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Have fun, live well, explore, learn to surf that’s what Pura Vida Surfers is about. Pura Vida Surfers is a local surf school situated in the astonishing Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. We offer surf lessons for everyone, no matter age and previous experience. Our goal is to share our love and knowledge about surfing and give you an experience you will never forget!


7 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat Program In Costa Rica

  • Address : 50m North East of Hotel Nautilus, Playa

  • Starting : 01-October-2019

10 Day Heart Warming Surf & Yoga Holiday,Costa Rica

  • Address : 50m North East of Hotel Nautilus, Playa

  • Starting : 01-October-2019

5 Day Surf Camp &Yoga Holiday,Costa Rica

  • Address : 50m North East of Hotel Nautilus, Playa

  • Starting : 01-October-2019

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Victor StClair Slatte
  • Core Subject : Owner
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  • Core Subject : Instructors
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  • Core Subject : Instructors
  • Core Subject : Surf Instructor

pura vida surfers - Reviews

Bea Jua

Best experience ever. The team is super nice and friendly, make you feel you are at home even if you travel solo. Surf lessons are amazing and the sur f camp could not be better. Highly recommend it to everyone!   Source: Website .... Read More

Cláudia Rosa

Amazing experience!!!!! Surf instruction with passion and great dedication!!! My teenager (13 years old girl) felt very SAFE, excited about our surf l earning and at home with Andres and Vitor making our stay super FUN!!!!! THANK YOU Pura Vida Surfers, you ROCK!!! Much success to you and your squad! Special thanks to Rudi, Ruben and Tota!!   Source: Website .... Read More

Michael Langguth

Absolutely amazing surf courses as well as yoga offering. The whole thing is great as you have a such a wide offering of food and yoga places to chose from them. The team around Victor, Markus, Ruben and Andres are great.   Source: Website .... Read More

Lisa Herman Tofler

Victor, Nacho, Christian and the few take care of you from start to finish. They make sure you have the right board and go to the right break for your level and experience. I went out with them 4 times the week I was in Santa Teresa and each time I got lots of waves and had a great experience. They provide rash guards and sunscreen. After the lesson we have fresh fruit and coconut water. It was so refreshing. I highly recommend using them for lessons or as a surf guide.  Source: Facebook .... Read More

Elika Laanes

These boys surely go out of their way to make sure you get the most out of surfing and your time in Costa Rica. You can clearly see improvement aft er the first day of surfing with them! They take you out to uncrowned waves, take videos, give you personal feedback.. explain all about surfing and it’s techniques. Highly-highly recommended! Source: Facebook .... Read More


Pura Vida Surfers!! If you want to get better at surfing than this is your guys! They are professionals and know exactly what they are doing. Th ey criticize and motivate you and even go through movie clips in the evenings for better understanding. I would say you should go more than a week to really see improvement. Source: Tripadvisor .... Read More


Best surf lessons I've had! I had a great time with Pura Vida surf instructors. I am not a beginner surfer but also not advanced and have a lo ng way to go. I spent a lot of time with Victor and Rubin, who were absolutely phenomenal - not only are they fantastic surfers, but they are amazing coaches to help you learn. From the first day they picked out what I did wrong and fixed a lot of things that I did wrong in a very short time. Probably the best coaching I've ever had, I ended up extending my stay at Santa Teresa just to continue taking lessons with them! Source: Tripadvisor .... Read More


Best surfing trip of my life !!!! I did 10 days of surf camp with Pura Vida Surfers and had the best time of my life! Special thanks to Marcos, Rudy, Andres, Victor, Ruben, Allan & Joseph. Best instructors ever! Source: Tripadvisor .... Read More