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Shanti Atma Yoga positively contribute authentic, safe and educational yin yoga teacher training courses to the international yoga teacher and yoga teacher training community worldwide. Keeping all content authentic, truthful and honouring the tradition of yoga is the fundamental foundation of this yoga school.


100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training,Guatemala

Shanti Atma Yoga

  • Amanda Hanna
  • Guatemala
  • Near to Beach,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian
  • 2020-April-19
  • 12 Days

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Amanda Hanna

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I love the authenticity of every teaching offered throughout this training. Amanda is a honey pot of knowledge and offers her experience in such a bea utiful, empowering way. It's hard to put on finger one what I loved most about this training but one thing that will stay with me throughout my journey is the empowerment, sense of ownership and knowledge of self that Amanda embodies and encourages for her students. This will be a message I carry through my teaching and life. Source: Website .... Read More


The structure of the course is very well organized, makes sense and flows perfectly. The Mindfulness section, neuroplasticity and the trauma-sensitive parts were eye-opening and enlightening. These sections apply to way more than only yoga. LOVED how Amanda described and conveyed the message/points. She articulates it well, makes sense, enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone. Source: Website .... Read More