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You can't be a student and teacher of yoga without taking your teachings with you off the mat. Ricky try living consciously, act and speak intentional and from a kind heart, to take care of my physical health and emotional wellbeing, to share and to motivate others around her to be their happiest peaceful dopest powerful selves. She love in-person teaching way more than teaching in any other form. She believe it's the best way to transmit her knowledge and to cater to each student at her best.

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Yoga Vacation for Food Lovers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  • Address : Calica

  • Starting : 22-March-2019

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Arielle Thomas Newman
  • Core Subject : MA, E-RYT 500, Founder of Yoga By The Sea, Playa del Carmen
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Ricky Florack
  • Core Subject : RYT 200

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By the way my first yoga class was great, I felt the Caribbean breeze run through my body. Awesome experience. Yoga for Martial Arts: I’m in.   Source: Website .... Read More


“Ricky is my absolute favorite yoga teacher to learn from and practice with. Her classes are always the exact dose I need of either energy and f un, or, grounding and learning to breathe and relax. Her classes inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself, but even still, I love to go back and take classes with her.”   Source: Website .... Read More