Redforest Retreat

Welcome to Redforest Retreat find time for yourself to reconnect your mind and body in beautiful kampot, cambodia. Together, we are going to experience a yogic discipline lifestyle from sunrise to sunset.

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3 Day Beginner's Yoga Weekend Retreat, Cambodia

RedForest Retreat

  • Dana
  • Kampot Kampot Cambodia
  • Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan

USD 170

limited availability
  • 3 Days

redforest retreat - Teachers

Dana Wang

Tony Curtis

Redforest Retreat - Reviews

Daniella Oviedo

RedForest retreat is held in a beautiful Khmer house by the river just outside Kampot town. What a sanctuary the house was, set out in beautiful so othing nature. Dana was a fantastic host and had lots of knowledge of the area and very helpful. I would highly recommend your stay at RedForest retreat and would love to return to the house with Dana, it was so restorative. A perfect setting for a yoga retreat. Source: Website .... Read More

Slava Shpakov

Red Forest place is amazing, the house is located in quiet countryside area, which serves perfectly for the yoga retreat. The vegan food served by Japanese family is a state of art! Dana is great host and yoga instructor, the team she has assembled is very interesting, all are nice and friendly people with great travel experience, and big bag of stories they can tell! Source: Website .... Read More