Shamanic Medicinal Journey Retreat in Mexico

  • Organizer: Pura Vida Eco Retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 05-March-2019
  • Duration: 7Day/6 Night
  • Area: Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Desert,Mountain


Amble towards the path of spirituality with Shamanic Medicinal Journey Retreat and open the doorways to divine healing and self-awakening. A way of rekindling with the spiritual being, the retreat is a unique opportunity to engage in ancient practices that offer an eccentric method of mitigating that reaches the deeper level of your being. The retreat enables the participants to enter the altered state of consciousness through various practices and then perform the healing, bestowing intensifying benefits.

Shamanic medicinal retreat means the beliefs and related practices that are associated with shamans. Shamans are the ones who have access to and influence in the world of spirits and they enter the trance state during the rituals to practice divination and healing. Commence your journey for utmost healing and transformation in the land of Mexico - an apt place for holistic healing, retreat, spiritual experience and more.

Room Type

This is an ideal place for those who admire minimalism. We offer pleasant stay to our guests with private/share room and an attached bathroom facility.  Most of them have an ocean view and are facilitated with basic and modern amenities including hot showers, safe boxes, hammocks, etc. A restful, cozy stay helps you to have a deep slumber for complete replenishment and prepares you for the next morning practice.

Fee (USD)

  • Shamanic Journey Retreat with private accommodation ($2,390.00)
  • Shamanic Journey Retreat with private accommodation ($1,890.00)
  • Early bird special discounted rate for private accommodations, if booked by July 4th ($ 2,150.00)
  • Early bird special discounted rate for shared accommodations, if booked by July 4th ($ 1,700.00)
  • 50% Deposit: Shamanic Journey Retreat with private accommodations ($1,195.00)
  • 50% Deposit: Shamanic Journey Retreat with shared accommodations ($945.00)


I have never done a retreat in my life. At 46, I’ve traveled all over the world for site seeing, relaxing, and typical tourist travel. I reached a point in my life where I needed to escape from work and stress and just have some me time. I was a little hesitate to do this retreat coming from Los Angeles and working in a fast paced career as a first responder. But after I arrived and was greated by Anjay and Vida and saw my open air room, I realized I was in for an experience. Anjay, Anne, Vida, the ladies in the kitchen, Carlos the groundskeeper were all really nice and accommodating.

Daily yoga, breAthwork, meals together, sharing our stories (if we chose) hiking, kayaking, boating, walks in nature and along the ocean, swimming in the ocean. It was great. I loved that there was a schedule, but there was also time to be alone and explore the area as freely as you wanted. I enjoyed it so much that I booked and paid for another trip in February 2019.

The kitchen and food were prepared fresh daily and the kitchen is accommodating to your dietary needs. The staff doesn’t get all over you and allows you to have your own time to relax, mediate, fellowship or be alone. I really enjoyed the people that were also on the retreat. It was a great mix of people and personalities but we all got along well. After this experience my future vacations will be more geared toward my wellness. I’m so excited to return. I took a lot away from this experience and hope that I can incorporate some of it in my everyday life.

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    Anjay Skwira

    Core Subject: Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher

    A rejuvenating retreat has everything you want from a yoga retreat. So, get treated and acquire yogic knowledge from the experienced and celebrated yoga teachers and trainers. Their sheer yogic wisdom imparts you with rooted knowledge of the ancient art, transforms you in and out, fills you with bliss, support the practice and more.


Avail the benefits of spiritual healing and transformation with Shamanic Medicine Journey Retreat at a small fishing Village, Yelapa Bay in Mexico. With its calming and meditative setting, mesmeric dark Blue Ocean, diverse landscape, Pura Vida forms the quintessential backdrop for the Retreat. Set on a yogic voyage to Yelapa Bay, infamous for its amazing soulful escapes and healing retreats nestled in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco.

Forty minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, enjoy the boat ride - the only source of reaching this beautiful beach town. Relax and de-stress the soul, come here for a reviving experience with spiritual healing by awakening the conscience. Enroll in the array of holistic healing retreat and garner the ineffable transformative experience at retreat Pura Vida in Yelapa Mexico.

During the healing and transformative program, a shamanic healer with the help of active meditations, medicinal approach, spiritual procedure and other practices make the participant experience the state of transcendence which helps to heal profoundly. The shamans have mostly followed the lineage or born into it, some taught the practice by apprenticing with an elder and the practice is imbued with divinatory capabilities and powerful healing.

During the retreat, the shaman heals with the practices of fasting, chanting, breath work, Kambo Ritual, Temazcal ceremony (sweat lodge), dancing, singing, Yoga, Cho-Gong, Kundalini and more.  The deep healing and transformative practice also include Ayahuasca ceremony (Ayahuasca- a hallucinogenic drink prepared from Ayahuasca bark) and a native medicine from the Amazon.

Form a trust and respectful relationship with a Shaman and work towards the spiritual healing of self with an open mind. The retreat imbibes different traditions, practices and approaches, imparting a deeper and longer healing possibility and helps the participant form a deeper relationship with the self and divine.

7 day/7 night retreat with Temazcal, Indigenous Rituals and sacred ceremonies include:

  • The morning session begins with yoga (Vinyasa & Yin)/Chi-Gong/ Kundalini/ walking meditation/ conscious dance movement for the complete healing.
  • Awaken the inner spirituality with Meditation practice - Silent Meditation and Walking Meditation.
  • With the chanting class, build a calming and positive aura in and around and let yourself re-connect with the spiritual being.
  • Transform and heal deeply with Ayahuasca ceremonies and native medicines from the Amazon.
  • Learn the conscious control of breathing to balance the mind, body, emotions and spirit with the group breathwork class.
  • Get healed and rejuvenated with the indigenous Ritual – Tamazcal - a sweat lodge practice, and Rapé - a sacred shamanic medicine.
  • Facilities for accommodation, meals, adventure activities and other optional activities are also included.
  • Optional Kambo Ritual also takes places – Kambo, a traditional medicine which originated in the Amazon from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog and used for the cleansing purpose.
  • Optional sessions - Bodywork, energy work session, massage, Reiki, Deep Tissue cleanse, acupuncture, cupping and more.

Commune with nature in all forms with our beautiful accommodations right by the ocean that are designed keeping in mind the comfort and modern day requirements of the participants.  The place and retreat programs are best for those who are seeking connection with divinity, nature and themselves, and the accommodation plays highly essential role in bestowing all.

The accommodations are rustic, but comfortable, cozy and clean, designed in modern Mexican palapa style and facilitated with all the modern amenities. Enjoy the delightful stay of living just right above the ocean with majestic views, soothing meditative sounds and more. To get the best room, make an easy reservation and reserve the preferred room.

Along with a leisure stay, we offer highly delectable and nutritious foods as well.

Bring restoration and harmony to your body, mind and soul with this amazing Shamanic Medicinal Journey retreat at Pura Vida in Yelapa Bay, Mexico. The retreat program has everything unique to offer for deep healing and spiritual transformation that makes the program special.

  • Garner the opportunity of reconnecting with the spiritual being with the Shamanic Retreat.
  • Revive with the restoring practice of Yoga, meditation, breathwork and more.
  • Cleanse the entire being with the Temazcal Ceremony - A detoxification of body, mind and soul attaining enormous spiritual and health benefits for deeper healing.
  • Indulge in another cleaning ritual (optional) Kambo.
  • Relish the rustic accommodation facility that is nestled right above the ocean amidst the serene atmosphere.
  • Cleanse and prepare the body to receive the nutrients and benefit from the healthy and organic three meal facilities, available with various dietary options - vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, sugar-free and more.

Additional Activities

  • A trip to Botanical Garden for sight treats with an amazing variety of orchids and tropical plants.
  • Boat Trip to Marietas Island for snorkeling and wildlife watching.
  • Relish adventure activities including waterfall hiking, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, etc.
  • Meditation practice to the sound of gentle waves.
  • Indulge into Thalassotherapy - immerse yourself in the warm ocean water to absorb trace elements of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodide and sodium found in seawater.

Optional Activities

  • Bodywork and energy work session
  • Massage, Deep Tissue massage and more
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Chinese Medicine for health evaluation
  • Counseling sessions

And more are available at additional cost.

Come to relax and revitalize the entire being at the Pura Vida retreat in Mexico, and allow yourself to connect with the self and nature at this incredibly beautiful destination. Attain tranquillity and harmony with the moments of meditation besides a quiet sea with deep blue waters, relish being healthy once more with daily yoga classes, evening meditation with the spiritual inquiry, a comfortable stay and nutritious foods & drinks.

  • Garner the well-rested accommodation facilities imbibed with the basic amenities.
  • For a complete and profound wellness, practice yoga/conscious dance/Kundalini and meditation.
  • Evening meditation practice for spiritual inquiry, breathe control with breathwork practice, engage in silent meditation and more.
  • A lot of adventure activities, optional sessions and additional activities are also being provided to break the monotony of the daily practice.
  • Garner the well-rested accommodation facilities imbibed with the basic amenities.
  • For a complete and profound wellness, practice yoga/conscious dance/Kundalini and meditation.
  • Evening meditation practice for spiritual inquiry, breathe control with breathwork practice, engage in silent meditation and more.
  • A lot of adventure activities, optional sessions and additional activities are also being provided to break the monotony of the daily practice.
  • With all these rejuvenating sessions we offer healthy three meals to our guest with food preferences and choices which include organic vegetarian meal, vegan and liquid.
  • Diet Option 1: Organic Rejuvenating Gourmet Diet - preferable choice of 100% raw food, cooked food, or a mix of raw and cooked food. Available in various dietary options - vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy free.
  • Diet Option 2: Juice Cleanse - 100% organic liquid diet that includes- soups, juices, and smoothies.
  • Diet Option 3: Combination of juice and food cleanse diet - 1 meal daily and liquid diet for the rest of the day. It can be half food and half juice (3 day juice/3day food).



Retreat Pura Vida is a renowned name in the industry of yoga retreat, spiritual and holistic healing, and yoga vacation. Pura Vida means Pure Life and the same becomes the mantra and intention of the center. The team of Pura Vida works passionately to fulfill the same ideologies and principles.

Pura Vida is a spiritual, non-denominational, eco-retreat center and health-focused hotel situated in Mexico. The accommodations are right by the ocean and are an ideal for those who are looking for connecting with the spiritual being and nature.

We offer a handful of amazing retreat and a combination of spiritual retreat programs that are loaded with wonderful holistic practices and therapies. To avail them visit our peaceful and intimate beach resort nestled in a tropical paradisiacal setting of Yelapa, Mexico. To garner the wholesome benefits of spiritual healing and nature’s touch visit us for an enliven getaway.