retiros del alma

Total Number of Active Yoga Courses : 3


Easter Ashtanga Yoga & Indian Yoga Retreat, Spain

  • Address : Casa el Alma del Buho, Playa de la Barrosa

  • Starting : 18-April-2019

Retiro De Yoga Y Senderismo En La Montaña Palentina

  • Address : Jardin Mandala Alojamiento Rural, s/n, Valberzoso

  • Starting : 19-August-2019

Retiro De Yoga, Qi Gong Y Senderismo En Marruecos

  • Address : Valle de las Rosas

  • Starting : 01-September-2019

Our Teacher


Almudena Laborda

  • Core Subject : Yoga instructor

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  • Core Subject : YOGA-BACKGROUND in the Tradition of Students of Sri T. Krishnamacharya

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  • Core Subject : Indian string instruments



  • Core Subject : Yoga


Sofie Tran(Denmark)

    "Fantastic yoga retreat " We would definitely recommend to stay at riad magellan! Philippe was very helpful - Thank you so much for your hospitality ! Yoga with stephanie was great, stephanie was so skilful and had a calm, wonderful energy. Everything was just perfect

Maria Vargas

    Wonderful weekend with Esther, highly recommended, Esther knew how to guide me to reach the depths of my heart, healing and connecting with myself. His experience and his professionalism are evident in everything; I loved his way of taking care of each one of us in an individual and collective way in the days I spent together. Thank you


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Mònica SEgura Ferrero

    My experience in soul retreats has been unique, not only for the sites I have visited while in the retreat, but what I have learned again, unlearning, sharing with wonderful people, and as not with exceptional professionalism on the part of the professors and especially Esther knowing her as a person and organizer. I would repeat midñs msñsns and I recommend it to the whole world .... Thank you Esther for your inner beauty and hospitality. 


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Andrea Canencia Conde

    The retreat I attended in Cantabria was superrrr in all aspects !! Highly recommended and very grateful to Esther. I hope to repeat again in a short time with you <3


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    I loved the retreat. I will definitely repeat as soon as I have the chance. I have returned home renewed and at the pace of day to day. And the best and thanks to you, much more aware of taking care of my body and soul.


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Jesús Antón Santorum

    I have participated in two high-quality workshops, typical of major cities. Encounters of the Souls with a lot of love and dedication on the part of Esther and Cristina, superencantado with the experiences!


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    For me it has been a wonderful experience, Esther is charming and take you to a state of peace and well-being, great professionals who bring to complete the classes, it is certainly highly recommended , sure that the one who tries it, will repeat. The experience, for me, has been 10!


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