100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training,Guatemala

  • Organizer: Shanti Atma Yoga
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 19-April-2020
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Area: Guatemala
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


In this 100 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will be immersed in theory, practice, ideating intentional sequencing as well as indulging in conversation & self-exploration, helping you obtain a functional and relatable understanding of the yin practice as a whole.

This course is for beginners with an already existing yoga practice as well as for the more seasoned practitioners looking to either deepen their own experience or begin their journey as a teacher.


I love the authenticity of every teaching offered throughout this training. Amanda is a honey pot of knowledge and offers her experience in such a beautiful, empowering way.

It's hard to put on finger one what I loved most about this training but one thing that will stay with me throughout my journey is the empowerment, sense of ownership and knowledge of self that Amanda embodies and encourages for her students.

This will be a message I carry through my teaching and life.

Source: Website

The structure of the course is very well organized, makes sense and flows perfectly. The Mindfulness section, neuroplasticity and the trauma-sensitive parts were eye-opening and enlightening.

These sections apply to way more than only yoga.

LOVED how Amanda described and conveyed the message/points.

She articulates it well, makes sense, enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone.

Source: Website

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    Amanda Hanna

    Core Subject: Yin Yoga

    Sharing her passion for yoga, delicious wholesome foods and other creative ways of being healthy with people who are also on their path to a better life. She is taking the love, light and spirit of what she had learned off mat and into the world to genuinely help those around her.


High in the hills above Antigua, Guatemala, this extraordinary 40-acre spread is set around a working avocado farm, and the views of the Panchoy Valley and volcanoes are truly mesmerizing.

Over the course of the 100 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Anatomy for Yoga; understanding unique individuality of human beings and translating this into not only yin yoga but our day-to-day practices. You will be introduced to functional anatomy, the fascial system, muscle groups and target areas, asana (posture) breakdowns and the art of propping.
  • Trauma-informed ways of teaching; understanding the emotional depth that is involved with this sacred practice and honouring everyone’s personal experience and practice. You will gain a general understanding of the mental and emotional health considerations that may arise as well as what is appropriate in your scope of practice.
  • Neuroplasticity, mindfulness and pranayama; We will explore the power of conscious, mindful breathing and how we can restructure thoughts, patterns and beliefs on a neurological level. You will also gain insight into the ways in which breathing may impact physical, mental, energetic and emotional health through anatomy and physiology.
  • Teaching Responsibly; teaching from the heart while understanding the great responsibility you hold. You will gain practical experience in holding space for others mentally, emotionally and energetically but also keeping yourself and the student’s safe while practicing yin yoga. We will explore things like communication, propping, sequencing and other components that make a strong teacher.


  • Anatomy 50 Hrs - Functional Anatomy
  • ​Functional approach to yin yoga
  • Yin and yang asana practice
  • ​Muscle groups with physical target areas
  • Skeletal and muscular system
  • Fascial studies 
  • The approach of bio-individuality 
  • Tension and compression theory and workshops
  • Teaching yin yoga as an art
  • Cueing and sequencing workshops
  • The art of propping and asana breakdown
  • Mind-body connection ​and Embodiment workshop


  • Nervous System 50 Hrs - Your Brain on Yin
  • Mental and emotional approach to yin yoga
  • Nervous system
  • Mindfulness theory and workshops
  • Neuroplasticity and our thoughts
  • Types of stress and trauma
  • Trauma-informed ways of approaching classes
  • Appropriate language and communication
  • Scope of practice and teaching responsibly
  • Group work and study time

Choose from a variety of accommodation packages that best suit what it is that you’re looking to gain from your immersive and transformational experience.

3 deliciously nutritious meals a day, welcome smoothie and unlimited tea and coffee as well as filtered drinking water.

Revisit the beginning of your yoga journey and take the next steps along your path by returning to the roots of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ we approach the components of teaching and practicing yoga.

If you are a yoga teacher or practitioner, or are simply interested in yoga, the body, the mind, holistic health & wellness, growth and development, then this course will benefit you.

This course and its components will guide you through your strengths and areas of development with active workshops, practical learning, theory classes, group work, individual reflection, self-practice, case studies and practicums. This course works towards the development and goals of creating the right avenue for you in Yoga.

  • 100 Hour of Yin Yoga education  
  • Morning and Evening Practice
  • 3 Nutritiously delicious meals each day
  • Two modules: Functional Anatomy & Your Brain on Yin
  • Learning materials (Manual and Yin asana guidebook)
  • Welcome Bag 
  • Yoga Alliance CDP Certification ​​
  • Theory and interactive learning ​
  • Art of teaching / Teaching methodology
  • ​Self-discovery and embodiment workshops
  • Yin Yoga asana breakdown workshops​​
  • Inspirational and positive learning environment  
  • One on one time with the teacher
  • Postural Clinics
  • Group work exercises
  • Sequencing and communication workshops
  • Access to your teacher after the training is complete for ongoing growth

Earth Lodge


Earth Lodge is an eco-friendly mountain lodge tucked into the mountains above colonial Antigua, Guatemala. Stay in one of their famous tree houses or cozy cabins while taking in the view of the three nearby volcanoes! 

We’ll be exploring our yoga practice and teachings in the stunning TreeTop Studio with breathtaking views of the valley below.