more. He extensively travels and spent considerable time in yoga and spiritual practices. He passionately shares deep spiritual wisdom and set others on the path of liberation and awakening.


Be at one with nature by traversing to the land of Yelapa Bay that boasts of its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, mesmeric deep blue ocean water and pristine environment. Yelapa is a small fishing town in Mexico and is a quintessential place that serves as a soulful getaway for holistic healing as well as a location for uplifting the spiritual being. Fly down to this beach town for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience crediting to its meditative setting.

Nestled amidst the pristine lap of nature, the place is engulfed with lush green forests, sandy beaches, majestic flora and fauna and everything beautiful. The small town of Mexico, Yelapa is just forty minutes away from Puerta Vallarta and one can reach the place via boat ride. Away from the city and chaos of life, find solace and peace at a place that celebrates nature and its profound blessings.

Holistic breathwork practitioner course is a way of healing the entire being to embrace the whole and address each part of the body. With the holistic approach, we move beyond the transpersonal and explore the spiritual aspects of the being apart from acknowledging the entire being physically, mentally and emotionally.

During the holistic breathwork program, we practice two basic breathing techniques that facilitate human spirituality and vulnerability. The session bestows the perfect merger of sharing, the transformation of negative patterns and beliefs, spiritual counseling, conscious feedback, life coaching, deep breathing, connection and more.

At Pura Vida, we offer six days holistic breathwork course which includes various levels and sessions that builds a successful retreat program and you can choose your preferred one.

Level One- Your Own Personal Healing

  • Delve deep into the self-wounding to process, release and heal.
  • Be more present-minded.
  • Be a good listener to be an authentic practitioner.
  • Explore the effects of Pre and Pri-natal patterns.
  • Reveal and heal the emotional imprints of childhood time.
  • Expose ego-mind, learn re-parenting and practice self-love.
  • Explore the structure to defense.
  • Heal depression, trauma and other forms of mental suffering.
  • Transform the entire being banishing the addiction and other unhealthy habits.
  • Learn to form compassionate communication, how to surrender and how to build stronger relationships.
  • Attend and practice with personal and group breathwork sessions.
  • Indulge in the daily practice of yoga, meditation, conscious dance movements and Chi-Gong.
  • Detox the mind, body and soul with various cleansing therapies and holistic practices.

Level Two- What it takes to hold space for others to heal?

  • Learn to identify the body language and how to listen and hold the space of presence.
  • Acquire knowledge about the physiology of the breathing process.
  • Know about shadow work, mind programming, consciousness and more.
  • Involve into paired breathwork practice sessions.
  • Learn the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic experience and mindfulness practice.
  • Attain knowledge about sexual boundaries, healthy relationship and ethics.
  • Learn to differentiate between healing client relationship and personal relationship.
  • Learn how to be a practitioner yourself and build a successful business.

Level Three- Spiritual Embodiment- in life and professional practice

One can undergo the level 3-session within 6 months of completing the level one and two sessions.

  • earn how to find an inner leader and author.
  • Build true self-esteem through self-realization.
  • Learn to respect the body as a temple and explore inner spirituality.
  • Learn to live as a fully integrated human during both vertical and horizontal aspects of life.

Home Study Holistic Breathwork Certificate Criteria

Holistic breathwork certificated criteria for studying at home - the course needs to be completed within ½ - 2 years after completion of Holistic breathwork course level 1 and 2.

The practice curriculum includes rooted learning of the holistic art undertaking the four aspects of work including - body, mind, spirit and shadow. The session revolves around on these four aspects throughout the course.

  • For the body 90 hours retreat, the practice includes - Reiki, Yoga, Chi-Gong, Nia Dance, 5 Rhythms conscious dance movements and more.
  • For the mind 90 hours retreat, the practice includes - workshop, retreat class, non-violent communication class and more sessions take place under the guidance of esteemed teachers.
  • For the spirit 90 hours retreat, the practice includes - Silent retreats and Satsangs with spiritual teachers including Mooji, Adyashanti, Vipassana and Eckhart Tolle.
  • For the shadow 90 hours retreat, the practice includes - Emotional intelligence training, somatic experience, NVC workshop, the present process and more.
  • Electives of healing arts - massage training, reiki, and yoga.
  • Electives in psychology and process - Workshop by Byron Katie and John Wellwood.

Reading material for home study:

  • Diamond in your pocket-Gangaji
  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle
  • Loving What is- Byron Katie
  • Finding Clarity- Jeri Kabal
  • NVC- Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
  • Presence Process- Michael Brown
  • Emptiness Dancing- Adyashanti
  • I need your love- Is it true?- Byron Katie
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0- Test
  • Big Mind Big Heart, Finding your way- Genpo Roshi/Denis Merzel
  • Love Languages- Gary Chapman
  • Waking the Tiger, Healing the Tiger- Peter Levine

At Pura Vida, we accommodate our guests in comfy cabins that have a rustic look and are designed in the modern Mexican palapa style. The rooms are cozy, clean and well-facilitated with required furniture and modern-basic amenities. Pura Vida is situated right above the ocean, which lets you relish the beach and ocean view from most of the rooms. Altogether, it forms a perfect backdrop for a yoga retreat, spiritual retreat and holistic retreat.

Here, attain ineffable transformative experiences with great retreat sessions, wonderful accommodation facilities embodied with basic amenities, adventure activities and healthy organic vegetarian food with variety of dietary options like vegan, juice cleanse, and more. Relish a delightful stay of living and make early reservation to get a preferable room easily.

Room Type

Rooms are indeed comfy and cozy and are ideal for those who admire and praise minimalism. They are embodied with basic and modern facilities including hot showers, safety storage boxes, hammocks, mosquito nets, LED reading light and more. Most of the rooms have an ocean view that set the perfect setting to have a relaxing time, along with organic comfortable beds for a deep slumber and complete replenishment.

Fee (USD)

  • Holistic Breathwork Practitioner Course Level 2 ($1, 9990.00)

The USP or advantage to booking this retreat with Pura Vida at Yelapa Bay is its variety of holistic healing and mindfulness practices. The retreat benefits the body, mind, emotions and soul at once and transforms it completely.

  • The Holistic Breathwork Practice Course Level 2 offers the best accommodation and meal facilities.
  • They offer daily mindful practice of Yoga, Conscious Dance, Chi-Gong and more.
  • Healing art practices also take place including Reiki and Massage Training.
  • Spiritual practices like Silent retreat, Satsangs, Vipassana meditation, non-violent communication classes, Nia Dance and more.
  • Excursion is also included to break the monotonousness of the retreat program and the curriculum and includes optional activities like a boat ride to nearby beaches as well as adventure trips like treks to the waterfall, sea kayaking and paddleboarding.
  • The retreat is designed keeping in mind the actual need of a participant and likewise work in the direction to bestow the best to their guest.
  • Daily mindful practice including yoga, conscious dance movements, Chi-Gong, etc.
  • Adventure Activities - Trips or treks to the waterfall, swimming, sea kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more.
  • Optional activities - Boat Trip to the nearby beaches and great snorkelling.
  • Meals - Healthy food with dietary variations like organic, vegetarian, liquid and more.



Pura Vida is a prototypical place for a rejuvenating holistic getaway amidst the pristine lap of nature in Mexico. A non-denomination, spiritual, health-focused, spiritual center settled in the tropical paradise of Yelapa Bay in Mexico and offers deep-rooted healing retreats, yoga vacation, ancient spiritual therapies and more.

We at Pura Vida aim at ailing our way with veracity so that any tired soul thrives at living to their full potential. With rejuvenating therapies and ancient practices, heal the body, mind, emotions and soul profoundly at a place engulfed with divine aura and natural serenity.

Enjoy the enchanting practice of ancient art with us at Pura Vida and live at our peaceful accommodation located right by the ocean to have a well-rested stay and retreat session.